Chapter 3186: Departure

Li Qiye left after he finished refining his weapon to embark towards the expanse.

The bull’s group for some reason knew that he was about to leave and were there to send him off.

Someone spread this information so everyone in Immortal Lineage found out about his departure. Numerous came to say farewell.

“Why is he leaving so soon? Peace only came recently.” Many systems and masters wanted him to stay.

After all, Three Immortals would be safe under his protection. If he were to leave, who knows when the darkness would come again? 

“It would be best if Prime Progenitor could stay.” So many started praying to the heaven.

Most were unwilling to see this; some were actually hurt. In recent days, they have considered him to be the guardian of Three Immortals. His departure would leave a void in their heart.

“I heard he’s going to Uncrossable Expanse.” Someone who had received this news early revealed.

“Uncrossable Expanse?” Those who heard him looked up towards the mysterious ocean, boundless in size. They suddenly felt an instinctive fear.

This ocean had brought too many problems to their world so it became an ominous symbol by this point. The returning fallen progenitors extended their grasp, trying to attack their own world.

“Prime Progenitor is going there? That’s why he’s the greatest of all time, he wants to destroy the nest of darkness to forever rid the world of this problem.” One insightful ancestor commented.

Many powerful masters assumed that Li Qiye was going there in order to fully take the enemies down.

“Yes, this is better than waiting for the darkness to come again. Might as well go on the offensive.” Others nodded and praised: “Only Prime has such peerless decisiveness and the abilities to do so.”

Nowadays, the expanse was considered a terrifying no man's land. No one would dare to go there, progenitors included.

However, Prime Progenitor was heading there alone. He was the only one capable of doing this.

“The lair of darkness is in the expanse, who will he find there? What if he meets a terrible being?” A few people became worried.

“You’re worrying about nothing, have you forgotten who Prime is? The strongest progenitor in history, he’ll definitely be able to clear a bright path for Three Immortals.” Someone else laughed in response.

This comment won the crowd over. Prime was able to destroy five progenitors with a single punch then kill eleven of them. Even a member of the Decemvirate couldn’t compare to him.

Thus, the darkness should stand no chance against their Prime Progenitor!

“That’s true, but Prime is still alone. As the saying goes, two hands can’t beat four fists.” Another expert remained worried: “Just think about it, so many progenitors have gone there before. How many of them have fallen like the others?”

This made others shudder with a deep chill as if they have been engulfed by the darkness. This expert made a lot of sense.

More members of the Decemvirate along with top progenitors and Everlastings have entered the expanse. None of them have returned and by this point, everyone had a good idea about what happened to them.

That lair of darkness would have so many incredible existences - the most terrible place in the world.

Would Prime be able to fight against their sheer number?

This pessimism gradually took over the crowd.

“Instead of worrying for no reason, it’s better to just pray for his victory.” One senior said: “If all of our progenitors have fallen to the darkness, then it will return to Immortal Lineage one day anyway regardless of whether Prime enters the expanse or not.” 

Just this possibility alone frightened everyone. Not long ago, twelve progenitors and one Fardao nearly destroyed all of Three Immortals.

“Yes, let’s just pray for his success, that he’ll be able to defeat the darkness.” Numerous people all over the world started praying. Some even organized official ceremonies for this purpose.


Numerous cultivators lined up in silence, waiting for Li Qiye to leave. Supervisors weren’t necessary because everyone knew to be respectful and quiet.

Night has taken over yet ten million cultivators were still present for this event. One could only hear the sound of breathing.

Li Qiye finally showed up before many anticipating eyes. He crossed the sky and reached the shore.

Everyone got on their knees in unison, resulting in a wave of movement across the crowd.

“Greetings, Prime Progenitor.” They greeted him. Every showing of respect came from the heart.

The black bull and the others approached him - Holyfrost, Hui Qingxuan, Lotus Ancestor, Everlasting Jiang… Even the old tree demon was present.

Since he had taken root at the academy, his true body couldn’t go there. This was only his dao avatar.

“You’re leaving, Young Noble.” Holyfrost became emotional since she had stayed with him for a long period and truly benefited from it.

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