Chapter 3210: Mantra

Li Qiye left after killing the four great monsters and their legion.

Peace returned to the expanse afterward. Wherever he went, the monsters there would hide and tremble at the bottom, not daring to utter a single sound.

Some even ran before his arrival, millions and millions of miles away.

His fame and reputation preceded him. He was even more notorious than the dark existence due to his painting the ocean red.

He stopped finding monsters to kill and simply entered the dangerous grounds to see the mysterious creations of the universe. They were also smart enough to not cause any more trouble.

After so many years of researching and polishing, he had reached a peak beyond anyone else. He was ready to create an eternal outline thanks to his unique path.

A thousand years passed by in the blink of an eye. Li Qiye had seen countless profound creations by this point.

Today, he meditated in an area in a zen state, almost becoming a statue. Another five hundred years flew by.

The expanse was still as peaceful as ever. No demon or monster ravaged the land. The dark existence didn’t show up either.

Well, he wouldn’t notice any changes in the world regardless. Another five hundred years gone by in accordance with the worldly order and rotation.

“Buzz.” This ended with a radiance exuding from Li Qiye. The specks of dirt on his body disintegrated.

His body became freed from all impurities with a natural grand dao and supreme temperament.

“Buzz…” A dao rhythm emerged in the entire expanse. Everything else started harmonizing with it.

A new order emerged with a blinding radiance. The myriad laws had life once more. A supreme power seemed to be awakening and proliferating.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” Laws including those dictating the dao, life, and natural orders all emerged.

Spatial laws began circling in the sky; one earth law stretched out of the ocean; a life law swam back and forth in the endless water…

All cultivators who trained in the dao could sense this change. The strongest among them began losing control of their own grand dao.

The members of both the Decemvirate and Ten Radiance found their own grand dao wanting to leave their body.

They activated their best merit laws but still couldn’t suppress this development. The entire world has been affected by this new rhythm. This was an unprecedented power never seen by anyone before.

It began reconstructing the orders of the expanse. Everything needed to obey.

Thus, many tried to find the source and found Li Qiye. Billions of grand dao formed layers around him and created an eternal domain. Li Qiye was its creator and ruler, capable of actually creating life within this domain, acting as the high heaven.

Though he was incredibly far away, they felt as if he was right in front of them. Time and space no longer confined him.

Even a blind person could see this glorious existence. He had imprinted his mark in everyone’s soul.

All possible laws in existence were going there and lining up in a particular order. They came from the clouds, the oceans, and the various fabrics of reality…

This looked like an army inspection where all the soldiers conversed, waiting for their generals and king to arrive.

“Laws, some of you are still not here yet?” His casual words became a supreme and eternal mantra.

The laws and grand dao heard him. They seemed to be stretching out their neck so that he would notice them.

None wanted to be left behind. They acted as if not being seen by him would be akin to being abandoned by this new order.

“Buzz… Buzz. Buzz.” The grand dao finally surged out of the progenitors’ body.

Remember, these progenitors have all created a unique dao belonging to themselves. Alas, all were gone now.

These grand dao and secret laws flew to the sky and exuded blinding lights.

For example, Alchemy Immortal’s grand dao transformed into a medicinal lotus with an intense fragrance. Emperor Zheng’s grand dao took the form of a mighty star atlas. Martial Ancestor’s grand dao was a white tiger lunging and roaring…

These grand dao hovered in the sky in a shocking manner. The most brilliant progenitors weren’t spared from astonishment.

“I am Lord, heaven and earth are my subjects, the grand dao are my followers!” Li Qiye’s voice echoed across the realms. Each word turned into the highest order of mantra and imprinted itself into time and space.

“Dao Lord!” He stood up and declared. This became the final conclusion - the ultimate iron-clad order.

His might frightened the myriad ages. All dao and laws prostrated before him, ready to obey all of his orders.

By this point, he could easily create these progenitorial grand dao or break the progenitors’ ultimate techniques.

He stood at the apex of the dao with no one worthy to be his peers.

All masters in the expanse got on their knees. Even the world itself had become his subject, the rest had no choice but to show their loyalty.

“Dao Lord…” Everyone murmured this title.

I am Lord, heaven and earth are my subjects, the grand dao are my followers! Some understood that when Li Qiye spoke this line, he had finished establishing a foundation for the new epoch. This was the raising of the curtain.

A new epoch was about to begin and he was its creator.

“I wonder if Three Immortals will be a part of it?” One progenitor became emotional.

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