Chapter 3212: Seclusive Training

Everything Li Qiye had done so far was in preparation for his new epoch, from establishing a foundation to readying its orders.

The dangerous areas and their mysteries couldn’t hide from him at all. The most obscured and cryptic laws would eventually be deciphered and added to his repertoire.

The places considered dreadful by others all fell into his grasp. Time came to a stop during his journey. A thousand years were no different than the blink of an eye to him.

Moreover, the expanse started changing due to his influence. The dangers found here gradually disappeared, such as the sea monsters that once rampaged the seas.

His supreme grand dao had reached maturity after he saw virtually all of the expanse, the same with his tree. 

It was time to open the new epoch. Thus, he decided to go into seclusive training.

He didn’t bother finding a secret place for safety reasons. He picked a random sea and sealed the area before sitting down.

His seal condensed the myriad laws. The grand dao became as tough as steel. Karma became the gate; the samsara became the cornerstone; yin yang served as a line of defense; time acted as an offensive force…

The area immediately became an impregnable fortress, perhaps the most dangerous place in the expanse.

No one could break through this seal. Doing so would result in swift retribution, ending with being rendered to ashes.

From the distance, all of the various affinities making up this seal transformed into a crystallized form. They seemed unbreakable, to say the least.

“Li Qiye is cultivating.” Many progenitors and masters became startled.

The power of the seal simply sent out a massive shockwave. Even one strand of energy alone could destroy a progenitor.

Thus, everyone immediately knew what he wanted to do.

“Still?” One master took a deep breath. The guy was both shaken by the sheer power present in the seal but most importantly, why? Li Qiye was already monstrous enough.

In case of success, just how dreadful would he become?

Progenitors shuddered because they weren’t close to being on the same level as him. What if Li Qiye took another step forward?

The brilliant progenitors had a hard time imagining it. Breaking through the apex?

“A true immortal with everlasting life?” One member of the Decemvirate murmured.

Everlasting life was a goal for all progenitors and masters. That’s the main reason why they came to the expanse.

Unfortunately, regardless of their diligent efforts and talents, they still couldn’t make it to the end of this path. No one has been successful. Maybe Li Qiye had a chance if this session yielded fruit.

This matter naturally attracted everyone’s attention. Some would occasionally pay attention to the changes found here, wanting to know Li Qiye’s future height.

However, one year passed and nothing happened in the crystallized seal. Two years, the same story. Three years, nothing…

Ten years, twenty years, thirty years…

Three thousand years, thirty thousand years, one hundred thousand years…

The sea remained sealed and impenetrable. No one knew what was going on inside with Li Qiye.

One hundred thousand years weren’t that long for progenitors in the expanse. However, it was definitely a long period for others.

Three hundred thousand years went by in the blink of an eye, still nothing.

Meanwhile, numerous changes happened in each world. Talents and heroes fell; unknown mortals rose to greatness. Dao systems turned to ashes, replaced by another.

New progenitors emerged in Three Immortals. More Heaven’s Wills appeared in the nine worlds, meaning more Immortal Emperors. The thirteen continents were as lively as ever with waves of talents from all the races - Immortal Monarchs, Heaven Emperors, and Divine Emperors…

Alas, the crystallized seal remained the same. People grew to forget about it.

Back in the nine worlds, the people have forgotten about their Prime Emperor, the man with thirteen palaces. His stories turned into history then legends. Some began questioning his existence.

In the thirteen continents, the man called Fiercest who suppressed the three great races was also forgotten. The humans who used to take pride in him stopped talking about him.

In Three Immortals, future generations always brought up the darkness descend because of the bloody battles. Their losses were carved deep in the annals of each system. One man was always brought up - their savior, Prime Progenitor! The man with thirteen palaces who had performed numerous miracles.

Right after the calamity, each system, sect, and individual considered him their savior and guardian. Individual households even established worship plaque for him. Unfortunately, as time passed, his brilliant deeds were ladened with dust, forgotten.

Fewer and fewer people worshipped Prime Progenitor. Most of his statues and tablets couldn’t stand the test of time.

Those that did were forgotten. No one would come to offer their respect any longer.

After all, it has been three hundred thousand years. Newer waves replaced the previous. Future descendants forgot about this character.

 Only the old and knowledgeable existences remembered his stories in each world.

In the burial grounds in the nine worlds, some beings looked up in the sky. They knew that the dark wings of a crow would engulf the nine worlds again. The dark crow wouldn’t fall so easily.

They knew that as long as the high heaven was still around, so would the dark crow.

As for the thirteen continents, many pairs of eyes hiding in the darkness continued to try and read the future - aware that the damned crow would return one day. This crow wasn’t one to give up before defeating his enemies.

All in all, the crow’s return would change everything about the nine worlds and the thirteen continents.

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