Chapter 3204: Challenge

The true immortal sat in the meditative pose, looking down on the nine heavens and ten earths.

All other masters were nothing more than ants before him. They could only stare with admiration and respect. The members of the Decemvirate wouldn’t dare to oppose him.

They didn’t know why they were afraid of his pulsing light.

Those who have met him before knew how frightening he was and his purpose. Those who haven’t? They still knew that he was a monster judging by his current appearance.

“Buzz.” The immortal light around him burst out.

Each strand of light was akin to a portal leading to an immortal world. One of them was enough to shoulder three thousand worlds.

They weren’t blinding like the explosion of a thousand suns. However, even those back in Three Immortals could see the bright strands.

Space and time no longer constrained them. People at the edge of the horizon or before him could see their strangely-comforting flashes.

People felt as if he was meditating right in front of them. He didn’t exude any pressure but everyone still became startled, feeling the urge to get on their knees.

The strands reached Three Immortals, causing its inhabitants to look up towards the expanse. They saw lights blossoming there in a beautiful fashion.

“They look just like immortal light, has a true immortal descended to the expanse?” One cultivator became shocked.

“Wait, Prime Progenitor, maybe?!” One expert took a deep breath and blurted.

“Prime Progenitor has become an immortal?!” This news took Three Immortals like a storm.

Everyone got on their knees and started bowing in that direction.

“His ascension is a blessing for our world!” Many even started crying.

Though they couldn’t watch this event in person, they were still shaken because this was the ultimate glory for Three Immortals.

As for the old tree demon, he quietly watched the whole thing. Only characters at his level could gaze this deep into the expanse.

Ultimately, all eyes were on Li Qiye due to his impossible-to-miss radiance. In other words, those hiding in redemption lands or deeper in the expanse or other secretive areas still spotted this light.

Therefore, the dark existence, wherever it was, had to notice this declaration of war as well.

A pair of eyes opened at the bottom of the expanse in an incalculable place that was impossible to find.

This person had shrouded all of their auras. Even if one was standing inches away from this being, they still wouldn’t be able to notice the eyes or its movement.

The eyes watched Li Qiye’s radiance without a single ripple of emotions. It seemed to be the calmest spectator in the world, a stark contrast to even the progenitors.

Li Qiye continued to meditate in that spot. The flow of time seemingly stopped.

A long period passed and the dark existence still didn’t show up to accept the challenge.

“Keep on hiding, I’ll find and kill you all the same.” Li Qiye finally got up and left this comment behind for the listeners everywhere.

“A fight is inevitable.” The top masters realized this after hearing Li Qiye’s determination.

“Maybe it’s time to sweep through the expanse and end this all.” One progenitor murmured.

These top masters realized the looming threat to the expanse and Three Immortals as long as the dark existence was around. Alas, they have tried to destroy it to no avail.

Li Qiye didn’t mind the refusal to fight. He marched onward across the expanse to traverse the dangerous lands and kill monsters as preparation.

Of course, he wasn’t preparing for this dark existence but rather the creation of his epoch. This was his ultimate goal here at Three Immortals and the expanse. No place was more suitable than the expanse to serve as a foundational block for his epoch.

The next area he entered was one of eternal night. Daylight didn’t have a place here.

“Boom!” A beast crushed the sky and made the stars fall down.

It clearly had a power similar to a progenitor. Of course, this wasn’t rare at all. Many gigantic monsters here were so powerful that progenitors didn’t want to provoke them.

This beast’s target was an old man who was using treasures and the myriad dao to stop its onslaught.

He had gray hair but still a young, friendly face - almost like the god of longevity in the paintings. A mystical dao order engulfed him.

He stood on top of a shoal rock, completely immovable. Meanwhile, the beast launched a relentless assault.

Due to his old age, he needed to use pills in order to replenish his vitality and energy. This still wasn’t enough to deal with the ferocious beast.

Alas, the old man clearly wanted to protect the shoal rock. The two were clearly contesting it. This piece of shoal rock didn’t look that special - gray and could be found anywhere else.

“Scram.” Li Qiye arrived and waved his hand, releasing a peerless grand dao power.

The beast got blown into the ocean, causing a massive splash. It knew that Li Qiye was terrible and let out a soft cry before running for its life.

“I appreciate your saving me, Sir.” The old man bowed towards Li Qiye despite being a progenitor.

However, by this point, everyone knew Li Qiye now in the expanse - the man who challenged the dark lord!

“Get up.” Li Qiye said: “You should change your title from Alchemy Immortal to Alchemy Idiot, about to throw your life away for this item. You would have been in that beast’s stomach eventually.” 

“I’ve been watching this thing for 100,000 years by this point. It’s hard to let it go.” The old man turned red with an awkward smile.

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