Chapter 321: The Battle Begins

Chapter 321: The Battle Begins

After his scream, the Tiger King disappeared just like that. Many people became astonished after seeing this. This was a nine rings Heavenly Sovereign, yet he was killed by a fat worm. It was too unbelievable and no one would believe such a thing if they were told.

“Your grandmother, daring to oppose my Young Noble, what suicidal fools!” Little Autumn boldly shouted, then it immediately aimed his mud cannon towards the Royal Nobles and Ancient Saints from the Saint Country and Tiger’s Howl School.

“Bang-- bang-- bang--” Right afterward, Little Autumn shot out blast after blast. Once struck by his cannon, Royal Nobles and Ancient Saints would immediately disappear. This scene instilled a creepy sensation to all the spectators. This was even more frightening than dying due to a direct physical blow.

Anywhere where Little Autumn pointed his cannon, the opponents would run around crazily like chickens with their heads cut off. They simply didn’t dare to block his shots.

“Kill!!!” Sikong Toutian also went mad from killing. The wooden puppets that looked exactly like him began their massacre. They possessed the same power as the controller; he was no less than any other devilish genius. At this moment, each of the wooden puppets were given several divine treasures so one could only imagine their battle prowess. In just a short amount of time, the experts of the Saint Country and the Tiger’s Howl School started to miserably scream as they fell one after another. In just a flash, the sky was filled with a bloody rain that was amplified by shrill bellows across the plains.

Little Autumn and Sikong Toutian — alone — took care of the several thousand experts from the two powers. Li Qiye essentially didn’t do anything at all; he simply stood there and calmly observed.

This scene caused everyone to turn pale as they held their breaths. This was a bit too heaven-defying! At this moment, the people present understood why Li Qiye dared to challenge the two powers; this guy already had an ace card up his sleeve!

“Hmph!” Amidst the bloody battle, in the highest reaches of the sky, an incomparable gaze that was hidden inside an invisible fog, eluding all eyes, appeared as if a prehistoric beast was awakening. In the depths of this mysterious place, a towering despotic air drowned the surroundings.

“Don’t, this is not the time.” Right when this person wanted to take action, another emotionless voice appeared in this hiding place.

“This brat is pushing us too far!” The old undying that wanted to take action had a hard time swallowing this anger.

“There will be someone else to take care of him. Our time has yet to come. Keep on watching the Heavenly Dao Academy’s land as it continues to split. Be patient a bit more, they will not be able to hold on much longer. Compared to the timeless Emperor foundation of the academy, a few several thousand disciples are nothing!” The cold voice resounded again in the darkness.

Finally, the eager old undying managed to calm down and closed his brilliant eyes.

In the middle of the battlefield, Li Qiye stared towards the horizon and couldn’t help but smirk. A few people truly had a very good tolerance, and he wanted to see just how much longer they could endure!

“Li Qiye, do you want to kill until nobody remains?” At this time, a steady and strong voice appeared. Utilizing his blazing divine light, the speaker joined the battlefield with one step and left it with another step.

The one who appeared was Zu Huangwu. His divine light protected his body like wise sages protecting their treasure; this brilliance extended for ten thousand miles, giving him an unbeatable presence. The natural stone bone on his forehead that was as smooth as jade enhanced his charm even more.

Li Qiye slowly looked at him with one eye and said: “You got something to say? Whether I show mercy or not is my business, not yours.”

“The Heavenly Dao Academy is a place for learning, not a place where evil rampages!” Zu Huangwu calmly and powerfully enunciated each word: “Today, you massacred several thousand cultivators — this is you wanting to stain the academy with blood! An evil like you should be eliminated. Even the academy cannot protect a barbarian like you, or they would be going against justice!”

Many people disagreed with Zu Huangwu’s rhetoric. Which cultivators’ hands were not stained with blood? This was a world where the weak were the prey for the strong, and this was the natural order of things. Killing happened every day in the Eastern Hundred Cities.

Everyone also knew about the long standing grievance between Li Qiye and the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom because Li Qiye killed Gui Fushu. As his martial senior, it was understandable that Zu Huangwu wanted revenge.

Li Qiye then smiled in response: “If I feel like killing someone, then I’ll kill them. What does it have to do with the academy? Let’s take a step back and assume that even if the academy chooses to protect me, then what? What does it have to do with you?”

Li Qiye’s words left many people secretly shaking their heads. These words were not wise because it was common knowledge that, right now, the academy was having a hard time taking care of itself, yet he was diverging even more attention to the academy. It was impossible for the academy to protect him at this moment. Maybe he would even be expelled.

