Chapter 3217: Unbeatable

The two fought numerous times in the last thirty thousand years.

The dark existence was confident in his power during their first attempt, only to lose. Later on, he focused on surviving and running instead of lingering around. That first fight made it abundantly clear that he wasn't a match for Li Qiye.

Worst of all, he was alone in the expanse and couldn’t find help. He has been wanting to bring his allies into this world but the time wasn’t right.

“I don’t understand, you might be stronger but still shouldn’t be able to find me so quickly.” The dark eyes stared at Li Qiye. Being weaker didn’t make him lose his composure.

His stealth art was peerless, allowing him to hide for so long from the three immortals.

Strangely enough, after Li Qiye found him the first time, the guy had such an easy time repeating the subsequent attempts. It was as if his peerless stealth was not worth mentioning before Li Qiye.

He had absolute confidence in this ability and didn’t believe that Li Qiye could do so with his own power. Alas, this was indeed the case. He could run however and Li Qiye could still effortlessly find him. 

He was a supreme existence. Not to mention regular people, even progenitors were insects compared to him.

Now, the scenario was reversed. He found struggling useless and futile. This would eventually end with his death.

This sapped him of any confidence since there was no getting away from his pursuer. The most heaven-defying method to shroud himself or the most secretive location simply didn’t work.

“It’s not hard for me to find you. But the truth is that in order to do it so fast, I have outside help.” Li Qiye chuckled and revealed.

He then took out a box and tapped it: “I have to thank Fire Ancestor for this. He left behind some clues.”

“I knew that he had ulterior motives!” The dark eyes narrowed and shot out the sharpest rays.

Li Qiye got this box from the cauldron during the rebirth ceremony in the expedition ship. He chased Fire Ancestor away and obtained it.

“Who knows? Maybe you can ask him when you see him down in the yellow river. He might tell you then.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I should have destroyed him!” The existence said with regrets. Just one wrong move and he lost everything, being chased like a dog right now.

So it turned out that the item was a piece of hair and a fingernail. Fire Ancestor had secretly kept them.

This wasn’t considered a special artifact or anything like that. However, it served Li Qiye quite well.

The items contained the existence’s aura and karma. That’s why someone as strong as Li Qiye could use it to find the existence. Hiding became impossible.

“Don’t be sad about it, I can still find you without it. It’ll just take longer.” Li Qiye smiled.

“What do you want?” The existence stopped dwelling in the past and stopped caring. It was just one little mistake in his long life.

“Nothing, just using you to warm up, a polishing stone of sorts.” Li Qiye said.

The top masters heard this and exchanged glances, speechless. They felt dread whenever this dark existence was brought up but Li Qiye simply didn’t treat him like a real enemy.

But this was still understandable. The current Li Qiye had reached an insane power. His comment wasn’t outrageous or anything.

The dark eyes narrowed. He found this extremely humiliating and frustrating since Li Qiye was stronger than him.

“You don’t have to run, you know? Go all out, risk it all.” Li Qiye said.

The existence didn’t respond. Even insects wanted to live, let alone him. He had done many things in order to live until now. He wouldn’t be here right now if he could face death with equanimity.

For his kind, staying alive was the most important thing. Time wasn’t an issue at all.

That’s why he kept on running away without worrying about reputation and prestige when facing Li Qiye. None of that mattered.

“Killing me won’t change anything.” The existence shook his head: “It is inevitable. You and the three thousand worlds won’t escape. It is destined.”

“Who says? I can kill all of you and change that.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“No one can deny your power, definitely stronger than me. However, you’re sorely mistaken if you think you’re unbeatable. What you will face in the future is beyond your imagination. You’ll be nothing more than food.” The dark existence stared straight at Li Qiye in response.

“Stronger than the villainous heaven? I don’t think so.” Li Qiye retorted.

“How can we be?” The dark existence said.

“Don’t compare, just kill it if you’re as strong as you think you are.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: "That’s what I will do, so I don’t care how amazing all of you are. Nothing more than stepping stones for my final battle.”

The existence remained silent after hearing Li Qiye’s intention. He wanted to kill the villainous heaven. What about them? If they could do so, they would have done it long ago.

Thus, Li Qiye never put them in his eyes. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was simply viewing them as stepping stones.

For example, this whole pursuit was just another training session, a warm-up. Li Qiye’s final goal wasn’t them. 

The dark existence’s eyes narrowed. They have always viewed others as ants but today, they have become someone else’s prey.

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