Chapter 3207: Stealthiest

Their friend, a member of the Decemvirate, still faltered to the darkness. This was too much of a blow for the group to take.

That’s why they disliked talking about it and carefully chose their words when the conversation was necessary.

“Everyone has a different perspective and choice, then there’s the issue of the dao heart.” Li Qiye wasn’t interested in this story.

“Not just one, right? There were more than one dark beings back then.” Li Qiye smiled, getting straight to the point.

The group exchanged glances. Wang Yangming nodded and said: “Yes, we don’t know how many there were but only one should be left though. We joined relatively late and didn’t know all the details. Outside of Zither Empress and Fire Ancestor’s group, Nine Secrets and Bao Pu should know more.”

“Right, the war had been raging for a while once we got to the expanse. Maybe even before Bao Pu’s time.” The alchemist added.

“From what we know, the dark existences have been here for a long time. In the beginning, the three immortals were in charge then Bao Pu, Fire Ancestor, Dragon Ancestor, and Zither Empress joined later. For some unknown reason later, the three immortals disappeared as far as we know, so the empress’ group took over. She’s the one who recruited us.” Yangming mused and said.

“In fact, this war wasn’t always active, there were pauses and such.” Pure Yang joined in: “But the period after our involvement was definitely the conclusion. It ended not long after our retreat.” 

“Interesting.” Li Qiye rubbed his chin with amusement. He knew more than them about certain things but was still interested in a few details.

“There should be two dark existences during our time there. One of them had a plan and gathered many monsters. Some from Three Immortals also joined him.” Pure Yang said.

“Very few did so during this period. Later on, I heard the three immortals got involved so the dark existence lost and fled. Zither Empress and the others pressed on and tried to find it.” Wang Yangming said.

“There’s still one more.” Li Qiye knew everything about this defeated existence.

“The other one hid so well. We’ve never seen it in action and only killed its henchmen on the battlefield.” Yangming said.

“Not to mention us, I think very few people have actually met it.” The alchemist shook his head: “I’ve talked to Zither Empress but she herself has never seen it.” 

“Fire Ancestor saw it at least.” Resting Bull added: “I’m sure of it. That’s why the expanse felt the wrath of the forefather. It must have been something more than just Fire Ancestor succumbing to the darkness.” 

“Fire Ancestor did.” Li Qiye confirmed with a nod.

“All in all, this existence is hiding so well. I believe the three immortals are looking for it too. Some believe that it has never shown up ever since it got here. Maybe only that one rock at the abyss saw it, no one else.” Pure Yang sighed.

He was referring to the black rock suppressed on the expedition ship.

All eyes were on Li Qiye now because he was the one who destroyed the abyss and the darkness there.

“I haven’t been to the abyss since the darkness and don’t know what this being did there.” The alchemist said.

“A dao portal, but its plan failed probably to the three immortals. However, it still left in time.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Yes, there’s no way it dares to show up when the three immortals are after it. I think even Fire Ancestor and the others don’t know where it is in the expanse.” Resting Bull said.

“This being is far scarier than the one that lost. It has just been hiding and poisoning people. Many monsters and even progenitors joined the darkness as a result.” Yangming paused for a bit. His expression became dejected: “In the final battle, to tell you the truth, we simply fought our own people. The thing never showed up at all and didn’t lose anything.”

The other three sighed after hearing this. They were actually present during this period of the war. It was a terrible feeling to fight those who used to be their brothers.

“I’m sure it has an even more sinister plan. We just don’t know about it.” Yangming went on.

“Indeed, it is afraid of being found since three immortals will not let this go.” Li Qiye smiled.

“That’s why it didn’t show up to answer your public challenge. It won’t care for face and reputation, only obtaining the end result through any means necessary.” Pure Yang said.

Everyone knew that this existence certainly heard the challenge. It just chose to ignore it.

“It’s understandable. If it were to show up, the three immortals and your group won’t be trying to fight it one-on-one.” Li Qiye laughed.

The group chuckled in response. This was indeed the case. Their alliance would do anything necessary in order to kill this dark existence. This applied to the three immortals as well.

“There won’t be peace when it is still around. A calamity will come one day because of its nefarious plan. The three immortals are worrying about this.” Yangming said.

“It is very composed and patient, virtues of a successful man.” Li Qiye said: “In the case of success, everything will be over. The three immortals won’t be able to defend your world.”

The four progenitors’ expression soured. Though they didn’t want to return to Three Immortals, they still didn’t want it to be destroyed. Plus, the expanse probably wouldn’t fare much better by this point.

“No one can do anything if it keeps on hiding.” Resting Bull said.

“No rush, at least it knows about the new problem now, plus, it will come out eventually, just a matter of time.” Li Qiye revealed a grin.

The four progenitors were surprised to see Li Qiye’s confidence.

Countless methods across millions of years have failed to draw this dark existence out. They couldn’t think of what Li Qiye could do to be successful in this impossible endeavor.

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