Chapter 3213: Ephemeral Ages

The redemption grounds in Three Immortals had people waiting too for this was only the calm before the storm.

Fiercest would stay true to his words and topple the current situation by opening a new epoch. Thus, they waited quietly for the right opportunity.

As for the expanse, some progenitors would occasionally glance over at the seal, wondering what Fiercest would become after coming out.

In a deeper and incalculable location, a certain being would sometimes gaze at the seal across the eras before disappearing.

Prime Emperor, Prime Progenitor, and even the dark crow; these titles were forgotten by most. However, at the apex where the real masters of the worlds stood, they still remembered and cared about his existence.

Those who feared him continued to slumber without crossing the line. This was a prudent choice.

Regular people had no idea about the inevitable storm. Everything would change soon enough.

Alas, the great existences were preparing for this tempest. All would start from the beginning once more.

Those who have experienced Li Qiye’s might were afraid of his inaction. It meant that he was planning something frightening and heaven-defying.

The rules of the world wouldn’t be the same once he came out of his cultivation session.

The new emperors and progenitors had no idea, let alone the mortals and normal cultivators. Little did they know that their familiar cultivation methods and common knowledge were about to change.

“It’s coming.” Today, a monstrous existence in a redemption ground suddenly felt something.

In the most clandestine place in the expanse, the dark existence had a bad feeling about what’s to come but it refrained from taking action.

“So strong!” One master in the expanse gazed and praised.

The ones back in the nine worlds and thirteen continents were slower but still eventually sensed it.

“It’s really happening… I hope he’ll fail…” A being hiding in the darkness had a frightened expression.

“Another generation, will it be long before the final battle?” One being in a burial ground gazed at the deepest part of the sky and said.

“Prepare for war! It is time for our domination!” A deep voice ordered in an unknown location. It echoed like the wailing of a specter.

In fact, the first to sense this was the high heaven itself.

The azure started changing color with minuscule flashes. No one paid attention to this because they thought that it was only the flashing of the stars.

After all, numerous stars and planets were up there. These flashes were as normal as can be.

As time passed, the lightning bolts became thicker and thicker, enough to form massive arcs.

The masters from the various worlds finally realized that something big was going on.

“The sky is changing, what’s happening?” One worried Immortal Emperor looked up.

A Divine Emperor tried to take a closer look but it was too far away. He only knew that something monumental was happening.

“Should I go to the expanse?” A new progenitor of this generation stood on Sky Pass, nervous.

The world was filled with a power beyond his comprehension by this point. He knew that he was as insignificant as an ant in comparison.

“Finally!” The top dogs in the expanse paid attention to the sealed sea. The place was shiny just like the past but they knew that the time had come.

“An era of immortals?” An emotional progenitor found this new power to be unique.

His more knowledgeable peer disagreed: “No, such an era won’t belong to our world anyway. Ours can’t gestate a single immortal, let alone allowing everyone to become one. That’s impossible.” 

“Right, Sir isn’t here to become an immortal. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t have picked the expanse.” A progenitor who spoke with Li Qiye before shook his head.

The pair of eyes hiding in the expanse slightly opened again, surprised at this new power spreading across the realms.

Remember, this being was terrible enough to control members of the Decemvirate. Nonetheless, it still felt fear because this was a power capable of starting an epoch! No, this went beyond that.[1]

This power was created to challenge the high heaven itself! Many have tried to do this; all have failed.

Why was it afraid? Because there was a possibility of success for Li Qiye! It was strong enough to know the significance behind this, hence its fear.

Its stealth ability was impeccable but this slight emotional fluctuation allowed someone else to immediately spot it.

“There’s activity!” A person near the other shore of the expanse wanted to calculate the location.

“No need, he’s Daoist Li’s target, not ours anymore.” Another shook their head.

They have been searching for this dark being for so long now. Alas, this being hid too well after its last escape.

Its momentary jolt of fear made them notice it. In the past, they would have pursued, not wanting to miss this opportunity.

This was no longer the case. Li Qiye had appointed this dark being as a polishing stone. They didn’t need to ruin his plan and continued to guard their areas.

As for the dark being, it realized that it has been spotted. Alas, this didn’t matter as much. It only cared about one enemy right now.

Numerous thoughts popped up at the speed of light - it calculated countless possibilities and methods. Unfortunately, there was only one result - death!

It hesitated at the outcome. It had no better plans right now and plus, this was the expanse. It could only fight alone here.

“Don’t succeed.” It eventually looked up at the sky and thought.

There was only one thing that can stop Li Qiye right now - the high heaven! That damned villainous heaven.

However, the lightning arcs might have gathered up above but showed no signs of attacking. The heavenly tribulation it desired so much didn’t seem to be descending.

1. When the sex of this being is made clear, I will use he/she instead of it. The pronoun used here is usually masculine but also gender-neutral, especially when the sex is unknown. It’s not optimal because there will be an inconsistency with “it” and “he/she” in the translation. Going back to edit each case would take too much time.

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