Chapter 320: Watching The Enemy’s Destruction With A Smile

Chapter 320: Watching The Enemy’s Destruction With A Smile

Li Qiye easily overcame the joint effort of Hu Yue and Ba Xia, earning the Grand Era Hall a great deal of honor. So many of its students were very elated, and they certainly did not wish to see Li Qiye die here.

“Young Noble Li is already so formidable, so please show kindness and spare your opponents!” At this point, many girls were encouraging Li Qiye, trying to get him to step down without losing face. Many of them were sisters of Chi Xiaodie while the others had a humble background. These girls thought of Li Qiye as one of their own.

“A wise man should know what to choose.” The Tiger King deepened his tone: “If you let them go, then we can forget about today!”

Meanwhile, Ba Xia and Hu Yue were quite behaved; their necks were still being gripped by Li Qiye. These two were the heaven’s proud sons — always arrogant and boastful. Today, due to suffering a crushing defeat from Li Qiye, resulting in their necks being gripped by the victor, they were extremely ashamed.

After hearing the demands from the Tiger King and Mortal King, Li Qiye laughed and said: “I am a person who has this bad habit where my hand would shake if other people threatened me. And if my hand shakes, then it might accidentally kill someone.”

“Don’t you dare—” The Mortal King and the Tiger King were jolted and immediately exclaimed.

They were afraid of hurting Ba Xia and Hu Yue, whose fates were in Li Qiye’s hands. They couldn’t attack, but they also couldn’t just sit still and do nothing.

Li Qiye leisurely watched the two and said with a smile: “In the nine heavens and ten earths, there are not many things I don’t dare to do.”

“If you dare to kill my son, there will be no asylum for you even at the edges of this world! Our Saint Country swears that we will never let this go until we extinguish your nine clans!”

“Extinguish my nine clans?” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he said: “I’m so scared, I guess I’ll just have to wait for it.” Having said that, his Thousand Hands closed shut. In just the blink of an eye, it shattered the nine worlds and crushed the heaven and earth.

“No—” The Mortal King and the Tiger King uttered a cry, but it was all too late.

“Ahh—” Miserable screams bellowed forth. In front of everyone and the pressure of two Heavenly Sovereigns, Ba Xia and Hu Yue were crushed by Li Qiye into a bloody mist.

Suddenly, the heaven and earth became silent as everyone stood frozen in place. Even with the threat of two Heavenly Sovereigns, Li Qiye still killed Ba Xia and Hu Yue without a care.

Many people could not believe their eyes. Li Qiye dared to kill those two? From now on, Li Qiye would not be able to share the same sky with the Tiger’s Howl School and the Saint Country. There would only be an irreconcilable outcome for both sides where either the fish will die or the net will rip. [1. Dead fish or ripped net, meaning a fight to the death.]

Li Qiye had the option to get out unscathed, but now, he chose a suicidal path by killing those two. At this moment, no one could believe it.

After a while, the minds of the spectators returned to their bodies. An older character couldn’t help but murmur: “Too domineering.”

Any other genius here would not dare to do what Li Qiye did. This was akin to cutting off one’s own retreat and forcing himself to ruin. Other people would spare Hu Yue and Ba Xia since there was no point to truly enraging the Saint Country and the Tiger’s Howl School in this particular situation.

However, Li Qiye still chose to kill them. If he wasn’t a fool, then he had a matchless arrogance!

“Little animal, I will tear you apart!” The Furious Immortal Mortal King loudly screamed. A mournful cry rang throughout the heaven and earth; at this time, the Mortal King was like a furiously raging dragon.

Not even in his wildest dreams would he expect Li Qiye to actually kill Ba Xia! This was completely beyond his predictions since he didn’t think anyone would choose to walk down a path towards death under so much pressure.

“Boom!” The Mortal King exploded like a mad dragon as if he was possessed by a furious immortal. His hand pushed forward for an attack.

“Your grandmother, with me here, Heavenly Sovereigns are nothing!” Little Autumn crawled out of nowhere and started to curse.

Facing the furious Mortal King, Little Autumn opened the yellow muddy trunk on his back. “Clank” followed by a “Bang!”

The cannon that was made out of mud shot out a dark energy and the Mortal King that was pressing forward was suddenly struck by this attack.

Within the time of just one wink, a strange scene appeared. A black hole emerged and the Mortal King was shot; his limbs started to fall apart. The Mortal King stared at his own body in confusion as his head, arms, and legs were separated. However, he didn’t feel the sensation of his body splitting apart.

At this moment, the Mortal King was like a disassembled puppet as his body parts were separated from his body.

“Impossible, it tore a Heavenly Sovereign’s limbs apart in just one breath!” A person couldn’t help but scream after seeing this scene.

