Chapter 318: Geniuses Are Nothing But Ants

Chapter 318: Geniuses Are Nothing But Ants

The emergence of a minor completion Immortal Physique shocked everyone for it was an extremely fearsome physique. A Royal Noble with a minor completion Immortal Physique could slay Enlightened Beings and massacre Ancient Saints like killing chickens; maybe killing even Heavenly Sovereigns was not a difficult matter! This was the reason why so many people in the past aspired towards cultivating an Immortal Physique.

To the Emperor lineages, emperor laws were readily available, but not Immortal Physiques. These physiques were comparable to Heaven’s Will Secret Laws. Some emperor lineages had these Heaven’s Will laws but not Immortal Physique Laws.

“It truly is the minor completion Hell Suppressing Godly Physique!” Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, who was shrouded in his azure mist, stared at Li Qiye intensely with a terribly sharp glare. Li Qiye, with his minor completion physique, would pose a great threat to geniuses and princes — like him — in the future.

At this point, the Lion’s Roar Royal Lord’s mouth was wide open. He couldn’t have even imagined about this matter. His father spent his entire life to research Immortal Physiques, and he even cultivated the Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique, but he couldn’t reach minor completion. However, Li Qiye accomplished this task at such a young age, and the royal lord understood the significance of this matter.

“This… This… I can’t believe it. I heard Grandfather say that in order to reach the minor completion of an Immortal Physique, even someone with a Saint Physique and a perfect Immortal Physique Law would require at least one hundred years unless it was an insanely talented genius. Even so, they would need thirty, no, fifty years! He… How old is he? This is too frightening!”

“This is not the most terrorizing aspect about him.” Sikong Toutian slowly spoke: “Li Qiye’s most fearful edge lies with his calculations. Just wait, one day, you will see him scheme against the entire world. Only then will you understand that his greatest strength is not his might, but his mind! One still wouldn’t know how they were caught in his trap even after dying.”

At this point, Ba Xia and Hu Yue’s expressions became extremely hard to look at. This time, they came prepared not only to force the marriage and take over the Lion’s Roar Gate, but also to kill Li Qiye. Who would have thought that Li Qiye would reveal his minor completion Immortal Physique and foil their plans!

“Your Saint Country’s trash physique still dares to call itself a supreme Immortal Physique Law in this world?” Li Qiye deliberately said: “Today, I will open your eyes so that you can see what a real Immortal Physique is so that you can stop dreaming about dominating everything just by learning a little portion of an Immortal Physique Law.”

“Kill!” Ba Xia and Hu Yue both roared. They no longer hid their strength as their Longevity Blood poured into their Life Wheels to channel the most magnificent blood energy, pushing their lives to the utmost limit to unleash the strongest of attack.

Ba Xia’s hand pushed forward; it was capable of shattering the stars and striking the sun and moon. His domineering strike caused even Ancient Saints to lose their colors.

Hu Yue mustered his Tiger God’s blood to its pinnacle. The Four Divine Beast Pagoda’s White Tiger — with its infinite momentum — pounced forward in the air.

“My turn.” Facing two sure-kill grand techniques, Li Qiye was still as nonchalant as before while his Royal Noble aura surged with rolling blood energy. At this time, he raised his thousand hands to wield the Nine Words True Bow.

After several years of refinement, the Worldly Pristine Metal had turned into the Nine Words True Bow.

“Ommm---!” The bow did not have an arrow, but once its string was pulled, bright stars came together as a true mantra appeared. This mantra materialized into an immortal scripture. Once this scripture was unleashed, an immortal arrow descended right into the bow.

“Clang!” The string that was pulled and tense was now readied with an arrow as great as the mountains, and then a true mantra arrow was shot out. This arrow pierced through the sky and destroyed a myriad of firmaments; this one bow carried the heaven’s power. Nine Words True Arrow — nine words to form a mantra. “Soldiers and fighters, arrange yourselves and proceed forward” — this was the number one mantra in this world. This majestic and grand arrow made out of the word “Soldier”, with its immense strength, could pierce through all things in this world. [1. Daoist’s nine words or nine syllables. I modified the translation a bit so that the English version will have nine words as well. When you are climbing up a mountain or delving deep into a forest or going into the wild, constantly recite these 9 words in Your heart or speak softly and everything will go smoothly. It means no spirits, ghosts, demons, wild animals, and poisonous insects will harm you and you are protected from all dangers. There are also nine hand seals that go along with the nine words.]

“Rawr!” The Azure Dragon, as the vanguard, miserably bellowed. It was a Heavenly Accumulation, but the “Soldier” arrow completely pierced through its body, causing it to scream and die on the spot.

“Poof.” However, this was only the beginning. The string was pulled again, and true words shot out another three “Soldier” arrows — majestic with limitless power.

Meanwhile, a different pair of Li Qiye’s hands also rose up, like two pillars, pushing towards Ba Xia.


The Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique was of no use. Ba Xia did not reach minor completion and was struck by Li Qiye. His physique couldn’t withstand the blow, resulting in him spewing out blood everywhere. His body slammed hard onto the ground and created a crack. The moment Ba Xia flipped his body in order to stabilize himself, a giant hand even more immense than the earth and heavier than the nine heavens — accompanied by the power of the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique — came crashing down. The blood that Ba Xia spilled painted the blue sky red as he was imprisoned right then and there.

“Gaoo!” Another creature cried out. The Vermillion Bird was killed by one arrow while another took down the Black Tortoise. The two divine beasts were nailed to the ground and mercilessly killed despite being Heavenly Accumulations.

“Boom!” The White Tiger also wanted to escape, but another “Soldier” arrow arrived, resulting in it lying dead above the earth. Even when it was groomed and basked in the Tiger God’s bloodline, it still couldn’t withstand the “Soldier” arrow.

“No…” Hu Yue madly shouted as he fell down from the sky while crazily vomiting blood. His fate protecting True Treasure was penetrated and all four Heavenly Accumulations died. Although the arrow did not touch him, his True Fate was also affected and he became gravely wounded.

“Impossible!” Seeing this scene, even royal lords and sect masters stood up. The power of just a single arrow was capable of piercing a True Treasure and killing Heavenly Accumulations; it was really too strong.

“True Word Treasure!” Seeing Li Qiye wielding his bow and the open scripture beside him, many experts were shivering in astonishment. They didn’t know how many true words Li Qiye’s bow had, but some speculated that it must have at least six words. Otherwise, it couldn’t turn into a scripture.

Too many people were envious and jealous of Li Qiye. A treasure created from refining Treasure Metal that had nine runes still couldn’t compare to a True Word Treasure, especially those made with six or more words.

“Boom!” At this time, the Thousand Hands technique unleashed the power akin to a true god and lifted a myriad of worlds. When the Thousand Hands came down, suppressing all existences, the wounded Hu Yue and Ba Xia mustered all of their destructive laws. However, they still could not escape from Li Qiye’s grasp.

Finally, under the Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, bone-breaking sounds began to appear. No matter how tough they were, the blood of Ba Xia and Hu Yue was still shed; they were on the verge of dying. Then, Li Qiye picked them up with his Thousand Hands.

Everyone was completely transfixed on watching this scene in shock. Devilish geniuses and experts of the previous generation all lost their minds.

Ba Xia and Hu Yue were amongst the strongest geniuses in the Eastern Hundred Cities, but Li Qiye alone absolutely conquered them. No one could believe it.

The person who sneered at Li Qiye earlier was shivering in fear; his legs lost their strength as he collapsed to the ground while urinating uncontrollably. Even Hu Yue and Ba Xia lost in Li Qiye’s hands, so if Li Qiye wanted to take care of him, what could he do besides die!?

“The Furious Immortal Saint Country and the Tiger’s Howl School aren’t shit. With me, your father, protecting the Lion’s Roar Gate, you all still dare to come to our door and force a marriage?” Li Qiye calmly declared while gripping Ba Xia and Hu Yue with his Thousand Hands. “You really think your father is such a nice guy?”

Everyone held their breaths at this point and none of them dared to sneer at Li Qiye any longer. No matter what, the defeat of Ba Xia and Hu Yue was undeniable.

Once everyone calmed down, an angry shout appeared: “Junior, let go of Young Lord!” Thousands of experts descended from the sky. Named Heroes, Royal Nobles, Enlightened Beings, and Ancient Saints from the Saint Country and Tiger’s Howl School rushed forward and surrounded Li Qiye; they wanted to save Ba Xia and Hu Yue.

At this point, even Named Heroes and Royal Nobles could only stand at the perimeter of the circle because they were insufficient and could only stand there to cheer.

These powers were deserving of their reputation, especially a powerful country like the Saint Country. The Heavenly God Sect back in the Grand Middle Territory could not compare to it. Their true reserve was very deep, and they could mobilize thousands of Royal Nobles and Named Heroes, and even Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints — all of these were major characters in the contemporary times.

“Hmm? You wish to bully me with numbers?” Li Qiye squinted his eyes and smilingly said while looking at the mass that encircled him.

“Not good, we have to help Brother Li!” Seeing Li Qiye being surrounded, Chi Xiaodao was in dismay and exclaimed.

The Lion’s Roar Royal Lord’s expression also dimmed down. No matter how powerful Li Qiye was, he couldn’t stop the offense from so many people.

“No, it is time for me to step onto the stage.” Sikong Toutian stopped Chi Xiaodao and revealed a smile. “This is my moment to contribute, don’t compete with me.”

Amongst the crowd of several thousand experts that trapped Li Qiye, a peak Grand Saint said in a grave tone: “Junior, if you let go of our Young Lords, we will forget everything that happened today.”

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