Chapter 3192: Observing To Learn The Dao

The night sky seemed gentle and inviting like the embrace of a loving mother. People naturally slept well without worries on their mind.

Li Qiye and Emperor Zheng sat quietly on top of the skerry, waiting for the incoming miracle.

After a while, a buzz sounded - muted and melodious like scattering powders.

A river came down, filled with starry crumbs along with individual sparks. Each spark seemed to be filled with the water of life. The water currents varied in color - gold, green, blue…

This river contained the essences and light of the stars, the particles of time, and light of life, and other youthful affinities.

It hit the skerry and split into two flows. The collision shot off numerous particles, akin to mercury colliding.

This was an ethereal and beautiful scene, almost dreamlike. Those immersed by this river would find themselves being able to see the changes in history, how the ocean turned into mulberry fields.

“Pop!” The tip of the skerry had splashes everywhere. The drops of water shooting out had images while falling down - flying phoenixes, prostrating gods, the heaven and earth began to move…

A world seemingly opened at the tip with five beautiful colors.

“Splash!” The flow of the river intensified. It had ancient runes and dao laws on top of the previous affinities. Some dao profundities also emerged.

Everything magical in existence seemed to be mixed together and turned into this river.

Waves began to form due to the powerful current, resulting in loud commotions. The two felt as if the myriad dao were rushing past them.

They could see the fundamental essences that make up the world, the birth of the grand dao…

However, the skerry stood strong in spite of the mighty waves. It looked like a hook wanting to pull down the entire river.

Eventually, two fish started swimming playfully down the current. They were the manifestation of the yin and yang. From yin and yang came the five elements.

“Raa!” A star dragon leaped out of the river, flickering with gorgeous starlight.

A phoenix joined in as well, carrying the five elements. Space rippled wherever it went while the myriad laws tagged along.

“Rumble!” The river continuously increased in size, eventually turning into a surging lake.

More phenomena and images took form. A divine diagram enjoying the worship of many followers. The rotation of the sun and moon; the birth of a thousand stars; an immortal tree with swaying branches…

Just one of them alone was shocking enough, unseen by the majority of cultivators. Moreover, just one drop of this lake contained the mysteries and profundity of the grand dao, the power of time and life…

This only happened once every three million years. Calling it a miracle wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

The seasoned emperor became immersed at this wondrous sight. The lake eventually turned into an ocean. The visual phenomena became grander and more impressive, causing him to sigh in awe.

Nonetheless, the surging ocean wasn’t enough to move the skerry one bit. It divided the ocean into two halves. This process happened in the past, present, and future.

Sitting on this skerry would give the impression of being on an eternal hook. They have become an unchanging existence across the ages.

This observation lasted for a long time. The immovable skerry allowed the two to watch without needing to worry about their safety.

The tides eventually receded, so did the great ocean. Everything returned to normal.

The sky found peace one more; the water below assumed the calmness of a mirror without a single ripple.

“How wonderful, the dao initially doesn’t have a root. When the heart has the dao, it will take root there.” The emperor commented.

He then stared over at Li Qiye and saw the guy sitting still. He has been like this the entire time, not saying a single word.

His palaces were open to release his Primordial Tree. The primordial aura poured down like a waterfall as more fruits appeared on the branches.

Each fruit had reached maturity and became shining. They seemed to be gestating the most peerless grand dao with the greatest profundity - more than enough to shoulder the entire world.

The tree didn’t look like one to shoulder the sky but each branch and leaf contained amazing mysteries. It could contain the past while opening the future.

One branch could push forward an era; a leaf could launch a new world. The entire tree itself felt like a new epoch, gestating numerous worlds and living beings.

The grand dao and primordial energy stemming from the tree had started an epoch. A system existed here, allowing its inhabitants to cultivate and learn the dao.

Meanwhile, the man sitting there, Li Qiye, was the source of all this. He would create a new epoch with a brand new system. His power would engulf his creation.

The emperor couldn’t believe it; his mouth left agape.

He had met plenty of progenitors, including members from his own list and the Decemvirate. However, all of them were far from being comparable to this man.

A brilliant progenitor could start a new era but Li Qiye wasn’t doing that. He was starting a new epoch.

In the future, after generations and generations of cultivation, each living being there would be affected by him. Their grand dao and peerless merit laws would be created in accordance to his rules. He would become a being similar to the high heaven.

The emperor knew what he was trying to do while staring at the primordial tree. This act was majestic, greater than anything else others have accomplished.

He wasn’t chasing after invincibility or eternal life. This far exceeded that. It wouldn’t be long till a new epoch would come. 

The emperor began trying to understand the mysteries and profundities of the tree. His talents were nearly peerless.

He had seen the most complicated and magical grand dao before. Alas, they became insignificant now versus this attempt of genesis.

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