Chapter 3206: Previous Battle

Alchemy Immortal lived alone on a peak. His young learners immediately came out to greet them and prepared firewood for boiling.

Next, he told them to invite several old friends. A while later, three progenitors arrived. Their presence caused visual phenomena above such as clouds and rains.

The inhabitants in this world naturally knew that their progenitors had gathered. They naturally became curious.

The progenitorial aura created golden springs and blooming lotuses, adding to this beautiful paradise.

“These three friends are staying with me in this land. It is thanks to their effort that this place is so prosperous now.” Alchemy Immortal introduced them to Li Qiye: “On the other hand, I rarely stay in one place and haven’t done much for it.”

“Brother, you’re being too humble. This wouldn’t be possible without your alchemy materials.” One of the three smiled and shook his head.

“This is Brother Yang Radiance, Brother Pure Yang, and Brother Resting Bull. We have lived here together for who knows how many years.” The alchemist became sentimental. [1]

These three progenitors were quite famous back in Myriad Lineage and have left behind their dao system.

Yang Radiance Progenitor’s title was the same as his name, Wang Yangming - the progenitor of Yang Radiance System. He used to be a student at Academy of Light before coming up with the Brightheart Scripture to become a progenitor.

Wang Yangming was a middle-aged man with a feather fan and a cloth cap, as scholarly as can be. The absence of his progenitorial aura would cause others to mistake him as a strategist or a teacher from a private school. [2]

Pure Yang Progenitor also wore a feathered robe with the visual phenomenon of a blazing sun behind him. He himself felt like a rising, radiant sun. His system had the same name.

Resting Bull Progenitor was a hybrid with a human body and a bull head. He could swallow the sun and moon just like a divine bull with a majestic aura. He had a muscular and tall frame, seemingly able to shoulder the entire sky.

His Resting Bull System faltered due to a lack of a successor. Its territory became ruins. Later on, Elucidation True Emperor found his scripture and restored the entire system.

After finishing their introduction, the alchemist introduced Li Qiye: “This gentleman is…”

“No need, we know who he is. Who in the expanse doesn’t know him right now?” Resting Bull interrupted him and smiled before bowing towards Li Qiye.

The other two also bowed and said: “Welcome, Sir. You are a dragon visiting our humble abode. It is an honor.”

The three of them were famous and have accomplished plenty of great deeds. Today, they assumed the role of juniors before Li Qiye.

He casually accepted their showing of respect.

The five of them sat down while the alchemist’s young learners prepared tea for them. Li Qiye played along and took his time enjoying his tea.

A while later, he placed the cup down and looked at the four: “I heard a few progenitors say that the four of you participated in the war back then.”

The four became frozen for a bit before exchanging glances.

“Surviving is quite impressive.” Li Qiye added.

Wang Yangming was the first to put down his cup and sighed before answering: “It was a very long time ago and it’s not really a secret or anything. Many friends in the expanse know about it.”

“We’re among the very few survivors.” Resting Bull added: “Or to put it frankly, we escaped earlier so everyone has their own opinions on it.”

“They have asked about it before and we clearly told them why.” Pure Yang revealed a natural smile.

Alas, there was a faint hint of disappointment, helplessness in their expression. They also wrung their wrist beneath the table.

“Zither Empress and her followers had a call to arms.” The alchemist softly said: “I was good at medicine so I told these three to join with me so that we can contribute to help the future of Three Immortals.”

“The four of us followed one Dao Brother to the battlefield. He is the strongest among us.” Resting Bull continued the story: “His cultivation is unfathomable on top of being wise and resourceful.”

“Certain things happened next, causing this Dao Brother to make certain choices. Wang Yangming said seriously: “This ended our part in the war.”

“He threw himself into the darkness.” Li Qiye smiled, speaking without hesitation unlike these four.

The four of them had an ugly expression and a forced smile, clearly confirming Li Qiye’s comment.

“Yes. We don’t know what caused him to do so but this choice happened too suddenly. He was an amazing person, whether it be his cultivation or his contribution. Both are virtually peerless. He had done a lot for Three Immortals.” Yangming took a deep breath.

“I know.” Li Qiye knew exactly who they were talking about: “A member of the Decemvirate is indeed powerful with plenty of accomplishments. Their aspirations and heart are exceptional as well.”

The four of them had a bitter smile. They refrained from saying anything malicious about this person. One could easily see their respect for him in the past.

“The war was tough, we toughed it out through the troubles with true sincerity.” Resting Bull sighed while recalling the past, feeling terrible as a result.

“I still don’t know why he made that choice. Didn’t Zither Empress manage to persevere?” He mumbled.

The four clearly loved their dao brother since they have been through life-or-death scenarios together.

“Though we didn’t know why he did it, our goals became different so we stopped following him. He didn’t make it difficult for us either, no attempt at recruiting us. We eventually went our separate ways, a break up on bad terms.” Wang Yangming said with regrets.

“This is the reason why we left the war early and why some misunderstood us.” The alchemist said.

“We stopped going outside and talking to the others.” Pure Yang smiled.

They left the war in dejection and stayed in this dimension with the exception of the alchemist who continued to search for materials. They no longer socialized with the other progenitors.

Their dao heart was certainly firm but even a member of the Decemvirate had fallen. This made them more cautious, wanting to be reclusive and maintaining a certain distance with the outside world. This was one way to protect their home.

“Fortunately, the war eventually ended. It might not be a good end but it still ended all the same. The goal wasn’t met but the darkness was contained, no longer ravaging the expanse. The dark ones have disappeared for a long time now.” Yangming said.

Those who participated in this war didn’t wish to talk about it more than they have to.

1. I spent so much time looking up these names from 1,000 chapters ago. I should have saved them. Didn’t expect for these guys to be brought up again

2. Zhuge Liang wears this type of hat.

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