Chapter 3219: Lost Dog

Li Qiye and the dark existence played a game of cat and mouse, causing trouble all over the expanse.

The former was in no hurry to finish the battle. Thus, during this pursuit, Li Qiye kept on trying to figure out the dark existence’s true source. The latter naturally understood this and kept on dodging instead of actually going all out. This was the only way for him to stay alive longer.

The inhabitants of the expanse were afraid the entire time. Even those back in Three Immortals felt the pressure from their battles.

Both sides were just too strong. Each of them could suppress the firmaments with each move. That’s why all living beings couldn’t handle this and felt like ants.

“Just end this already.” One progenitor started praying. They knew that Li Qiye wanted to torture this existence but this pressure was too much to take. They spent each day living in fear. Alas, they were too powerless to do anything about it. 

As time went on, earthquakes and explosions became common at the expanse. Everyone started growing used to it.

The dark existence kept on losing in the skirmishes but persevered and escaped each time. Injuries and defeat didn’t make him dwell in despair. He would always flee when given the chance without thinking about giving up.

His dao heart actually earned him respect from the spectators. In fact, this pursuit served as an educational lesson for the top masters in the expanse. They saw what a tough dao heart looked like - something extremely beneficial for cultivation.

Some of them would have given up after losing numerous times and exhausted all merit laws and techniques. Accepting death might be the easier choice when there was this big of a gap. The dark existence didn’t do so. He remained unyielding while not caring for anything else just to survive.

“Boom!” Today, he lost again. His darkness dispersed after another explosion and he was sent flying towards the horizon.

Nonetheless, as long as there was some darkness left, he still chose to run.

Strangely enough, Li Qiye stopped and didn’t follow him this time.

“Fine, I’m done playing. I’ll give you a chance to recover.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head before disappearing.

This sudden abandonment naturally astounded everyone.

“Why isn’t he pursuing?” No one understood why. Li Qiye clearly could kill this existence whenever regardless of the latter’s heaven-defying methods and artifacts.

“It will be a disaster for the expanse and Three Immortals, letting him roam free.” One progenitor became worried.

“Maybe this is a plan. Sir has something up his sleeves.” Another insightful peer raised his brows and said.

In reality, even the dark existence was confused. He shared the same thought as many others - that Li Qiye was up to no good.

That’s why he chose the best hiding spot and patiently observed. Intuition told him that Li Qiye wouldn’t let him go like this. There must be something amiss.

Anxiety and fear naturally came next. This plan of Li Qiye was definitely bad news for him.

However, Li Qiye really did stop worrying about the dark existence. He reached another side of the expanse and meditated in a remote area.

He waved his hand and sealed it right away. Time and space, the samsara, karma, yin and yang, the six dao - all became crystallized.

This crystal barrier served as both the strongest defensive measure on top of being awfully dangerous.

Any intruder would die for sure. Not to mention the progenitors, even that dark existence wouldn’t dare to come here.

“Sir… he’s cultivating again.” The spectators couldn’t believe it.

In their mind, he was already the strongest existence, the apex among apexes. That dark monster had no choice but to run like a dog with its tail tucked between its legs against him.

Thus, Li Qiye represented the highest peak of cultivation. There was no surpassing this, or at least, they couldn’t imagine it. What would his next step be? No one really had a clue.

“Again?” The dark existence confirmed that Li Qiye wasn’t after him any longer. He had a better understanding of cultivation levels compared to the others and knew what Li Qiye was aiming for.

They have previously talked about this topic before. He said that Li Qiye still had a way to go before reaching “that person”. Li Qiye answered that it was only a matter of time, very soon.

“He’s really doing it.” Now, he realized why Li Qiye said so. It wasn’t only a plan; Li Qiye truly wanted to do it.

“Is extermination coming? Or a revolution?” He murmured with dread.

He began to calculate the possibilities once more. Unfortunately, there was no answer.

Despite being incredibly mighty, this was still a level beyond his divination and derivation. The outcomes he came up with were merely hypothetical, potentially far different from reality.

“What if it’s really that person?” The dark existence thought about someone else that has been gone for a long time.

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