Chapter 3188: Uncrossable Expanse

Uncrossable Expanse, an eternal mystery. No one knew how deep or vast it was, especially not its magical properties.

Discussions regarding this place sprung up across the years, just nothing concrete came from it.

One legend told that the mystical ‘other shore’ existed there. Reaching it meant being able to enter the immortal world.

Another stated that it contained the secret to immortality for those lucky enough to find it.

One more belief asserted that this expanse was a boundless world, provided that one can find the true entrance.

All in all, numerous legends regarding the expanse passed on through the generations.

Numerous top masters would go there after reaching a certain level. No one forced them to do so; there weren’t any rules about this either. However, their departure has been consistent.

Another consistency was the lack of returners. This dark invasion was the only exception.

At their high level, their lifespan would start running out; death from old age became inevitable.

Thus, they needed to enter the expanse despite knowing that there was no return, at least in the past. That’s the only way to replenish their vitality and life force. Many agreed with this statement, progenitors included.


The sky seemed rather low in this ocean. One might be able to touch the sky just by reaching up with both hands. The stars were right there.

Li Qiye felt considerable moisture in the air and winds. They were gentle, akin to a lover’s caress.

The place wasn't as horrifying as expected. On the contrary, it felt so pleasant and comfortable. 

Upon entering, one fused with the ocean, becoming a part of it. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that anyone here would feel as if they were returning home. They naturally wouldn’t want to leave afterward.

This feeling was ridiculous. The place was famous for being dangerous and full of the unknown. How could it feel like home?

Alas, this was indeed the case. The sensation was as real as can be.

“Uncrossable Expanse.” Li Qiye murmured while the winds caressed his face.

The supreme existences would appreciate the boundlessness of this place. They felt so free and unrestrained.

On the other hand, a world like Three Immortals felt so tiny in comparison, almost like having shackles there.

It was understandable why the progenitors never wanted to return to Three Immortals.

He looked back and saw nothing but an ocean. The shoreline was nowhere to be found, let alone Three Immortals.

Just taking one step into this place meant leaving Three Immortals completely. It would be impossible to find the initial path, let alone find the location of Three Immortals.

One needed a heaven-defying method to return to Three Immortals, leaping repeatedly from one dimension to another.

Keep in mind that this level of spatial leap required a long period of time and vast power. A powerful progenitor might not be able to handle this.

This was another reason why these progenitors didn’t return after entering.

Li Qiye stopped looking back for Three Immortals. He tried to feel this area and the waves with his eyes closed.

He became a part of this ocean, able to sense a strange turtle swimming ten thousand miles below. One million miles ahead, he spotted a large aquatic creature resembling an elephant spewing out water. Then a billion miles up above, a star was dying…

He sensed all of these things so clearly like the palm of his hand. In fact, a fish letting out a bubble anywhere in this ocean would be known by him.

He stood there like a statue for a long time. After a while, he opened his eyes with a faint smile.

His body flashed while ripples appeared in space. This was the start of his journey.

This ocean was vast beyond imagination, perhaps more than a hundred thousand Three Immortals put together. A progenitor could spend their entire life yet still be unable to cross it.

Li Qiye continued moving across this area and saw many magnificent sights not found anywhere else.

In one place, numerous peaks towered in a particular formation. Water circled around them in the form of a maelstrom capable of tearing everything apart. Nothing would be able to escape its powerful current in one piece.

However, the peaks weren’t affected by the maelstrom at all. They looked like special pillars serving to keep the ocean in place.

As the steam and water evaporated from the maelstrom, one could catch glimpse of the pavilions and cities on top of the peaks. Countless carriages and people moving about - a prosperous place to be.

This all disappeared the moment one set foot on the actual peaks as if they were mere illusions. Alas, the sounds of galloping horses and carriages, the people talking or the cries of the cicada were clearly heard. It felt so real yet impossible to reach.

Another area was engulfed by yearlong fog and mist. Numerous moons could be seen in there; they moved in an eternal rotation. 

Its name was moon valley, seemingly the source of all the moons in existence. Their light gave this part of the sea a silver hue.

Unfortunately, the moons weren’t the only things floating around. Corpses would also fly out from the ocean, completely covered in white cloth just like mummies.

These mummies would swallow the moonlight. As they absorbed more of this affinity, ancient inscrutable runes emerged on their white cloth. 

Anyone would feel their scalp tingling after seeing this sight. This place seemed like a land of the dead.

Li Qiye stopped here for a bit to watch the corpses devouring the moonlight.

“People have tried all kinds of terrible methods for rebirth in history. How disappointing.” He shook his head and said.

He didn’t bother them and moved forward. This wasn’t too out of place for him since he knew their goal.

This ocean also had broken places. Li Qiye made it to one and felt a powerful destructive aura.

The water surface here has been torn apart, resulting in a chaotic flow hitting the cliffs nearby. The celestials above have fallen down. One broken star could be seen floating on the water.

A great battle had clearly taken place here.

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