Chapter 3205: Golden Longevity Leech

Yes, this old man was Alchemy Immortal, the progenitor of Longevity Valley.

In Myriad Lineage, everyone knew that he didn’t partake in a regular style of cultivation, only in alchemy. This made his alchemy dao quite peerless.

Some even said that he could create pills that can grant immortality. Of course, this was only a legend.

Nonetheless, the pills made by him were highly coveted. If one were found, it would be sold at a sky-high price. Many would try to seize it no matter what.

Alchemy Immortal was quite famous among the progenitors in the expanse. He was only average in terms of actual cultivation, unable to compete with the brilliant ones. However, many respected him because he could craft pills that can prolong lifespan or cure injuries.

That’s why even the strongest progenitors would need to ask him for help eventually. For example, in the case of qi deviation or problems with cultivation. Thus, a few progenitors stronger than him would call him “Older Brother” to show respect.

Alas, he didn’t care for any of this for his heart was set on the dao of alchemy. He spent his time refining pills and searching for materials. His footsteps could be found all over the expanse. He knew more about the locations of alchemy materials than anyone at the expanse.

He has been guarding this particular material for 100,000 years. Today was a special day because it was near maturity. That’s why the beast earlier came for it.

He wasn’t a match for the beast but still didn’t want to give up after spending so much time and effort already. Fortunately, Li Qiye came and saved him.

“There’s no alchemy when you’re dead.” Li Qiye shook his head.

The old man naturally understood this but he was too caught up with the dao of alchemy. Whenever he found a good ingredient, roots seemed to grow at the bottom of his feet and he couldn’t leave.

Suddenly, the shoal rock below him started cracking.

“It’s coming out!” His eyes lit up and he rubbed his palms with excitement.

The rock dispersed like sands into the waves. It became smaller and smaller until the water covered it completely.

“Starry-night Coral, only found in the Night Ocean. Eight million years just to have one, then another million years till death.” Li Qiye watched and said.

“Your knowledge puts me to shame.” Alchemy Immortal said. Very few people knew this rock beneath him.

Li Qiye only smiled in response.

“Pop!” Golden light strands came out of the dispersing rock.

Eventually, the thing inside became exposed - a long shell golden from top to bottom with a spiral pattern that looked like the rotation of the heaven and earth.

A tiny jade-like tentacle came out of the shell with a sweet fragrance spreading afar.

It seemed to notice something dangerous and quickly pulled back into the shell before shooting out with lightning speed.

However, Alchemy Immortal was ready and grasped it with greater speed. The thing struggled but couldn’t escape.

“Golden Longevity Leech, finally got it after 100,000 years.” He laughed with happiness.

Normally, progenitors had a stable dao heart and wouldn’t feel emotions too easily. This wasn’t the case for Alchemy Immortal. Finding good materials truly gave him matchless excitement and joy.

This leech was quite rare. It loved alchemy materials, especially this type of coral.

The latter required many years to reach maturity thus finding a leech like this was extremely difficult. No wonder why the alchemist was so patient.

“An old folk prescription for longevity medicine, I’m not sure the result will be good.” Li Qiye knew what he was trying to do right away.

“You’re right, but I have eaten too many ingredients so they have lost their effectiveness. I have to try something different despite knowing the low probability.” The old man smiled wryly.

As the best pill-maker in the world, he naturally consumed more pills than anyone else. Thus, pills became less effective for him versus anyone else.

“A good swimmer is more likely to drown.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“I lacked moderation during my youth. My dao heart wasn’t firm enough to realize this logic. Now it’s too late. I have already abused too much.” The alchemist said.

During his youth, he could already refine incredible pills because of his talents. Others had no chance of eating pills of that level yet he ate them like rice.

Alas, this actually left negative side effects on top of causing him to be dependent on pills. As time went on, they became less effective and he needed higher grades of pills. He couldn’t defeat this addiction.

Li Qiye shook his head. He has seen this situation too many times before.

“Will you come visit my place for a bit?” The alchemist invited Li Qiye since it was rare to meet such a peerless existence.

“Sure.” Li Qiye had just finished training in a dangerous ground and didn’t have anything else to do.

“This way.” The happy alchemist led the way.

They crossed through many dimensions and made it to the alchemist’s place.

The alchemist wasn’t staying alone. His home was a sealed domain covered in fog and mist - a very powerful formation.

A progenitor would find it hard to enter without knowing the entry method. This particular domain was a glimmering ocean with plenty of large islands.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to call them continents due to their size.

This place was very lively with numerous cities and more than one million inhabitants. One would think that they were back in Three Immortals.

Divine peaks hid among the clouds. Cranes played in the sky while birds pulled carriages in this peaceful paradise.

This place was undoubtedly another minor dimension. The alchemist introduced: “Several friends and I built this place together. We had other companions with us who decided to stay here and start a home.”

Li Qiye wasn’t surprised to hear this.

Progenitors didn’t go alone to the expanse. They brought along their generals and strongest followers. Thus, these people eventually had offsprings. 

That’s why some progenitors didn’t return to Three Immortals since the expanse had become their new home. 

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