Chapter 3218: Defeat

“I’m actually looking forward to it, I’m sure I won’t be let down.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

The dark pair of eyes suddenly converged, turning into the most charismatic and tempting black hole. Progenitors wouldn’t dare to look at this form since their soul would be sucked inside, unable to get out.

Of course, this was completely useless against Li Qiye.

“You’ll be entertained for sure.” The dark existence spoke: “It depends on the level you can reach, perhaps once you’re high enough, you’ll be able to meet that person.” 

In this split moment, he started thinking about someone who hasn’t been seen for a long time now. Even old beings like them have started forgetting.

However, regardless of how many eras have passed, he knew that this person was still around. It’s just that no one got the chance to see him and his current abilities. [1]

“I have heard of this person before so yes, I do look forward to the meeting.” Li Qiye had a glimpse of amusement in his eyes.

“I’m afraid the you right now, can’t.” The dark existence stopped recalling and shook his head.

“Hmm, I’m aware.” Li Qiye’s emotions didn’t fluctuate in the slightest as he nodded and smiled: “But it’s only a matter of time, very soon.”

The dark existence contemplated. He knew that Li Qiye was polishing his grand dao and of course, he was the current target.

“Must we do this? I can show you the way, you’ll need a guide if you wish to topple everything.” He eventually said.

The other top masters heard this and became frightened. This suggestion was truly tempting because Li Qiye and this dark existence would make a mighty duo, enough to instill despair upon anyone.

“No, I don’t need a guide. If there’s no path, I’ll just create one.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“True. Seems like I’ll have to die in this world.” The existence nodded.

“That’s for sure if you can’t beat me. Don’t worry, you won’t be lonely for long. Your friends will be coming.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Let’s go!” The dark existence had nothing else to say and raised his hand, grasping reality within his palm.

“Buzz.” Three Immortals and the expanse twisted into a strange shape, seemingly in the process of being refined.

Time and space were turned into a dao seal. This dao seal could instantly seal anything, capable of destroying more than a hundred progenitors in the blink of an eye.

This didn’t matter to Li Qiye who retaliated with a punch. Not to mention this seal, even three thousand worlds would turn to dust if they tried to block it.

There was no divinity or fire to speak of. The punch suppressed all existences, forcing them to the ground. This included regular progenitors and the Decemvirate.

“Boom!” It easily crushed the dao seal, once again proving Li Qiye’s supremacy.

Others who claimed to be invincible were simply lying when he was around. They wouldn’t be able to withstand a single blow.

The existence feared by many progenitors lost the first exchange.

“Boom!” His next move was to meld with space and time, becoming omnipresent. Merit laws and rules were no longer able to avoid him.

The darkness rushed forward like the tides, starting with Li Qiye’s hand. This dark existence clearly wanted to take over Li Qiye’s body.

“No, he wants to take over Sir!” One progenitor became startled and shouted.

This progenitor saw with his own eyes how one of his brilliant peers immediately succumbed to the darkness after being touched by a single drop of blood from this dark existence. There was no coming back.

Now, the dark existence threw everything he got at Li Qiye. This conversion power could have converted the entire world earlier. Now it was focused on a single location.

“Scram!” Li Qiye roared and released his immortal light. A force erupted and repelled the darkness. 

The dark affinity splashed outward like black water. Li Qiye didn’t stop and clapped his palms together on the water.

This power was enough to crush a progenitor like a mosquito, crushing their bones and flesh.

Black liquid rained down, meaning that a large portion of the dark existence’s body had been destroyed just now.

The remaining water gathered into a black light. It jumped into the expanse in order to escape.

The dark existence clearly lost again on top of being grievously injured. Fleeing was the only choice here.

He would never give up as long as there was a sliver of hope at survival. The future had countless possibilities and he could always bounce back.

Li Qiye smiled in response and crossed through space.

“Boom!” He unleashed another attack at the existence’s hiding place, destroying the sealed area entirely.

The existence continued fleeing, not daring to stop for a split second.

“I’m waiting to see your ultimate moves, don’t hold back now.” Li Qiye pursued with a smile.

The dark existence knew that Li Qiye wanted to figure out their profundities by fighting him. With this, Li Qiye could learn about their kind, allowing him to know how to truly destroy them by the source.

That’s why the dark existence couldn’t use his best moves. He knew that once Li Qiye saw and understood them, the guy would kill him since he would have lost his usefulness. 

He was extremely close to being immortal but if Li Qiye could see his source and origin, Li Qiye definitely had the power to fully annihilate him.

1. Note, another neutral pronoun but usually used for male.

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