Chapter 3214: Primordial Tree

A million years moved by as fast as a galloping stallion. This time period was considered endless for ordinary people. So many clans and dynasties would rise and fall; the changing of countless generations.

Cultivators would consider this a long period as well. After all, most would never reach a high cultivation level. Geniuses would fall; territories would have different masters.

As for the emperors and progenitors? A million years was only a cycle, a part of life.

As for the top masters or those being buried underground? It was nothing. Most progenitors in the expanse have been here for much longer.

This was only the length of one cultivation session for some. However, a session like Li Qiye’s was unprecedented.

One million years didn’t damper everyone’s anticipation in the slightest. They patiently waited for him to come out.

The overlords back in the nine worlds and the thirteen continents also did the same.

Li Qiye’s power has already filled the three thousand worlds, even those currently unknown… It seeped into every inch and corner of the land.

Normal people naturally didn’t notice this in the beginning, unlike the frightened overlords.

They didn’t hope to see this at all nor a potentially new epoch. Alas, it has escalated beyond their control.

Those who once cursed the high heaven even prayed for the most terrible heavenly tribulation. They wanted the villainous heaven to destroy this new power.

Alas, the accumulation of lightning arcs the size of an ocean remained above. The high heaven seemed inactive against Li Qiye.

The frightened overlords saw this and realized that it was decided. No one could change or stop the grand momentum created by the dark crow.

As time passed, the fusing of the power into the various worlds became stronger. It became a part of the world itself. Some masters naturally noticed this but could only watch.

By this point, his power was one with their world. Strangely enough, it would still be around if one were to go extreme enough and destroy their own world.

His power became the source of all things, giving birth to the myriad creations and world laws and dao. This became the established case the moment the majority noticed it.

“Pop!” Today, all living beings in three thousand worlds heard a pop. It didn’t ring in the ear but rather came from the heart.

They felt as if an egg had been broken. This fluctuation affected their heart and mind, ranging from the human mortals to the powerful Immortal Emperors. Even the trees and grass somehow sensed it.

A new life had just broken through its shell - a new world, perhaps. The existing worlds returned to the chaos, including the nine worlds, thirteen continents, and even Three Immortals.

They seemingly fused into primordial chaos in the shape of an egg. Of course, this was just a feeling. They weren’t actually fusing, only engulfed in primordial chaos.

When people raised their hands, they could touch the chaos. The oceanic force was omnipresent by this point.

“The power of chaos… so pure and mighty.” Numerous masters became excited.

Even the top dogs found it difficult to change their energy into primordial chaos. Now, this energy source was everywhere, hence their excitement as they began absorbing and cultivating.

The overlords, on the other hand, remained wary. They sealed their senses and severed the samsara, not daring to absorb this energy.

It belonged to a new epoch. Doing so would mean submitting to it. Otherwise, absorbing it would be awfully disadvantageous for them.

Meanwhile, the inhabitants of all worlds slowly realized that there was something changing within them.

The strong cultivators figured out this quickly. The established classification of cultivation became muddled.

Godking? Dao Saint? Virtuous Paragons? All were a complete mess. A new ranking system was needed for cultivation.

“Boom! Boom!” A light flashed while they were stricken with anxiety about the unknown.

This light came from the sealed sea in the expanse, bright enough to illuminate three thousand worlds.

“Boom!” Everyone heard an explosion in their head, one loud enough to start a new epoch by splitting heaven and earth into existence.

This primordial flash clearly defined all creations - pure energy floated up and impurity went down; chaos started separating karma and defining the samsara.

It was as if they saw a flash of light in the darkness. It lasted for only a blink of an eye yet this was enough to determine everything.

The overlords immediately understood that Li Qiye was about to come out of his cultivation session.

“Buzz…” More strands of light oozed out of the crystallized seal. Incredible visual phenomena emerged next.

Among them were true immortals heading east; a praying dragon god; the radiance of three thousand worlds.

The light strands weren’t restricted by space and time, able to be seen by anyone at any location.

They seemed to be emanating from the eyes and mind. That’s why even the blind could see it.

They served to illuminate all living beings’ world and their dao heart.

“Buzz.” The phenomena eventually spread enough that everyone could see the visual phenomena regardless of their location.

Eventually, they finally got a complete picture - a tree never seen before by anyone - the Primordial Tree.

This tree was the thing exuding the visual phenomena and light strands. On the branches were dao fruits containing peerless laws, dao, and orders…

The tree shouldered three thousand worlds and everything in them.

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