Chapter 3182: Peace

All were on their knees to show respect, whether it be the unknown cultivators or the famous ancestors. Even the emperors and Everlastings did so as well.

Lotus Ancestor, Trinity Eccentric, and Everlasting Jiang among others followed suit.

No one dared to breathe loudly by this point. Fiercest has become a supreme existence, no, the sole ruler of Three Immortals.

Destroying five progenitors at the immortal level with one punch and nearly killing a member of the Decemvirate! No one else in history could do such a thing.

The Decemvirate and Ten Radiance paled in comparison. This applied to any type of existence.

The greatest geniuses were also taken down a notch, needing to lower their head from now on at his sight. They needed to assess their right to be arrogant and prideful after this.

For example, Lotus Ancestor as one of the Ten Radiance was as peerless and brilliant as can be. Yet, she was still utterly won over by him.

All of these great historical beings have completely lost to him. The opponents ran like dogs with their tail tucked between their legs.

“Prime Progenitor!” Someone started shouting. 

“Prime Progenitor! The savior and ruler of Three Immortals!” Others started coming up with new lines.

As some called out his title, they were moved to tears. The dark invasion had instilled horror and despair upon them. Numerous cultivators have died in battle.

Finally, Prime Progenitor Li Qiye joined the fray and massacred the dark legions, destroying eleven progenitors and sweeping through the darkness. He saved all of Three Immortals.

This magnificent contribution earned him their gratitude. They were willing to create monuments and statues of him in order to immortalize his deeds.

Many kowtowed nine times until their forehead bleeds while not minding in the slightest. They weren’t doing it because of his oppressive aura, only out of gratitude.

“Rise.” He said calmly.

Everyone heard it clearly despite the low volume. It was as if he was whispering next to their ears.

However, most still performed a full kowtow before getting back on their feet. All had a look of indescribable excitement.

“We’re still alive!” So many looked around and saw their family members before gathering in a group hug.

“We’re saved, our system is still here.” Though most systems have sent their legions to their death, their system and lineage were still around.

They could pass on their legacy unlike Eight Treasures System and Metalkin Divine Court among others. Any price was worth it.

“Immortal Lineage stands!” One ancestor on the battlefield had tears mixed with blood.

People like him didn’t think they were coming back alive, only wanting to contribute to Immortal Lineage. They appreciated being lucky enough to survive.

“It’s thanks to Prime Progenitor.” The soldiers on the battlefield understood the reason why and showed their respect to him.

The dark legions had the absolute advantage earlier. Though the alliance led by Five Elements Goddess was trying their best, they had zero chance of winning. Their only goal was to buy more time.

Some of these soldiers couldn't say goodbye to their family members or lovers. They needed to rush to the academy as fast as possible.

A few crawled out from the pile of corpses and looked up at Li Qiye before bowing. They could finally go home and see their loved ones thanks to him.

The goddess gave the command to withdraw troops. She gazed at the battlefield and saw mountains of corpses and rivers of blood.

Tens of millions of cultivators have died in this cruel battle. Fortunately, they were on the victorious side. Otherwise, nothing would have been left but ashes.

The troops heaved a sigh of relief while regrouping to their individual legion. They wore a heavy heart after losing their close ones - brothers and seniors. 

At the very least, these men didn’t lose their lives in vain.

“Today is a day that will go down in history. Future generations will sing songs about you.” Hui Qingxuan had a solemn expression while looking at the men. Too many people have died including emperors and Everlastings.

Next, Li Qiye landed and all of its members bowed down after seeing him again.

However, he didn’t stop at all and headed for Sacred Mountain. The bull, Lotus Ancestor, Trinity Eccentric, and Everlasting Jiang also tagged along.

They had a different opinion of him by this point. During their previous meeting, they already had a high evaluation of him. Alas, he actually surpassed all of their expectations.

Of course, the bull always believed in him. It started gloating and showed off right away: “Didn’t I tell all of you? Only Sir can save Three Immortals. I’m not wrong, am I? Others were just too stupid to see.”

The group only smiled and didn’t bark back. After all, the bull contributed immensely during this battle; Its merits were second to none. It was one of the first to stand for Immortal Lineage. 

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