Chapter 3191: Sole Hook

“As long as your heart has the other shore, it exists everywhere else. If your heart can be freed, there is no need to find the other shore.” Li Qiye said.

“Listening to you is better than reading for ten years.” The emperor laughed and said.

“You must have gone to many places in this boundless expanse.” Li Qiye smiled and turned towards the ocean.

“Indeed.” The emperor rubbed his palms and became slightly emotional: “I eventually lost sight of my desires after coming here and simply went sightseeing. Recently, I enjoy looking at unique sceneries or mysterious things. Just doing whatever on a whim. However, this place is just too vast, or maybe our heart is not vast enough. I can’t see all of it, I don’t think anyone has done so. Maybe only the three immortals.”

He paused for a bit and said: “Hmm, maybe this is my little wish, to be able to see all of the expanse before dying.”

Someone as powerful as him could travel through dimensions. Alas, this still wasn’t enough to see all of the expanse. Its size was unimaginable.

“There are plenty of incredible phenomena, just seeing a few of them makes life worth it.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Coincidentally, I have been thinking about going to one. There is a place called Sole Hook only appearing once every three million years. That date is coming soon. I believe it is on the way for you so would you like to go take a look?” The emperor said.

“Why not, I’m not in a hurry.” Li Qiye agreed since he had plenty of time here.

“Good.” The emperor clapped: “It is an honor to be able to go on a trip with you. Shall we start now?” He stood up with excitement.

Li Qiye also stood up, ready to go. People like them rarely wasted time doing nothing after making up their mind.

The emperor led the way and the two of them entered the expanse once more.

“Will you be staying at the expanse for a while or just passing by?” The emperor asked along the way.

“Just passing by but this is a great place to train. I’ll take my time polishing my grand dao. Ten thousand years might pass in the blink of an eye.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You’re right, it is good for training. Those who can survive here usually break through. Only a small minority gets nothing out of it. I’m sure if you stay here for ten thousand years, you will become peerless. The expanse is also brighter with your presence.” The emperor had great expectations and continued: “This place might be very lively soon enough, no more deathly stillness.”

Li Qiye didn’t only serve as a deliverer this time around. He wanted to use this place to polish his grand dao.

His plan was already in motion. He needed to reach a new unfathomable apex in order to start a new epoch. This place could also serve as an appetizer, a battlefield for him to start massacring.

“The expanse used to be very rowdy in the past. People didn’t want to return and tried to keep themselves entertained. However, after that thing came, many progenitors died in battle; others fell to the darkness. Some chose to hide as well in minor dimensions.” The emperor said.

That thing mentioned by him was the dark lord.

“It’ll end soon. Uncrossable Expanse will return to its original self.” Li Qiye’s eyes became profound as if wanting to see through the entire ocean.

“I’m sure of it. I knew why you came the moment I saw you. Your suppression is sorely needed.” The emperor was optimistic.

Though that dark lord had killed or converted many progenitors, he was sure that Li Qiye would be able to change all of this.

After all, a member of the Ten Radiance like him could see that Li Qiye was far stronger than any member of the Decemvirate. He could actually challenge the dark lord.

The two of them traveled through billions of miles in no time at all. Finally, they reached their destination - Sole Hook.

Many dangerous locations existed in the expanse, usually engulfed in tsunami and hurricanes.

However, this particular area was quite calm. The ocean was calm without winds and waves, almost resembling a mirror.

This calmness was a rare sight. It also had a soothing property for any visitor. They would soon forget their worries.

One skerry presided in the center, sticking out from the bottom of the ocean. It was the only thing disturbing the peace here. This was a special creation made with uncanny workmanship.

It was tall enough to pierce the sky vault, reaching the deepest part of space. It had the shape of a hook, seemingly wanting to fish out the stars. 

The two of them climbed all the way to the top. They saw the stars circling around them, ready to be pluck.

While looking down, the area beneath looked like a mirror. As they tried to look farther ahead, only a vast and obscure expanse greeted them. There was no end in sight even when using a heavenly gaze.

They started thinking that the targets of this hook-like skerry weren’t the stars. It was trying to fish something out of the expanse, some miraculous things for sure.

The two of them sat cross-legged. The emperor looked at the calm water and praised: “This is a perfect place to die. I’ll definitely pick it when I’m close.”

He had no qualm speaking about death as if it was no big deal.

Li Qiye sensed the serenity here for a bit. He eventually opened his eyes and smiled: “By picking this place, maybe your corpse will gestate a soul and you’ll have to experience another cycle.”

“Right. I definitely don’t want that.” The emperor also sensed the magical property of this place and nodded. He continued: “My corpse with a soul still won’t be me, just an abomination with memories of its past life, a lingering intent. It’s pointless to live again like that.”

“Others would disagree.” Li Qiye smiled.

The emperor only sighed and didn’t comment, choosing not to criticize them. He saw people try to live longer by numerous methods. Some didn’t mind paying any price in order to reincarnate or have a longer lifespan. They didn’t care about the consequences either.

He looked down on doing so, especially becoming an abomination. 

“A special event every three million years is worthy of us waiting for it.” Emperor Zheng stared at the sky and said. 

He wasn’t here to search for treasure and strength, only to take a look at this uncommon event.

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