Chapter 3209: Sweeping Through Uncrossable Expanse

The spectating progenitors have seen plenty of things in their life. Some of them have done their fair share of massacres.

Alas, they were still shaken all the same by this brutal feat.

Remember, not a single one of these monsters was weak. They dominated their own region without a problem.

Just two moves from him were enough to kill countless beasts. The worst part was how effortless it was. They didn’t even have the chance to scream, let alone fight back.

Not even a member of the Decemvirate could kill this legion in the blink of an eye.

“Boom! Crack!” Li Qiye stomped down on the continental turtle.

“Ahh!” It screamed and struggled, crushing numerous seamounts. Unfortunately, it couldn’t get out from beneath his foot.

“Ahh!” Eventually, the shell broke and blood gushed out like a flood.

Remember, this turtle was one of the nine great monsters. Its physical toughness was insane, capable of withstanding ancestral weapons.

As for its shell? It could be the toughest continent in existence, virtually impossible to break.

Nonetheless, its body was cracking inch by inch from the force exerted by Li Qiye’s stomp.

“Splash!” The remaining flesh and blood splattered away like a torrent of mud and stones. The turtle was as dead as could be.

Meanwhile, he reached for the neck of the gigantic dragon. It tried to spew out its vilest toxic flame but couldn’t. Its claws and tail struggled and tore space apart yet still failed to hurt him.

As he slowly closed his fingers, its neck started to break. It couldn’t even scream.

Its body disintegrated from the force with blood gushing down like a waterfall. Eventually, he added more force and made the entire thing explode. Nothing was left of this dragon, another of the nine great beasts.

At the same time, the ferocious whale opened its jaw, waiting to rip his other leg off. He suddenly grew as large as can be, nearly causing the bottom of the ocean to cave downward.

“Boom!” His foot became large enough to jam the whale’s mouth. Its dreadful teeth were as sharp as swords but all were broken now.

The sides of its mouth were torn off and he didn’t stop there, seemingly wanting to crush the entire whale. It roared furiously in pain but could only get out muffled groans.

Eventually, he crushed its stomach and its inner organs spilled out in a disgustingly nauseating manner.

“Crack!” He pulled back his foot then decided to tear the fish into two halves.

Its corpse floated on the ocean like two large continents. Another of the nine has fallen.

The last one suffered the most. It tried to deliver a fatal blow but couldn’t even get close to him.

“Pop! Crack!” First came a pop, then the sounds of bone breaking.

Li Qiye pierced through its body with his finger, instantly destroying all of its bones.

This massive monster exploded into a bloody mist afterward. It never even got close enough to him to do anything.

This part of the ocean became awfully quiet. The seawater seemed to have been replaced with blood. This stench might last for a thousand years.

The spectators shuddered while looking at this hellish scene.

Four great monsters and their legion were decimated without a single survivor.

This domineering massacre couldn’t be done by just anyone. Plus, someone with this power wouldn’t have done it in such a brutal manner.

The progenitors could see that Li Qiye wasn’t as harmless as his appearance would indicate. He would kill anyone who stands in his way without showing any mercy.

“The dark lord got a tough foe this time.” One progenitor said.

The hidden dark lord has been making everyone anxious. However, this fierce newcomer seemed determined to kill. No one would question his murderous intent by this point, that he would stay true to his words about killing the dark lord.

“How boring, not even a chance to train.” Li Qiye patted his hands and shook his head.

This made the progenitors smile wryly. That legion earlier couldn’t withstand a few moves from him. It obviously wasn’t a good training session.

It seemed that not even a member of the Decemvirate would be a decent sparring partner for him.

He has been training long enough to perfect his supreme grand dao. Moreover, he had enough power to start a new epoch now.

The only ones at the expanse capable of truly fighting him were the hidden dark lord and the three immortals.

Some brilliant progenitors have met the three immortals before. For example, Zither Empress.

These three beings used to be around a long time ago but eventually stopped showing up for some reason. Thus, Zither Empress, Bao Pu, and Fire Ancestor became their messengers.

Eventually, they stopped sending information, seemingly evaporating from thin air.

“Total domination.” One progenitor commented: “Finally someone who can control the expanse after so many years, this is good.”

The three immortals used to be in charge before but they weren’t as ruthless as Li Qiye.

Later on, the dark existences also terrorized the expanse but lacked total control. They preferred to work in the shadows.

Now, Li Qiye’s style was as direct as can be - killing everyone in his way with wanton regards. Even the strongest foes would still fall before him.

“I hope it will come out soon so peace can return.” Another became hopeful.

They wanted the battle between Li Qiye and the dark existence to happen as soon as possible. The threat from the latter was just too great.

Even Fire Ancestor fell to its whispers, they didn’t know whether their dao heart would be firm enough to withstand the same experience.

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