“It sounds like you are very confident! Do you really think that because the academy is protecting you, you can do whatever you want and perpetrate violence?” At this time, a different speaker came along and continued on: “Allowing such a villain to commit atrocious deeds... The academy needs to give everyone an explanation!”

The speaker was none other than Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, who was shrouded in a mysterious, azure radiance. However, his deep eyes were quite terrifying; it was as if they were capable of stealing the souls of others.

Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan also stepped forward to descend into the battlefield, suddenly causing the atmosphere to become quite eerie. The spectators couldn’t help but to glance at those next to them.

Zu Huangwu represented the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, and the Heavenly Prince represented the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. These two were both one sect, two emperor lineages with unfathomable resources. How many people would actually dare to provoke Ancient Kingdoms with two emperors?

Especially when the two joined forces — this had a completely different implication. In the entire Mortal Emperor World, the alliance of two Ancient Kingdoms could shake everyone with fear. Such a monstrous alliance could sweep through this entire world.

“Yes, this evil cannot be left untouched. If we let him go, then he will absolutely cause harm to the Eastern Hundred Cities. When that time comes, how many innocent people would suffer? The academy will not allow such an evil wretch to exist!” At this time, a prince from an Eastern Hundred Cities country also shouted.

Disciples from the other powers also added: “The academy should destroy this person. They definitely cannot protect him! Please give everyone an explanation!”

Others in the crowd echoed this sentiment: “This is how it should be, the academy must immediately suppress such a murderer!”

Suddenly, many people were stirred up and demanded for the academy to take action. The more wily and experienced cultivators smelled something strange in the air while some devilish geniuses who knew the inside stories had quickened heartbeats. The wind suddenly changed; although it seemed that there was a demand to punish Li Qiye on the outside, it was actually pointed at the academy.

Those not privy to certain information, especially the humble Grand Era students, were incensed from the injustice.

One of them couldn’t help but say: “Only your grand sects and countries are allowed to kill people and others are not allowed to protect themselves?”

For these students, Li Qiye was the pride of the Grand Era Hall and themselves. Naturally, they wanted to see him soar higher and higher.

“What? Could it be that you are on the same side as this madman, Li Qiye? Committing murder everywhere, massacring the innocent — someone like this deserves to be hunted down by all. Could it be that you also want to become enemies with the rest of the world like Li Qiye? To be hated by the rest of the world?” To the side, a grand sect’s disciple glanced at this discontent student and coldly spoke.

This Grand Era disciple’s expression greatly changed with rage. This grand sect’s disciple blatantly threatened him! He was enraged to the point of shivering.

“Pfufff!” However, the moment this grand sect’s disciple finished his words, a huge palm descended down. After a scream, this disciple was killed without a chance to defend himself.

“Become enemies with the world?” Li Qiye was the killer. He glared and then sneered: “Who dares to oppose me? I shall annihilate them! Grand sects — so what? And what if the academy protects me? Your father is standing right here; those who are unconvinced can come right now. I will challenge the world to see if all of you are actually so extraordinary!”

These despotic words filled the sky, causing the blood of the listeners to boil. Many Grand Era students immediately applauded and shouted: “Brother Li, kill them all! Only the great powers are allowed to kill us? Hmph, where is the heaven’s justice in this? To them, their fists represent justice, so we have to play by the same rule!”

Many of them could endure no longer and their solidarity started to show: “Yes! Brother Li, use your fists to crush them! Bah, what is so innocent about them?”

“Little Brother, try your best, defeat the grand sects and Ancient Kingdoms!” Many girls started to scream cheers for Li Qiye, especially Chi Xiaodie’s group of sisters.

A Grand Era female student was even more bold and excitedly urged: “Little Brother Li, kill the great powers, then I will warm your bed tonight!”

“Hah, Brother Li, did you hear that? Defeat them and make us proud, we all support you! Even a sister wants to warm your bed tonight!” In just a short period of time, all the Grand Era students were shouting and clamoring.

The situation suddenly became chaotic. A few predecessors were quite smart and didn’t want to become involved in this. The young cultivators suddenly became divided into two camps; the students from the great powers were on one side while the more average disciples banded together, setting a new precedence to support Li Qiye.

“Hmph!” At this time, Zu Huangwu and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan both snorted.

“So? Not convinced?” Li Qiye glanced at them and said without a care in the world.

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