Chapter 3208: Killing Millions

The conversation lasted for a long time pertaining to the expanse, the dark existences, and the previous battles.

Of course, the four progenitors were worried about the hidden existence the most, hoping that Li Qiye could kill it.

“The dark being will absolutely return and once it does, it’ll be fully prepared. All of the expanse will be at risk of falling to the darkness, no one will be able to escape. We can’t just worry about ourselves.” Wang Yangming concluded.

The four were rightfully worried because they didn’t want to lose their second home. Alas, this dark existence was too good at hiding. 

Of course, Li Qiye only smiled. He had his own plans and didn’t need to rush.

Li Qiye didn’t linger for long. He decided to leave after getting the information required.

“I pray for your triumphant return, you will definitely be able to kill that dark existence, Sir.” The group expressed good wishes to him.

“Yes, no rush though. I can kill it whenever. I have other businesses to take care of right now.” Li Qiye smiled then said goodbye to the four.

He crossed through the expanse for more dao enlightenment in order to perfect his laws. As he said, he wasn’t in a rush to find and kill the dark existence.

In his opinion, as long as it was still around in the expanse, he would have the chance to kill it eventually. It was only a matter of time once it showed up.

A long period passed afterward as he traversed the land. He pushed his supreme grand dao to the apex while polishing his laws for the new epoch.

Both were essential in order to create an epoch. All the other dao and cultivation methods would be derived from these two things.

Strangely enough, he didn’t go looking for trouble. Trouble came to him this time.

Ferocious monsters including beasts and poisonous insects gathered into numerous groups. They assembled into a massive legion.

One could hear horns blaring everywhere in the expanse as more creatures joined this great legion.

Tsunami could be seen everywhere in the expanse. From the bottom of the ocean, a colossal devil turtle the size of a continent started crawling. A skeletal whale could be seen as well. In the sky was another gigantic three-headed dragon pulsing with draconic aura…

All in all, the sky was blotted out by this legion heading for Li Qiye.

This mighty mobilization naturally alarmed many existences in the expanse, including the progenitors.

“The four great monsters are teaming up and recruiting the other monsters in their territories.” One progenitor immediately recognized their leaders.

“They want revenge against Sir Li Qiye.” Everyone understood their intention after seeing their path.

The nine great monsters used to reign over nine separate regions. They were dangerous and intelligent with plenty of followers. Ordinary progenitors wouldn’t dare to provoke them.

Recently, Li Qiye had shown no mercy and massacred everything in his path. Five of the great monsters and their nests have been taken down by him along with millions of beasts.

The remaining four immediately felt that they needed to do something about this threat. They realized that Li Qiye didn’t just randomly kill some of them. He intended on killing all nine. Thus, this beastly crusade against him was necessary. 

Many monsters have been afraid and running away from him, choosing to hide. Now, this alliance gave them hope in killing him.

“Blood will stain the ocean again.” One progenitor commented.

The waves of beasts were a magnificent scene. Since so many of them have gathered, Li Qiye’s area seemed tiny in comparison. Just their stampede alone could destroy everything.

“Junior, today’s your last!” The devil turtle roared. It was one of the remaining four great monsters.

“Rumble!” They issued the order to attack. The rest of the expanse quaked from the onslaught.

“How futile.” Another progenitor spectated and shook his head. 

Most people were watching with their heavenly gaze by now. This progenitor was right.

This alliance was going to their death. These four monsters might have killed progenitors before but they stood zero chance against Li Qiye.

“Boom!” A punch of annihilation was the answer. The destructive shockwaves broke through everything like dried branches.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The punch nearly flipped over this part of the ocean. The calm water turned into the most violent tsunami. One could see the bottom now.

There was no scream or howl. Nearly all the monsters who lunged at him turned into blood and painted the tsunami red.

These monsters couldn’t resist at all and were annihilated by the energy of the punch. They didn’t even see his hand movement.

The strongest ones leaped for the sky, wanting to escape. Alas, he slapped his palms together and unleashed a thunderous sound edge. Even those at the deepest crevice of the sky vault were instantly decapitated.

Blood rained down in this area along with deafening blasts as huge corpses slammed onto the water that has fallen back down.

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