Chapter 319: The Enemies’ Joint Attack

Chapter 319: The Enemies’ Joint Attack

“You dared to play with such eagerness but you can’t bear to accept a loss, yah?” Li Qiye gazed at the many experts from the school and Saint Country. He was still as composed as ever as he said: “Why even bother to try in the first place, then?”

Li Qiye’s words were soft spoken, but the school and Saint Country were not happy. The experts surrounding him were afraid of chasing the mouse, lest they break the vase.

To them, grooming a successor was easier said than done. These two great powers poured a countless amount of effort and manpower — along with resources — into Ba Xia and Hu Yue. They had an extraordinary position, so today, the two sects were determined to save the two of them.

“Fellow Daoist, it is not a wise move to become enemies with my Saint Country in the Eastern Hundred Cities.” At a time of stalemate, an experienced old Ancient Saint discarded his condescension and tried to convince Li Qiye.

These words caused Li Qiye to burst out in laughter as he replied: “This is not a wise move? Those who block my dao shall be killed without mercy; the Saint Country is no exception. If your Saint Country wishes to oppose me, then I will gladly trample on your corpses!”

“Such arrogance! How can you, alone, deal with my Furious Immortal Saint Country?”

Suddenly, another voice with supreme splendor appeared as a middle-aged man trod forward.

The appearance of this man signaled the coming of a mighty wave as the power of the grand dao rose as if his body was rooted within the dao itself. He was controlling the dao and borrowing the power of the heaven and earth. Ancient Saints quivered at his presence because of his aura; they were suppressed by his majestic grand dao power.

There were divine rings around his body, giving him a sacred and dignified look.

“Nine rings, a peak Little Sovereign!” The Lion’s Roar Royal Lord coldly breathed in and shouted in horror after seeing the nine divine rings protecting the middle-aged man.

“The Saint Country’s Mortal King!”

“It looks like the rumors were true, the Saint Country’s Mortal King had stepped into the Heavenly Sovereign realm one thousand years ago. Now, with the nine divine rings protecting him, it means that he is a peak Little Sovereign!”

An Ancient Saint emotionally stared at the man and quietly murmured: “In the Difficult Dao Era, the Saint Country’s Mortal King still managed to become a Heavenly Sovereign — this is indeed extraordinary. In the future, he might have the chance to surpass this realm and eventually reach Virtuous Paragon.”

The appearance of a Heavenly Sovereign affected the Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints present. Without them, Ancient Saints were the top power in this contemporary age.

Especially in the Difficult Dao Era; before, experts in this world wanted to avoid these tortuous times by secluding themselves, so the world rarely saw Heavenly Sovereigns. In the last twenty years, the Heaven’s Will was slowly recovering, signaling the end of the Difficult Dao Era. A new generation has begun, and Heavenly Sovereigns finally showed themselves.

And the Saint Country’s Mortal King became a Heavenly Sovereign more than a thousand years ago. If it wasn’t for the Difficult Dao Era, then he would most likely have become a Virtuous Paragon.

“Becoming a Little Sovereign is already a rare achievement during the Difficult Dao Era, it is enough to amaze everyone.” Anyone who saw the nine divine rings protecting the Mortal King — the symbol of peak level — couldn’t help but emotionally sigh in lamentation.

In a regular grand generation, a Little Sovereign was not something that amazing. However, it was indeed extremely stunning during the Difficult Dao Era.

The Heavenly Sovereign realm also had different levels, each with a great disparity in power. The order — from lowest to highest — is as follows: Little Sovereign, Grand Sovereign, Jewel Sovereign, World Sovereign, and Era Sovereign.

Era Sovereigns were terrifying beyond one’s imagination. Legend has it that an Era Sovereign could kill all other Heavenly Sovereigns in a split second. [2. I believe an Era Sovereign is not just a linear progression of Sovereigns. One could become a Heavenly King/Virtuous Paragon without becoming/capable of being an Era Sovereign.]

“Little Sovereign.” Li Qiye glanced at the Mortal King, who was protected by the nine divine rings, and smiled: “So Little Sovereign is personally gracing us with your presence and is the backing of these juniors; no wonder why they dared to force this marriage as if it was a natural thing.”

The eyes of the Saint Country’s Mortal King were cold like ice. A grand dao was changing and forming in his eyes — extremely profound. He was indeed a Heavenly Sovereign and had touched the heaven and earth’s grand dao; he was capable of synthesizing certain dao.

At this point in time, the Mortal King coldly said: “Let go of my son, and I shall give you a path to survival.”

“That’s right.” At this time, an old man emerged with a blood energy as powerful as a true dragon. With but a single step, this blood energy encompassed the heaven and earth. Divine rings also hovered around his body while he was gazing at Li Qiye with eyes as bright as a sacred torch. He then emotionlessly said: “This is your only way out!”

