Chapter 3220: Cultivating Again

The man at the apex was training again to everyone else’s dismay. This included the dark existence.

He wanted to run as far away as possible. Alas, he couldn’t leave this world.

The expanse was unimaginably large. It was impossible for anyone to travel its whole length. A while ago, he himself thought that it was large enough with plenty of hiding places unreachable by even progenitors. Today, he found it tiny with no place to hide.

This was because Li Qiye was too strong on top of having visited virtually the entire expanse. That’s why hiding became useless.

Fortunately, Li Qiye took a break to train so he could live a little longer.

Meanwhile, everyone started speculating about Li Qiye’s state after coming out of this session.

“Perhaps an entirely new realm, redefining the apex?” One progenitor said.

Li Qiye had done so once already. He stood at a height no one else had reached, not even the three immortals.

“I can’t imagine it.” One progenitor murmured. Some of them have tried their entire life to get stronger so that they could defeat the dark existence.

Alas, Li Qiye found this extremely easy and had beaten the guy numerous times.

That’s why it became difficult to imagine someone so strong growing even stronger.

The three immortals paid great attention to this second session. Li Qiye might be able to break through their known limit.

They have been stuck in this realm for a long time. Reaching the next step was exceedingly difficult. In fact, just catching up to Li Qiye right now would take a lengthy period. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to be stopping. His improvement speed far exceeded their calculation and imagination.

Everyone assumed that he would cultivate for tens of millions of years or even longer. On the contrary, it only took several thousand years.

This shocked everyone because several thousand years was only the blink of an eye for masters like them.

“He’s coming out.” Though the crystallized sea had the same dazzling glow, many top masters could sense something different at this moment.

No one could see Li Qiye but they knew that he had stood up and was on the verge of leaving.

“Yes, you’re right.” He seemingly appeared in their mind without an invitation nor reason.

This naturally frightened these masters despite their rich experiences in life. They have tasted pain and tribulations so their dao heart was quite tough.

Of course, they weren’t unbreakable or anything, just stronger on a relative scale.

Thus, breaking into their mind remained a difficult task. A successful mental infiltration meant total domination. This wasn’t possible for those on the same level.

Alas, none of them felt a thing. They didn’t even have the chance to resist before Li Qiye entered their mind.

He became their god, their soul, their everything! And this made them drenched in a cold sweat. Just one thought from him would be able to turn them into a devil or a Buddha, or simply ashes. He had absolute control over their fate.

Remember, he hasn’t even shown up yet. His invincibility had reached the next level, able to destroy a billion without putting in any effort.

This was the mythical state of being able to destroy an era with a single thought.

The dark existence immediately felt it as well and sealed his six senses along with his mind. He was as nervous as can be.

“Just like that person.” He recalled once more.

He was a supreme being that could devour a world and hasn’t felt fear after millions of years. He eventually lost this feeling as well until now.

He knew that if Li Qiye were to take over his mind, he would be done for sure. This wasn’t the same as his previous defeats. He suffered grievous injuries but could still escape.

He didn’t actually feel fear because he always thought that he had a good chance at survival.

This might no longer be the case. If Li Qiye were to come out with a determination to kill him, he would truly be gone from existence.

He had fought mighty foes before and lost. Alas, he managed to survive. For someone like him, as long as he had a single intent left, he would still stay powerful a million years later.

Only a being of Li Qiye’s level would be able to truly kill him. 

“I have to kill him!” The dark existence made up his mind. His immortality wasn’t enough to save him from this foe. 

“An immortal ascension, a true immortal?” The three immortals took a deep breath after seeing the domineering mental takeover from Li Qiye.

An old man among them shook his head: “No, I understand him. He won’t become a true immortal since that will stop him from being himself, Li Qiye. That’s not his pursuit.” 

“I hope so.” Another of the three said, still shaken.

The consequences would be unimaginable if Li Qiye wanted to become a true immortal. That would truly be the end of the worlds.

Dark overlords and terrible existences weren’t worth mentioning. All three thousand worlds, not just Three Immortals, would fall as a result.

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