Chapter 3202: Legendary Fairy

Existences would have a terrible time trying to survive since progenitors themselves wouldn’t last long.

Li Qiye crossed through the coldness to reach the depth of this place where the source was located.

The awe-inspiring sight included a heavenly stream flowing in the sky like a river. The coldness emanating from it froze space itself.

Strangely enough, the water itself wasn’t frozen. There was a girl laying there, gorgeous enough to be called a fairy.

The brush failed to describe her beauty. Many would start thinking - how can such a beautiful girl exist? She didn’t belong to this world. Someone like her could only be found above the firmaments. 

Anyone would be mesmerized by her perfect features, just not Li Qiye.

He focused on the water itself. Though it wasn’t frozen, one could see tiny ice crystals floating in the stream. 

This meant that the coldness wasn’t coming from the water but rather, the girl in there. He only glanced at the girl for a split second before looking away.

This was enough for him to notice a red string tied around her waist and draping downward. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be blood.

He followed the stream of blood and found that it was connected to another person sitting at the bottom of the water - completely frozen just like a statue.

His face was still visible - peerlessly heroic and handsome. Time had left its mark on his face but from his features, he was certainly extremely good-looking during his youth. Nonetheless, it gave him a mature appearance - a different style of charm.

Li Qiye also didn’t focus on the middle-aged man; his eyes turned back towards the blood.

Now, he found that it was actually flowing backward, not from top to bottom but the opposite. In other words, the man was sending his blood into the fairy’s, providing nourishment.

Li Qiye walked closer for a better look but suddenly, the layer of ice around the man cracked and exploded.

“Who are you?” A glint in the middle-aged man’s eyes could pierce through time itself.

“Just a passerby.” Li Qiye smiled while rubbing his chin.

The man heaved a sigh of relief since no animosity could be found on Li Qiye. He cupped his fist for an introduction: “My name is Xuan Xiao, may I have yours?”

This name could definitely shock any listener, especially those from Myriad Lineage.

Xuan Xiao had crossed through more than one hundred levels back in Bewildering Palace. He eventually found a coffin with a fairy inside. They then ascended to Immortal Lineage.

Some believed that he was too lucky to make it that far. Others believed that this was due to his peerless abilities.

All in all, everyone agreed that the two ascended to Immortal Lineage. Therefore, Xuan Xiao became a symbol of good luck.

Who else was as lucky as him in history? Able to find a fairy and enter Immortal Lineage so easily. He was truly the heaven’s favorite.

Afterward, plenty of other legends popped up. One stated that the two have gotten married. Another said that the fairy abandoned him to return to her immortal world. Xuan Xiao couldn’t forget her and entered the expanse searching…

Some believed that he was a True Emperor, others said progenitor.

Today, Li Qiye had met these two legendary characters. 

“I know who you are.” Li Qiye smiled and looked up at the fairy.

“She is my wife. Why are you here, Sir?” Xuan Xiao asked while becoming cautious.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here for her. She is indeed valuable and highly coveted but for me, it doesn’t matter whether I have her or not. Plus, I won’t take someone else’s wife.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“I appreciate your kindness.” Xuan Xiao lowered his head towards Li Qiye.

“Just know that the dead can’t come back to life.” Li Qiye said while looking at the blood flowing out of the man.

“I know, but I still want to try no matter what… I must.” Xuan Xiao understood.

“Rebirth and reincarnation are taboo.” Li Qiye glanced at the fairy and shook his head.

“Sir, you know that cultivation is about defying heaven.” Xuan Xiao said seriously: “We have done plenty of that in our life, why worry about one more?”

“She’s as dead as can be, no imprintation or traces left. Your wife has a special background but I’m sure you know this. The high heaven won’t allow it. The world itself won’t allow it. Nothing will.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I know, but I will still do everything I can regardless of the consequences. This place is the expanse and Three Immortals, I don’t care if the high heaven and the world won’t allow it. It’s fine as long as she can live on.” Xuan Xiao said with determination.

“Very well.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly and continued: “She is extreme yin while you’re extreme yang and extreme force, this physique is as rare as can be. I do agree that your yang true blood gestating her yin blood might give her a chance to survive again.”

“However, the odds are…” Li Qiye sighed without finishing.

“I know that it is awfully low, one in a billion.” Xuan Xiao paused for a bit before speaking: “This is akin to creating a new life, not a domain we should interfere with.” 

“Yes, even the heaven is careful when it comes to granting life.” Li Qiye said seriously.

“Nonetheless, I still keep on trying. A million or a billion years later, or until my last breath, I won’t stop when there is still a chance to revive her.” Xuan Xiao said while looking at his wife with nothing but love in his eyes.

“Can’t ask for more love than this.” Li Qiye commented.

A while later, he spoke with an earnest tone: “Let’s say that she will really come back to life despite the minuscule possibility. That possibility might not be what you want since it is taboo. It will be a terrible beginning, the start of a nightmare.”

“I’m aware of what you’re implying, Sir. I know the possibilities and have thought about the possible solutions. Alas, I’m willing to face the consequences.” Xuan Xiao pondered for a long time before declaring. 

“What if she wakes up and becomes the thing you don’t want to see the most?” Li Qiye brought up something quite serious. He seemed to genuinely care about these two.

Xuan Xiao was staring at his wife. He slightly shuddered after hearing this but Li Qiye still caught it.

He clenched his fists, clearly having an internal conflict.

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