Chapter 3216: Against The Monstrous Existence

During the Resplendent Age back in the nine worlds, something big was also occurring in Uncrossable Expanse.

“Boom!” The ocean was nearly flipped over by a terrible force, resulting in numerous huge tsunamis everywhere. 

All of Three Immortals quaked from the impact. Everyone there could see a wave so large that it blotted out the sky.

“Look at that tsunami!” They felt as if it was coming straight at their world and shouted in horror.

This terrible wave could strike all of Three Immortals at the same time. The systems were as fragile as leaves floating on an ocean during a storm.

Everyone became as nervous as can be. Fortunately, the tsunami fell back down in the expanse, allowing them to heave a sigh of relief.

“Fiercest is starting again.” Numerous progenitors and top masters in the expanse knew that Li Qiye was back.

“Buzz.” A dark world opened and instantly invaded this sea. Both the stars above and the fish under the surface instantly joined this affinity.

“Shit, the darkness is erupting!” The observing progenitors became frightened. Many instantly fled or sealed their area in order to stop the dark transformation.

As the darkness swept by, the stars turned into fiendish planets engulfed in flame. They looked like huge eyes in the shadows, enough to instill fear upon anyone.

“Buzz.” The fish and shrimps in the ocean grew to an insane level, becoming fiendish soldiers.

One fish became a creature towering at several thousand feet with countless sharp, white teeth. Another shrimp grew long thorns capable of piercing the sky.

This dark power was enough to travel across the expanse all the way to Three Immortals.

“Damn it!” Many could spot the incoming dark power from Three Immortals.

Powerful existences tried to flee from the incoming darkness. Alas, it drowned out the world so quickly. Virtually all beings in Three Immortals turned evil in the next second.

“Ahh!” Scales started to grow on these cultivators. Their body became warped, face twisted; their limbs turned into claws.

Even the vegetation and tree became evil entities. The world became a horrifying dark domain.

“No, this dark power is too much.” Many progenitors at the expanse shuddered with fear.

No single progenitor could stop this power directly, not even a member of the Decemvirate when alone.

However, a fiery ray with meteoric speed crossed through the world and swept away the darkness.

“Buzz.” The dark affinity became ashes regardless of its power. The animals and people from Three Immortals returned to their original form.

Li Qiye finally showed up at the expanse. The immortal light around him flickered like fire.

Space and time no longer restricted him. Thus, even those back in Three Immortals could see him clearly as if he was right in front of them.

“Who is that?” This was the first time they have seen this divine character. Most were already on their knees even though he didn’t let his aura erupt.

After so many years, he had become a legend. Those who knew about him were few in number, let alone recognizing him.

“He… he is the legendary Prime Progenitor!” Someone back in the old era was still alive and buried through time in order to prolong his lifespan. He was a nobody back then but now, an invincible ancestor.

Nonetheless, he still got on the ground and smashed his head onto the concrete in order to show respect.

“Prime! Our savior who stopped the darkness back then, he’s here again to save us all!” Tears streamed down his cheeks.

“Prime Progenitor!” The awakened ancestors started crying.

They survived the dark war back then thanks to him. History was repeating itself once more.

“Our savior! Prime Progenitor!” His title echoed across Three Immortals again.

Future generations have nearly forgotten the dark war and their Prime Progenitor until today.

They once again basked in his blessing as he saved them from the darkness. Gratitude overwhelmed and moved them to tears.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye didn’t look back at Three Immortals, only focusing on the darkness before him.

Since he had swept away the dark waves, the remaining darkness gathered and formed the shape of one person - the dark existence that has been hiding in the expanse. Only his eyes were revealed, one as dark as the night sky.

His identity and face remained hidden. He also didn’t exert his aura and might yet still resemble a bottom abyss that could swallow those who got close.

Even progenitors trembled with fear after seeing him. Everyone else would naturally become paralyzed, unable to even look at him.

Normally, he would completely dominate his foes with just his aura and prestige. Alas, he seemed to be the underdog versus Li Qiye. Exerting his momentum and aura couldn’t affect Li Qiye in the slightest.

“Will this existence be able to run again?” A progenitor murmured after Li Qiye’s power forced the dark existence out.

This was actually not the first time. When Li Qiye planted his tree in the nine worlds and thirteen continents, he also forced out this dark existence.

In the beginning, the latter put up a good fight but eventually suffered a major setback with heavy injuries and had to flee.

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