Chapter 3184: I Don’t Want Too Much

Li Qiye didn’t waste time in Immortal Lineage and left after finishing his task.

He had no attachment to this world, thus his continuous statement regarding being a passerby. He only came to find some answers, to meet a few people, to experience a few things. There was no emotional past or lingering feelings here. He didn’t need to stay or protect this place for anyone.

He returned to the deepest part of Ascension Pond in order to refine his weapon.

It was virtually finished by this point; he only needed to carve out some minor finishing details.

“You let that progenitor escape.” The master of this place spoke. He was referring to the dark messenger.

“So what? Just one progenitor who will serve as a messenger to let others know that I’m coming. It’s a matter of politeness.” Li Qiye didn’t mind at all.

The master didn’t pursue this matter. Even a member of the Decemvirate wasn’t much of a threat to someone at Li Qiye’s level.

“What did creation taste like?” The master asked after a brief pause.

“Not bad.” Li Qiye smiled and stared towards the depth: “I know that you’re here for a multitude of reasons. However, can all of you resist the temptation of the feast? Don’t tell me you have never thought about it.”

“We would have done so long ago instead of waiting till now or the future.” The master uttered coldly with dissatisfaction.

“Who knows? Characters of our level are quite unpredictable.” Li Qiye shrugged in response.

“We have a different way of life instead of just wanting to feast, hence our current situation.” The master scowled.

“Hmm, that makes sense.” Li Qiye smiled: “Your way is indeed different from everyone else, just like the coin system in Moneyfall or the exchange here in Ascension Pond. Very interesting stuff.” 

“What, want to destroy us?” The master became annoyed.

“Like you have said, I wouldn’t wait till now to do so either. Plus, it wouldn’t be my turn anyway. The three geezers would jump on it first.” Li Qiye said.

The master certainly didn’t like this comment but didn’t bother retorting.

Most beings at this level would share the same thought. The three geezers mentioned by Li Qiye felt the same way. But after experiencing certain things, they let go of their suspicion.

“If there’s nothing else, you should leave now and cause trouble at the expanse. My place can’t handle a troublemaker like you.” The master wanted to send this uninvited guest away.

“Don’t be so quick to chase me out, I’m still a guest, more or less.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“No, my humble abode can’t accommodate someone like you.” The master sarcastically said.

“You’re hurting my feelings now.” Li Qiye continued: “Don’t you see that I still haven’t prepared well enough? I need to rest in order to be in peak condition for the next battle.”

“That’s your problem, not mine.” The master didn’t give a damn.

“Is that so? I’m sure you can’t be sleeping well when there is an overlord slumbering in the expanse. I don’t buy it.” Li Qiye said.

“Hmph.” The master scowled again, confirming Li Qiye’s speculation.

“Just think about it, you’re also a great piece of meat in his eyes, swallowing you will be so nutritious. I’m sure this is the same case for the others.” Li Qiye went on.

“We’ll see who will be the last man standing.” The master said and exuded an invincible aura capable of crushing the firmaments. Regular progenitors couldn’t fathom its power.

“Sure, but that means you’re not completely confident either.” Li Qiye said.

“You are?” The master’s tone became harsher.

“Kill then refine. Just killing is too much of a waste. His biggest value is to be drained by me.” Li Qiye calmly said.

“Save your haughtiness until after you kill him.” 

“Not difficult at all. I’ll kill him if he dares to come out. Plus, you know that’s not the only thing I want. I’ll topple everything later.” Li Qiye said.

“Only death awaits you.” The master was actually speaking the truth this time, not only out of spite against this terrible guest.

As a supreme existence, the master knew the trouble ahead. Li Qiye was simply suicidal in his opinion.

“Save this comment until after I die.” Li Qiye lazily said: “Of course, since we’re friends, you can burn some paper money for me because being a poor ghost must suck. I would rather be a rich ghost when I die.”

“You will, and yes.” The master said, seemingly able to see Li Qiye’s future - nothingness.

“Well, I’m sure you know that it’s not a good thing for anyone if I die, especially you.” Li Qiye didn’t become angry and smirked: “Look at how nice this place is, the same with Sky Ruins. Who wouldn’t like these places? If I were to die, your world would be next. For example, Immortal Lineage stands at the forefront then you and Sky Ruins are next. You know this better than anyone.”

The master didn’t like Li Qiye’s attitude but still knew that the guy was right. The future certainly wasn’t bright. This place would definitely become a battlefield. He would also be a main target.

“That’s why you better pray for my survival, no, for my domination.” Li Qiye stopped here and waved his hand.

“You’re about to make some demands.” The master said.

“Demand is a strong word.” Li Qiye smiled: “No, no, I’m only asking for everyone’s support since it’s mutually beneficial. I’m sure you have gotten an answer. Go on, I’m waiting.”

The master waited for a bit before revealing: “I have told the others about your intent. They are willing to help you but don’t overthink it, it’ll only be a little bit of assistance.” 

“I’m aware. Remember, I didn’t ask for your group to personally help. Just give me all your good stuff so that I can throw it at the enemies, that’s the best support.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“Don’t be greedy now.” The master spoke first in order to stop Li Qiye from even attempting.

“I disagree.” Li Qiye elaborated: “Just think about it, if you all were to personally mobilize, leaving success aside, how much resources and heavenly materials would be required? Now, since I’m doing it instead, all of you can just sit back and relax. Isn’t that the best? A lot of value for your money.”

Another lull ensued. The master eventually asked: “What do you want?”

“Not much, just a few decent items.” Li Qiye smiled in response.

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