Chapter 3221: Becoming An Immortal?

Fear engulfed all masters who knew that Li Qiye was invincible.

“Rumble!’ Loud explosions echoed across the expanse and suffocated everyone.

They instinctively assumed a defensive position regardless of their location. There was no chasing away this instinctive fear.

Normally, once a cultivator reached a particular level, they would gradually stop being afraid. Very few things could frighten progenitors, especially at an instinctive level.

This didn’t mean that they no longer felt fear. This emotion was just better hidden deep in their heart. For example, a mouse would always be afraid of a cat.

They looked up and saw a bright radiance above the sky vault. It has been accumulating for who knows how many years, resulting in an extreme power in the form of a lightning ocean.

This was a heavenly tribulation, the strongest type of them all. It included dancing bolts of a yellow shade, fire rays pulsing like thunder, and constant explosions of energy…

Not to mention progenitors, even a true immortal couldn’t get out of that place alive.

Now, everyone suddenly realized why their survival instinct was going off earlier - a tribulation was coming.

The greatest supreme beings still felt an instinctive fear against these tribulations. Just one wrong move could result in death.

“The villainous heaven!” The dark existence hiding deep in the expanse gazed at the sky, feeling the same dread as the others. However, he was also quite happy, hoping that it would go down as fast as possible.

“Yes, it won’t just watch.” He celebrated while watching the bright ocean descending.

He knew that Li Qiye had done the most taboo thing possible. Thus, the heaven decided to send down its strongest tribulation.

Li Qiye’s death would mean that he would be perfectly fine, the biggest winner without doing anything.

“That entire ocean is coming down.” One progenitor shuddered.

Heavenly tribulations rarely descended down on Three Immortals and the expanse. Now, it wasn’t just one but the entire thing.

The progenitors realized that it was because Li Qiye was too heaven-defying. This had enraged the high heaven, resulting in this monstrous tribulation.

“I hope he can withstand it.” Some progenitors started praying.

A few cultivators have been able to defeat the tribulations but naturally, many brilliant existences have fallen too.

The stronger one was, the more ferocious the tribulation. Thus, no one could really claim that they could defeat it.

Li Qiye was absolutely mighty. That’s why people couldn’t fathom the tribulation he was about to face.

“Boom!” The sky vault collapsed.

The tribulation ocean was not part of this world but in the next second, the world barriers of Three Immortals broke down, unable to stop this monstrous influx.

There was no warning at all, only pure destruction - a testament to the high heaven’s rage.

The blast affected the nine worlds and thirteen continents as well. Everyone became suppressed and dropped to the ground, from the worms in the ground to the supreme overlords.

Immortal Emperors and monarchs felt the same pressure. They were no different than ants.

No one had the courage to even look up at the lightning ocean. The expanse was on the verge of breaking down from the first impact.

“This damned villainous heaven.” The hiding dark overlord murmured in fear. 

Nothing else but the high heaven could possess this terrible force capable of bringing three thousand worlds to their knees.

Once the progenitors could open their eyes again, they immediately looked towards Li Qiye’s location. This resulted in their mouth becoming agape.

The crystallized barrier personally erected by Li Qiye was the toughest defense in existence. Nothing could take it down.

The area became the most dangerous in all of the expanse. It had both defensive and offensive potential. The dark existence himself wouldn’t have dared to venture there.

Today, the tribulation left nothing but ashes and dust in that part.

“So strong, it’s good that we got around instead of facing it directly.” One of the three immortals said, intimidated.

The villainous heaven has always been the most dreadful existence. The strongest overlords still couldn’t take it head-on.

“Bastard!” The dark existence cursed after seeing the destruction.

“Where’s Li Qiye?” All the progenitors started looking for him. What if he had been wiped out just like the barrier?

“Look, over there!” An observant progenitor shouted.

They followed his head and saw Li Qiye meditating in space with his eyes closed. The area around him has been annihilated completely.

All took a deep breath because bright, long needles pinned him. They looked like crystal needles but inside each was a lightning bolt.

This was the strongest type of heavenly tribulation. Lightning currents oozed out of the needles straight into his body, intending on destroying his dao foundation.

“I’ve never seen this tribulation before.” The direct injection of lightning tribulation into the body left the three immortals horrified.

They have experienced numerous tribulations before and managed to keep them out. Alas, this tribulation had penetrated Li Qiye’s body. The level of destruction of it being outside and inside should be utterly different.

The crystal needles successfully penetrated his indestructible physique, allowing the tribulation to head straight for his grand dao.

“Quite merciless this time.” The dark existence shuddered. This tribulation was also new to him.

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