Chapter 3185: Li Qiye

Just a few decent items were a big deal when it came from Li Qiye's mouth. Why? Because anything that could be considered decent by Li Qiye was definitely heaven-defying. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call them the ultimate items.

No systems back in Immortal Lineage could provide what he wanted, only these mysterious characters.

“Just a few decent items, hmph!” The master saw his list and uttered coldly.

These items on the list could scare people to death.

“I have faith in you to gather these items, no? You all are extremely wealthy.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I will let others know. It’s their business whether they agree or not.” The master snorted.

“I’m sure it won’t be a problem.” Li Qiye seemed nonchalant and confident.

“Get the hell out of my place once you get your items.” The master demanded.

This was rather reasonable. First, Li Qiye forced this place to summon the power of the high heaven. Now, he demanded all of the good items. The master was actually quite patient for not lashing out at him.

Anyone else making such ridiculous demands would have been destroyed long ago. Alas, he had no choice but to listen to Li Qiye.

“You don’t need to keep on chasing me away, I’ll leave when I don’t want to be here anymore. I mean, even the birds don’t want to shit in this place, there’s no one else but you. So boring.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You!” The master got the urge to kick Li Qiye out of here.

His place was a supreme treasure land with boundless profundity. Others would love to come here except they weren’t qualified. Thus, Li Qiye’s comment was outrageously offensive.

“Just kidding.” Li Qiye instantly added, stopping the master from erupting.

“So what if you can survive? What about after? Will you really declare war against the high heaven?” The master uttered coldly.

“Why not? An ultimate fight is what I seek. Fake immortals first, then time to play with the villainous heaven!”

“Suicidal.” The master flatly said.

“Not like I haven’t died before.” Li Qiye smiled: “Plus, I’ve been there before and will have to try again. Everything else would be meaningless if I don’t do so.” 

“Say that you can return triumphantly from the final battle, what’s the point? You will take its place?” The master asked.

“Why would I want to do that? I do not wish to become the so-called creator. I will still be me, no need for anything else.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Once again, what’s the point? Your victory won’t change anything.” The master said.

Li Qiye’s eyes became profound as he gazed towards the distance. He didn’t answer.

“What’s your motivation to fight? Immortality? Creation? Or the ages?” The master asked.

“For myself. I search for an answer and there are some things that I should do and finish off.” Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and responded.

“It will be outside of your control once you reach that step. When standing above the high heaven, you will have to confront it.” The master replied.

“Ask me again when I’m up there.” Li Qiye let out a leisure smile.

“Your victory might not guarantee a better future than currently. This is a problem with no solution. No matter who it is, the result will be the same. This world and its order won’t change.” The master pondered for a bit before answering.

“Can’t know until I try, a theoretical discussion is pointless. What’s the worst that can happen? To ashes? Not like it hasn’t happened before. Can’t be worse than that.” Li Qiye said.

“The high heaven will keep watch, this has always been the case.” The master said.

“I disagree. It’s one world after another. This isn’t your garden where you can go eat everything after maturation then repeat it again.” Li Qiye smiled.

“The changing of the epoch is not different at all, only the method is changed.” The master said.

“Okay, let’s change the method then. Either hand over the good stuff or I’ll beat all of you down and force you to obediently hand them over. Which method do you want? I’m sure the result will be the same, only the method is different.” Li Qiye shifted the conversation to another direction.

“Hmph!” The master scowled, causing the world to shake and the stars to tremble.

Only Li Qiye remained unperturbed, not affected by the master’s fury.

“It’s not only about the result, there are many, many other things…” Li Qiye said.

“So you have a better method?” The master asked.

“First, I want to kill all who deserve death.” Li Qiye revealed a faint smile that would horrify those aware of its implication.

The master certainly read this smile correctly and became silent.

“What do you think about that? It’ll make other things easier before my final battle.” Li Qiye said: “In my eyes, orders are meant to be broken and changed, not lasting for an eternity! And the time for change is now!”

The master realized that Li Qiye had made up his mind. They wouldn’t be able to stop him nor the villainous heaven. He would move forward as an unstoppable reaper. 

“In history, no one has truly grasped the power of creation. The existence of one would easily solve these problems.” The master said.

“True. For example, a hungry man can’t cut off and eat his own flesh for satiation without suffering injuries, hence the current circumstances.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Many have searched for this but success is nowhere to be found. This might be the real bottleneck to immortality. One man has made it quite far beyond anyone else, but I don’t think he found success either because everything is still the same.” The master said.

“That’s your pursuit, not mine. I don’t care for immortality or the power of creation. All I know is that I will kill anyone who stands in my way regardless of how far they run.” Li Qiye asserted with a cold glint in his eyes.

The master knew that he was telling the truth. The guy was asking them for help right now but if they were to ever provoke him, he would kill them without any hesitation.

As powerful as he may be, intuition told him that he would be the one falling in a battle between them. 

That’s the result of those crossing this man named Li Qiye.

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ImmortalEmperorBao's Thoughts

These two chapters have been difficult to translate. The intentional vagueness and lack of context make it quite difficult. Readers might have different interpretations and it is the same case for me. I have to try and keep the vagueness intact.

This has been the case for this type of conversation but I'm sure that once the future events happen, these conversations will be obvious.