“This is not limb tearing.” A royal lord said in shock: “The Mortal King’s body is still together in one piece; this is not his limbs being torn apart, but rather, space itself was torn apart. This is space fragmentation, a technique found in the legends!”

“Xshoosh!” This space suddenly became distorted as the black hole collapsed.

“No!!!” The Mortal King suddenly felt pain, and only now did he realize the danger he was in. Earlier, it appeared that his limbs were separated by the cannon, but he was still able to feel them.

The moment the black hole collapsed, the Mortal King’s body was destroyed. He screamed and cried out. At this time, he finally understood, but it was already too late.

“Kill!” The Tiger King was both alarmed and angry as he screamed out a tiger-like roar. Then, he went straight towards Li Qiye, intending to finish him off right away.

“Old man, eat my cannon!” But before the Tiger King could reach Li Qiye, Little Autumn already fired another cannon shot.

Completely startled, the Tiger King shifted his body. At this second, he even burned his own Longevity Blood and used his fastest speed to displace his body in order to avoid the shot.

His decision was very sensible. Space was being fragmented by the cannon; if the Tiger King didn’t burn his Longevity Blood, then he would have been shot; he would have ended the same way as the Furious Immortal Mortal King.

“Bang— bang— bang— bang!” Little Autumn continuously fired rounds at him so the Tiger King could only keep on running to escape the bombardment. He simply didn’t dare to try and withstand the continuous barrage.

Many people looked at this scene in a daze. A fat worm with a mud cannon on his back had such power, what kind of strange thing was this?

“Go!” At this point, the Royal Nobles and Ancient Saints from the school and Saint Country crazily cried out and went to kill Li Qiye in a craze.

“Wait, wait, there is still me!” Sikong Toutian emerged and uttered a long cry. No one saw what Sikong Toutian did, but he unleashed so many treasures like a goddess scattering beautiful flowers.

Flying Bell, Underworld Umbrella, Cloud-shattering Sword, Inflammation Cauldron, and many other terrifying items… The emergence of these treasures collapsed the sky and cracked the earth as if it wanted to destroy this land!

The Lion’s Roar Royal Lord couldn’t help but become startled; he quickly exclaimed after a brief moment: “We should help them now.”

Chi Xiaodie stopped her father and gently nodded her head to say: “No need to steal Sikong Toutian’s moment. Like he said earlier, this is his time to contribute. Otherwise, Young Noble would have already taken action.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Sikong Toutian personally fought against thousands by himself and unleashed countless treasures as if he had an endless supply of them.

All were bedazzled by the spectacle for they had never seen someone with so many treasures like this. Sikong Toutian continued to throw out more than dozens of treasures as if they were just trash.

There were a lot of geniuses present; some were from the grand sects and powerful countries, and a few were from the Emperor lineages, but no one here was as luxurious as Sikong Toutian, who was capable of throwing out so many treasures. This was a case of beating people to death with treasures; he had enough to slay one person with one treasure!

Seeing so many treasures surrounding Sikong Toutian, Chi Xiaodao angrily exclaimed: “Motherf*cker, this thief has such a scary fortune, yet he still tricked me for my little bit of medicines. Is there no justice in this world? How is this different from a tycoon stealing a beggar’s cold grub!?”

Meanwhile, Li Qiye stood there, watching Sikong Toutian as he fought against the crowd.

“Use your finishing move already, how long do you want to fight for?” Li Qiye eventually slowly spoke.

“Oh grandma, I can’t hold on much longer!” Against the continuous attack of several thousand Royal Nobles and Ancient Saints, despite his numerous treasures, he was just one person. Eventually, he shouted: “I’m about to do it!”

“Boom!” A loud bang exploded. Sikong Toutian took out several puppets and spewed blood on their bodies. The moment these puppets landed, they turned into generals.

“Kill!” These puppets were as powerful as Sikong Toutian. They accepted treasures from Toutian’s hands and rushed out to kill the several thousand troops before them.

“This is… a bit too much. Are there seventy-two of them? He created seventy-two copies of himself in one go?” Chi Xiaodao watched Sikong Toutian take out these puppets and became astonished. It was as if each of these puppets was the embodiment of Sikong Toutian.

“This boss’ killing move is also coming!” The mud cannon opened a giant black hole, and then Little Autumn screamed: “Taste my invincible Grand Zero Dimension Banishment!”

“Boom!” The cannon shot out and dimensional black holes appeared in the sky. The Tiger King that was initially evading was now locked up by these black holes.

“Nooo—” When all of the black holes came together, the Tiger King could escape no longer and was suddenly devoured. Before dying, he miserably screamed one last time.

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