Chapter 3199: Minor Dimension

The hurricanes and insane lightning bolts ravaged the area, wanting to return it back to the origin.

A progenitor could die here by not exercising enough caution. However, Li Qiye didn’t stop at all and let the lightning bolts and hurricanes hit him. Not even a single strand of hair was damaged.

He sauntered through the region and saw space rippling - something akin to the opening of a portal. Alas, these ripples have been sealed and intentionally shrouded by someone.

Li Qiye stretched his palm forward and performed a spatial dao. The deepest hidden dimensions couldn’t escape from his calculation.

He eventually locked onto a particular set of coordinates among numerous dimensions and pulled it out.

“Buzz.” A starry door appeared before him. Its blinding radiance made it seem like an entire galaxy was engraved on the surface.

He instantly knew what it was right away after looking at it:  “A minor dimension? Finally get to see one today then. I wonder who hid the entrance.”

He met many progenitors in the expanse and they have told him about it. The expanse contained numerous minor dimensions hidden throughout.

It certainly wasn’t easy to find them. The progenitors who were lucky enough to see them would stay there for a long time. Some successfully transformed them into their dao system - a new home.

That’s another reason why many progenitors never returned to Three Immortals. They have taken roots in the expanse. Henceforth, Three Immortals didn’t matter as much.

Li Qiye actually only came here by chance after killing his way through the big monster’s territory. He didn’t expect to find a minor dimension.

“Pop!’ He stepped inside without any hesitation.

It didn’t matter who was inside - a progenitor or a monster. He could travel freely anywhere given his current power.

Billowing spirit energy greeted him. Standing inside this dimension made him think that it was quite peaceful and not that different from a system back in Three Immortals.

The sun and moon were present along with other celestial bodies. This place was very habitable.

The spirit energy here had distinct differences compared to its counterpart back in Three Immortals. Nonetheless, it had a recovery property; wounds of the flesh would heal faster for those bathing in it.

The inhabitants would find this energy impressive. However, Li Qiye didn’t find it special. He could swallow all of this energy in one gulp.

Of course, he wouldn’t do so. He wasn’t greedy plus the amount was insignificant in the first place.

He found the natives living there for many generations now and didn’t bother them. He acted as one while walking through the minor dimension.

He quickly found that the mortals here lived in the same manner. One main difference was that their lives were more simple, almost like farmers. They didn’t have the same wiliness found in the cities.

They would work at sunrise and rest at sunset. None was particularly rich but they still had enough to eat.

This simplicity lessened competition and war, resulting in peace. These natives could cultivate but they only had access to basic incantations.

These incantations wouldn’t give them superpowers found in cultivators, only strengthening their body.

As he moved on, he found that there was something else going on in this simple and serene land. Upon closer inspection, he noticed that there was a pair of invisible hands guiding the direction of this world. 

“Interesting.” He smiled.

This wasn’t actually a bad thing since this guidance granted peace and relative prosperity. He became interested in the underlying intent and decided to stay longer in order to see this dimension’s development.

Interfering with a world was a topic he delved and experimented on previously, hence his interest in this minor dimension.

In reality, many progenitors have started developing these minor dimensions. After many years of effort, these dimensions slowly became what they wanted. The progenitors were no different from creation gods.

There was one special thing about this particular one. Everyone wore a cloak, from the young and old to the poor and rich. They all had a cloak at birth. Thus, those without a cloak would stand out like a sore thumb. 

Li Qiye began researching its history - a forte of his. He eventually knew all the major events like the back of his hand.

Finally, his knowledge reached a point where he didn’t need to use a technique or calculation and still knew the location of the person leading this dimension’s development.

“Not a bad place, just not enough to deal with the real calamity.” Li Qiye came to this conclusion.

 He entered an ancient ground - the reclusive home of this hidden master.

The area had plenty of hidden traps and dangers. No natives could infiltrate this place but this didn’t matter to Li Qiye at all. He instantly solved them and moved forward.

“Who is it?!” The person behind the scene became alarmed, frightened.

Alas, he didn’t have time to react because someone was standing in front of him right now.

He has been living in this minor dimension for a long time while being the strongest, that is until he saw the man in front of him.

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