Chapter 3180: Creator

“Rumble!” Lightning bolts ravaged the sky like dancing serpents. Each bolt was as thick and long as can be, able to split open anything.

This beautiful illumination was frightening, seemingly wanting to push this new world to the brink of destruction.

Some of them weaved together to form Li Qiye’s face, a testament to his supremacy. He was the only god in this place.

The rumbling spread to the three treasures that have created this world as well. They were no longer under the control of the eleven progenitors. They continued pouring various affinities and powers into the treasures but stabilization seemed impossible.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” They pulled closer together, causing the world to shrink.

Remember, they served as this world’s foundation. If they were to touch, that would spell doom for this place. The resulting explosion would be devastating beyond words.

“Boom!” A deafening blast affected everyone. Even the eleven progenitors felt their eardrums nearly rupturing.

Everything returned to the origin while the flow of time was reversed. The celestials and everything else created earlier turned back into myriad particles resembling the previous all-things domain.

These particles seemed to be attracted by something and gathered together.

In the next moment, people finally understood what they were forming - Li Qiye’s body.

The matters and substance of this world were under Li Qiye’s control as part of his body. They were no different than his cells.

He used an entire world to rebuild a flesh body. The result would be something unfathomable.

During the crafting process, the three treasures continued to pull closer to him. He was also using their power and profundity for his aim on top of the vitality, energy, and grand dao of these progenitors.

So, if the matters and the power of the three treasures served as the flame and materials, then the essences of the three progenitors served as the nutrients.

“Shit! This is a trap! He wants to take everything from us! We need to stop him now or he’ll grow stronger and drain all of our power!” One progenitor shouted after realizing Li Qiye’s plan.

The rest understood the development now. The power during the genesis of this world didn’t kill Li Qiye. The guy intentionally fused with this world in order to rob everything from them.

“Stop him now!” They took a deep breath and made up their mind.

Their foe was already terrifying enough. This would only get worse once he took everything from them.

“Boom!” The spectating dark messenger finally joined in once Li Qiye’s recrafting process reached a crucial moment.

He raised his hand and summoned a bronze mirror. A light rushed out from the mirror and illuminated the gigantic figure.

“Boom!” This was the force of a sovereign, enough to crush everything. The gods had no choice but to prostrate before it.

“Another Paragon Artifact…” The spectators shouted.

This mirror was definitely a top-ranked one too. But this shouldn’t be too surprising since the messenger was potentially a member of the Decemvirate.

“This is…” An ancient ancestor became startled after seeing the bronze mirror after recalling a particular legend.

It told of a great progenitor who created a heaven-defying treasure in the form of a mirror. However, this treasure wasn’t completed and eventually vanished.

“Boom!” He seemed to be holding a sun instead of a mirror by this point. It exuded a fiery beam that was as pure as could be. A bronze layer eventually condensed around Li Qiye.

Time and space became frozen, the same with this new world and Li Qiye.

“Yes! The sealing is complete!” The progenitors felt a stabilization within the three treasures. Their essences were no longer being drained.

Meanwhile, those back in Immortal Lineage couldn’t believe it. This bronze mirror was able to seal a new world with one move. Wouldn’t it be able to do the same to their world?

All of the inhabitants there would turn into bronze statues, completely helpless.

“He can get out, right?” One spectator asked while staring at the colossal bronze statue of Li Qiye.

A while ago, they thought that he was about to break through the seal of this new world. This no longer seemed the case.

“To fall at the last hurdle…” Another murmured, unable to accept this.

“It should be over.” The dark messenger said without certainty because their opponent was Li Qiye whom he couldn’t see through.

“Not quite.” Li Qiye’s voice suddenly answered him.

“Boom!” The radiant thirteen palaces emerged again in the sky.

“This again!” The dark messenger shouted.

These thirteen palaces seemed capable of numerous miracles. Nothing felt effective against him since the palaces broke through all limits and laws. 

“Creating an entirely new world, right? Watch me.” Li Qiye spoke again.

“Boom!” Primordial chaos materialized along with three vessels - life, creation, and athanasia.

Life, creation, and immortality - these were the most supreme orders!

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