Chapter 3215: Opening A New Epoch

The Primordial Tree accepted the past and opened the future. The shimmering spots on the tree represented the birth of space, the accumulation of karma, the samsara process, and many others…

The tree became the origin of the world. It began constructing a new framework of laws and orders. It assumed the center area of three thousand worlds, resulting in endless possibilities.

“Boom! Boom!” Numerous tribulations finally took form in the sky. One could hear the wrath of the heaven from the thunderous explosions.

Everyone became threatened, from the weakest existence to the mightiest progenitors.

This was the fury of the highest existence. That’s why all lost their strength and dropped paralyzed on the ground, cowering in fear. They were mere worms trembling below the foot of a giant.

“The high heaven is finally furious.” Radiance started gathering above as the high heaven was prime to send down pure destruction on Li Qiye.

Those in the shadows started celebrating. Perhaps this tribulation would end this trouble.

“Boom!” The ocean of lightning finally descended straight at Li Qiye at the expanse.

“It’s coming!” The hiding overlords shuddered, feeling their soul leaving their body at this sight. They remained hiding in the safest spot, not moving an inch.

Meanwhile, regular people could only prostrate on the ground. They became empty-headed and lost their sanity before this overwhelming force.

“Crack!” The world borders instantly collapsed as this ultimate tribulation drowned out three thousand worlds. 

Everyone was scared out of their mind. Numerous pissed and soiled their pants from fear.

The Primordial Tree suddenly floated up. Its massive branches exuded primordial lights straight at the broken hole.

The tribulation breaking through the world borders was stopped right away. These barriers immediately reformed themselves, causing the tribulation to stop.

This was akin to a flood assaulting the dam, successfully breaking a hole. The next event should be devastation but the hole was suddenly patched and the disaster prevented.

The tribulation was stopped in the dimension above, unable to infiltrate the worlds below.

“What?” The elusive overlords gasped in response.

“His wings are fully-fledged.” One overlord took a deep breath and said: “He’ll attack the heaven sooner or later.”

“Boom!” After successfully isolating the tribulation, the roots of the tree stretched towards the nine worlds, the thirteen continents, and many others.

Eternal radiance engulfed these two worlds. Its land started brimming with a new power. Countless dao runes emerged, filling up and recrafting the fabrics of reality.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” New dao laws and rules were being created in this process in a harmonious manner.

Finally, all worlds opened a new page. The new epoch finally started.

From today on, all living beings could look up and see the primordial tree growing in their world.

One side of its main root was drilled into the nine worlds; the other in the thirteen continents. The treetop reached all the way into Three Immortals, shrouded by primal mist and fogs. Its branches and leaves stretched to the other worlds.

The new orders and rules of life have been created in accordance with the tree’s criteria.

“A new epoch and a new order.” The powerful overlords had no choice but to accept the new epoch.

Even the high heaven stopped reacting, seemingly accepting the epoch as well.

“How can this be? A new epoch is here before the destruction of the old one.” An overlord in the shadows murmured in awe: “Using the old epoch as fertile land to create this tree. This dark crow has accomplished an unprecedented feat.”

Some other lords started becoming nervous at the dark crow’s success. There was a chance that he would sweep through the three thousand worlds first before attacking the heaven. At that point, they would need to either surrender or risk being destroyed.

Today would go down as legends in history. Later on, some would refer to this date as the Primordial Start, Dawn of the World, or Epoch Creation…

New pilgrimages began with the existence of the tree. Some began cultivating the dao near and beneath it. Those capable of climbing up the tree showed their impeccable talents.

Many things took place in the next thirty thousand years. One person successfully proved their dao first by the tree. Golden light illuminated the entire world as this person assumed a golden form and uttered the title - Dao Lord!

Later on, a swordsman with a diamond-like body rode his sword here and became enlightened with the dao. This earned him a dao fruit. 

Many others managed to learn various arts and skills before disappearing from the world…

Monumental changes occurred in both the nine worlds and the thirteen continents. This period of thirty thousand years became known as the Resplendent Age.

One day, the Primordial Tree suddenly disappeared from sight. This development shocked all inhabitants since the tree heralded the new epoch and the grand dao.

The overlords didn’t say anything. Those who can see Uncrossable Expanse kept their mouth shut.

No one knew what was going on or where the tree was now. Some Dao Lords tried to calculate for an answer to no avail.

Fortunately, everything remained normal even though the tree was gone. The nervous inhabitants gradually forgot the tree in time.

Enough generations passed that the tree only belonged in the historical books. Some future descendants even questioned its existence.

Only a selected few had a full grasp of the transpiring events.

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