Chapter 3179: Creation

In fact, his size was beyond the capacity of this all-life domain.

“Crack!” His weight obviously increased as well and once it reached a particular level, cracks appeared on the domain.

A while ago, the domain wanted to crush him down. It became the opposite right now.

“Not good!” The progenitors in charge of this treasure became aghast. They poured all of their dao power to it in an attempt at increasing its size.

Unfortunately, this rate of expansion was far inferior compared to Li Qiye’s.

The domain was indeed expanding at a swift rate thanks to their flood-like energy but Li Qiye’s transformation was simply faster.

“Crack!” The entire domain crumbled like glass as a result before astonished eyes.

“Wasn’t too challenging.” He walked out and smiled.

This was indeed the case. He possessed several scriptures right now so this type of domain couldn’t trap him.

“As expected.” The messenger seemed to be prepared for this and nodded: “Although, the three treasures are in position right now!”

“Crack!” They engraved themselves into space, forming a special spatio-temporal dimension with abundant life force and all things.

This triangular dimension engulfed Li Qiye with haste. Their preparation was finished.

“Begin!” The messenger commanded.

“Activate!” The eleven progenitors roared in unison and channeled their strongest power, vitality, and grand dao into the three treasures.

“Boom!” Primordial chaos emerged. Everything inside this dimension returned to the origin, a fresh start.

Something flashed and Li Qiye’s gigantic frame was cut into two halves, akin to a statue being slashed by the sharpest saber.

Everything happened so quickly. People only saw a flash.

“What’s that?!” Numerous spectators screamed.

“The light of creation.” The dark messenger calmly revealed.

Since that dimension was brought back to the start of time, an original flash of creation instantly dismembered Li Qiye.

This absolute power surpassed even the greatest masters, whether they be an invincible progenitor or a supreme overlord.

“Boom!” The area exploded and numerous particles sprinkled outward, creating a new world.

This looked like the work of the high heaven. The blast was powerful enough to destroy all of Three Immortals. No one or anything could ever stop this explosion of genesis.

People saw Li Qiye’s body turned into little pieces just like the particles. He turned into the dust for the earth and became a part of the stars. Every blade of grass would have a little bit of him as well.

First came a galaxy with a sun and moon then an actual world. Living beings were in gestation.

People couldn’t close their mouth as they watched this creation process. Numerous lives came into form in a magnificent manner.

They would have never gotten the chance to see something like this if it wasn’t for the combination of the three treasures.

“This is the power of creation?” A True Emperor said with trepidation. No one could even dream about stopping that terrible blast.

Li Qiye was the best example. He was strong enough to dominate any progenitor yet this light still blew him to smithereens.

“No, no, no! This can’t be!” One spectator bellowed.

No one would be able to stop the darkness when it possessed the power of creation. Three Immortals seemed insignificant compared to the dark lord. This blow alone could annihilate everything.

“No way, Fiercest must still be alive...” Another person dropped to the ground with tears, like many others across Immortal Lineage.

No one could accept this ending. They didn’t believe in his death.

The emperors and Everlastings turned pale, overwhelmed with despair before absolute power.

“Did we do it?” A dark progenitor wasn’t so sure.

“Rumble!” Suddenly, lightning bolts emerged all over the newly-created world - a cataclysmic scene.

The three treasures shook back and forth, completely unstable.

“We’re losing control!” Eight Treasures Progenitor became astounded.

The lightning bolts ravaged and illuminated the new world. A face appeared in this ocean of currents - Fiercest’s!

“This is just an emulation, not the real thing. Your master doesn’t have the power of creation, how disappointing. I am now the ruler of this world.” Li Qiye smiled. His voice echoed across the area.

“He’s trying to control the three treasures!” The dark progenitors found that they have started to lose their power over their treasures.

“Look, Fiercest, he’s still alive!” Immortal Lineage fell into a furor. Those who were sitting on the ground in dejection jumped up and cheered. So many became emotional and started to cry.

“He’ll be victorious for sure!” Their confidence was ignited once more.

“Fiercest will be victorious!” Waves of support could be heard everywhere.

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