Chapter 3211: Hidden Dao Star

The phrase served as the foundation of an entire epoch. Everyone felt nothing but respect for the new “Dao Lord”.

In a seclusive and incalculable location at the expanse, a pair of eyes narrowed and flashed once before disappearing again.

This person remained cautious despite the safety of this area. Numerous masters were still searching for it.

The supreme dao rhythm eventually dispersed. The laws and dao of the world returned to their original rotation.

Progenitors heaved with relief once their grand dao returned to their body.

Just imagine, their supreme grand dao escaped their control just now. This was a terrible feeling, a cause for worries.

It meant that they would be fish on the chopping board regardless of how strong they used to be - akin to a mortal. The return of their grand dao meant that their power was back again.


Li Qiye crossed through space and traveled more across the expanse. He visited many incredible areas.

Today was a ruin from an older age. It contained chaotic space along with the cycles of life and karma.

The place was covered in resplendent starlights of various colors. This made it seem like a dream world. It had profundities worth researching. Progenitors tried their best here and couldn’t grasp ten percent of the mysteries here.

Rumor has it that the three immortals and the top progenitors have been here before. Some even added the dark existences to this list.

All in all, the place was extremely famous. Newcomers to the expanse would eventually come here for a look.

Something big was happening today. The colorful chaotic temporal flow was forced back into order. They became rainbows of time and started flowing above the ruins. 

In this place, Li Qiye was testing the various profundities and exerting control over them.

Both the cycles of life and karma seemed like mature peaches that have been casually taken by him and peeled, exposing the soft texture and plentiful juice - as wondrous as can be…

So many progenitors were watching Li Qiye pulling the ruins back into order in astonishment and awe. They have come here before and knew the difficulties present.

Just learning ten percent of this place was an amazing achievement. Now, Li Qiye mastered it in such a perfect manner, not to mention the little time it took.

“He’s at an unreachable height.” A member of the Decemvirate commented.

Li Qiye did something that a progenitor couldn’t even after trying for a lifetime.

“Maybe above the three immortals too.” One who has seen the three immortals quietly said.

They recalled their feelings when they saw the three immortals the first time in the past - shock and fear.

Though the world considered their realm to be the peak, they found themselves no different from little children compared to the three immortals. There was a long path to go and more room for growth after sufficient training.

However, they thought that they would never be able to reach that height.

The three immortals should be the paragons of their world. Nothing could be greater; there was no higher peak until today.

Some felt that Li Qiye might have surpassed the three immortals already.

“Will he become a true immortal?” This beckoned the question.

The three immortals themselves have said that they didn’t reach this level. What about Li Qiye?


There existed a star above the expanse, able to swallow all types of light yet still being the darkest star.

Its nature made it impossible to find but many progenitors were aware of its existence.

Its name was Hidden Dao Star. It contained mystical arts and dao, coveted by virtually all cultivators.

Just figuring out the mysteries of this star at an elementary level would be awfully beneficial.

Alas, it was too dangerous. Entering meant risking never being able to leave. Their own dao and fortunes could be swallowed by the star.

Today, Li Qiye had arrived. He opened his immortal-like eyes and unleashed a primordial light. The star’s mysteries had no place to hide from his gaze.

“Even Hidden Dao can’t hide from him.” The spectating progenitors couldn’t believe it and became envious.

They heard loud rumbles the moment he activated his grand dao. Everything from the star poured down and became his.

This was akin to someone standing at the entrance of a treasury. They simply opened their pocket and all the jewels and treasures inside competed to get in there.

Some have tried and failed to get a single art. Now, he had gotten all of them. There couldn’t be a bigger harvest.

“What a difference. It’s so frustrating.” Another member of the Decemvirate revealed a bitter smile.

Others felt the same way. A few among them spent several hundred thousand years there and only obtained one law.


Eight Edges Mountain, Saint Breath Ocean, Endless Well… Li Qiye eventually visited all of these famous locations in the expanse and took everything worthwhile.

“He’s treating the expanse like his own house.” One progenitor helplessly smiled.

“There’s no secret here for him.” His friend sighed.

Many top cultivators thought that the expanse was cryptic with too many secrets. This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye during his journey.

Thus, the progenitors came up with another conclusion. If the entire expanse couldn’t hide from him, then that dark existence shouldn’t be able to either.

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