Chapter 3201: Rules Of The World

His expression clearly showed pride when talking about this minor dimension.

It didn’t inherit his merit laws or his overbearing attitude; he didn’t put much effort into it either versus his system back in Three Immortals.

He focused everything he had into building that system. Now, he did interfere but this amounted to a pitiful amount of work.

In this dimension’s history, he often served as a spectator and would only interfere in order to fix a few problems.

This indirect style of his actually worked for the benefits of the minor dimension. He was prouder of this community than his own system. The latter was pretty much forgotten by this point.

“Do not worry about scarcity, but rather about uneven distribution.” Regalia reflected. [1]

For most people, ultimate power and abilities weren’t their pursuits. They only wished to have a home and ample food and clothing.

On the outside, the tiny number of capable cultivators were the ones changing their world for the worse, bringing chaos and war.

“It’s always been like that.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Why are you here, Sir?” Regalia asked Li Qiye after revealing his own story.

Li Qiye was the second guest to this minor dimension, hence his curiosity.

“Was just passing by and found this place by chance so I went in to take a look. The orders and peace here interested me so I stayed for a bit then came here to see the person behind it all.” Li Qiye chuckled.

Regalia didn’t find this surprising. He wouldn’t have been able to hide because Li Qiye had numerous ways to find him, given the guy’s abilities.

“You wish to change the rules of the world?” Regalia became serious.

His conjecture was understandable. In his eyes, Li Qiye was unbeatable and could change the order of Three Immortals.

“No, I’m just a passerby, Three Immortals has its own orders and watchers, I don’t need to change anything.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Plus, you have done a good job in this place but replicating it back there might not be suitable.”

“Please elaborate.” Regalia asked.

“Too weak. This place is great if there are no threats of foreign invaders. It is fine for a minor world but for Three Immortals or bigger places? They need capable existences or they’ll be wiped out in one blow.” Li Qiye answered.

“You’re right.” Regalia agreed with this point: “I don’t have any more ambition in life. I only wish to stay here and hope that the natives can live their peaceful lives.”

“It’s possible. This place is blessed by the high heaven, the same as Three Immortals and the expanse. It’s incredible that they have been around for so long.” Li Qiye said.

“Three Immortals is large but the expanse is even vaster. Both places are full of treachery and danger. That’s why I like this minor dimension and wouldn’t mind spending my last days here.” Regalia replied.

Each progenitor had a different pursuit. It’s just that the majority preferred a dangerous place like the expanse. Regalia who lacked ambition was a rarity.

The two of them talked for a bit. Regalia revealed everything while Li Qiye helped him with questions.

Regalia truly benefited because Li Qiye explained the hidden mysteries regarding Three Immortals. Most importantly, Li Qiye also helped him with cultivation, allowing him to see the sun behind the clouds.

He has been stagnating after staying in the dimension for so long. Moreover, without stronger combatants, his cultivation didn’t improve in the slightest. That’s why Li Qiye’s guidance was so helpful and enlightening.

They eventually finished speaking and Li Qiye had no other reasons to stay.

As he was about to leave, he gave Regalia several top-ranked spirit medicines and grass, extremely effective in healing the guy’s old wounds.

“Thank you, Sir, your kindness has moved me to tears.” Regalia got on his knees to show his gratitude. Li Qiye had granted him a lifetime of benefits.

Li Qiye accepted the grand gesture then left the minor dimension.

After leaving the entrance, he banished the coordinates once more so that the dimension would be even harder to find.

He continued traveling and training while meeting all types of people.

He saw peerless progenitors and their descendants, the emperors and Eternals who followed them to this place as well.

He crossed through numerous realms, too many to count. Alas, this was still only one corner of the expanse.

Some of the cultivators he met were quite famous back in Three Immortals. Many of them have greatly improved, going from the imperial progenitorial level to the immortal level. Some True Emperors actually made it to the immortal level as well.

Of course, a few also stagnated or became less powerful. The bold ones destroyed their previous path in order to start from scratch for an entirely new route.

Everyone sought for something different in this vast and dangerous place. Someone like Emperor Zheng had obtained it all and wanted nothing else. Martial Ancestor continued to search for a unique path. Regalia only wished to live in peace…

Back in Three Immortals, the progenitorial realm was considered the apex.

This wasn’t the case at the expanse. This realm was only the beginning. After obtaining this power, these progenitors could make different choices.

Romances and friendships weren’t lacking either. In fact, they were potentially more brilliant and beautiful given the dangerous circumstances.

Li Qiye entered a remote sea with a chaotic space. He jumped in and found an extremely cold domain.

Everything was covered in a layer of ice. The ocean itself was frozen. One could see a sky-high tsunami in an ice form. Dragons from the water became ice sculptures along with other divine birds… All in all, these spectacles were magnificent.

The cold bit deep into the bones. This level of coldness was rarely found in the outside world. In fact, even progenitors would have a hard time dealing with it.

Li Qiye himself was slightly caught off guard. The coldness here didn’t come from nature but rather created.

In other words, someone or something was the source of this terrible coldness lasting for eras.

1. This is a phrase from the Analects.

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