“Hu Yue’s Ancestor, the Tiger’s Howl School’s famous Tiger King!” Seeing this old man, a person exclaimed: “He is still alive? Another Heavenly Sovereign has shown himself!”

Two Heavenly Sovereigns came to take control of the situation; this caused other cultivators to change their colors as they felt that something was wrong.

An old Ancient Saint whispered: “What is going on today? Why did two Heavenly Sovereigns suddenly show up? They should still be in seclusion even after the Difficult Dao Era; they should wait for the Heaven’s Will to become strong before coming out to not waste their blood energy.”

Everyone felt uneasy and thought that maybe, there were even more great characters coming to the academy, not just Heavenly Sovereigns. It was common knowledge that although the Difficult Dao Era was over, the Heaven’s Will had just begun to recover and was not in its most prosperous state. The true experts and grand characters were all hiding within their sects, using their ancestral grounds to strengthen their bodies in order to not waste their blood energy due to a weaker Heaven’s Will. This meant that something else was going on, and maybe figures even more frightening than Heavenly Sovereigns were hiding somewhere nearby.

The spectators held their breath while looking at Li Qiye. Two Heavenly Sovereigns and several thousand Royal Nobles and Ancients Saints... No matter how devilish a genius was, they would not dare to pat their chest and proclaim that they could escape from such a scenario unscathed.

In the end, a Heavenly Sovereign was still a Heavenly Sovereign. Outside of their personal powerful cultivation that instilled endless fear into others, no one else knew their true methods. Maybe they could have brought along Virtuous Paragon Life Treasures, or even True Treasures!

“Unfortunately, I really don’t care for Heavenly Sovereigns. Just an ordinary Little Sovereign is nothing. Maybe an Era Sovereign would be able to do something, but you? You two are nothing.” Li Qiye laughed and said.

“How foolish!” As different laws were transforming in his eyes, the Mortal King said in a dignified manner without any anger: “Do you think that you can leave this place alive? Even if you have immeasurable abilities, if you dare to harm my son today, then do not even dream about leaving alive!”

Li Qiye laughed so hard. Then, he said as he squinted eyes: “So, your Saint Country brought even more than just a Heavenly Sovereign like you? Is it an Era Sovereign? A Heavenly King? Or is it those old undyings and ancestors hiding in their coffins?”

“If you already know the situation, then hurry and let go of my son!” The Mortal King did not answer Li Qiye’s question and instead coldly proclaimed: “Even if you are a Heavenly King, you have no chance of escaping this place!”

However, this was already an implicit answer. At this time, many people, especially the smaller sects, vagabond cultivators, and humble students, turned pale.

This meant that the Saint Country brought even more powerful people. Maybe it was not just the Saint Country, the other great powers might have commanded even stronger experts here. A couple of days before, these monsters, like the Saint Country, the Tiger’s Howl School, the Brilliance Ancient Kingdom, and others were in the same camp. This was enough to indicate one thing — they wanted sole hegemony of the portal.

A few devilish Sacred Era geniuses thought about it even further, especially those who came from the other territories. Although their sects’ experts and armies had not arrived in time, they still knew a thing or two more than others.

Maybe these grand characters came not only just for the portal, but to scheme for something else… like the Heavenly Dao Academy.

In just a second, many thoughts ran astray inside the heads of these geniuses.

But at this moment, everyone still wanted to see Li Qiye’s decision.

The Mortal King’s words were clear. The Saint Country didn’t have only one Heavenly Sovereign, there were even more powerful figures present.

Under such a situation, anyone smart would know what to choose. Defeating Hu Yue and Ba Xia was already a great achievement to a youth. It was enough for one to smile proudly around the Eastern Hundred Cities and become one of the strongest young geniuses. They could bask in all the fame, fortune, and glory!

Regardless of Li Qiye’s origin, this was already more than enough, so why the need to create a life or death feud against the Saint Country and Tiger’s Howl School?

If he let Ba Xia and Hu Yue go, then not only would he have obtained the prestige and honor from beating them, but he could also safely retreat. To many people, this was the clear choice.

“Young Noble Li, take a step back to take in the height of the sky and vastness of the sea!” At this time, the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord couldn’t help but shout loudly. He was very worried for Li Qiye.

Although Li Qiye single-handedly defeated Ba Xia and Hu Yue and showed his might, but under an irreconcilable blood feud with the Saint Country and Tiger’s Howl School, there was only a path towards death.

Chi Xiaodie stopped her father from trying to persuade Li Qiye and gently shook her head before murmuring: “He is not going to back down, even if a Heavenly King comes in person.”

“Senior Li, this is correct, take a step back to take in the height of the sky and vastness of the sea. You have already won!” The Grand Era disciples also couldn’t stop themselves from providing Li Qiye with an easy way out.

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