Chapter 3178: All-things Domain

“Boom!” While the domain seemed to be failing at separating Li Qiye, a particle fell on him.

Just a tiny particle smaller than a speck of dust made him tremble - quite an unbelievable sight.

Keep in mind how powerful he was, easily able to lift up a divine mountain yet this particle carried the weight of a continent.

“Rumble!” More particles fell down on him.

Some spectators saw the falling particles but never expected them to be so mighty. They noticed something magical - that these particles were continents raining down like meteors.

If this were happening on Immortal Lineage, the entire world would be penetrated. Only ashes and cinders would be left.

Li Qiye had a hard time standing straight, even staggering back and forth and nearly falling on the ground.

The weight from these tiny particles was exceedingly dangerous. It could pierce through someone’s body, crushing their muscles and bones. It was most likely more destructive than an attack from a progenitor.

Anyone else would have been dead with numerous holes on their body by now. However, the golden radiance around Li Qiye stopped the particles from causing actual damage.

As more particles stacked upon each other, they took the shape of a tiny ball. This process didn’t stop, akin to a rolling snowball becoming larger and larger.

Remember, each particle had the weight of a continent, so this ball was extremely heavy.

“Crack! Click!” Some could hear cracking noises from his bones all over. His entire frame seemed to be breaking down.

As the ball grew larger, his back bent forward, struggling to withstand the weight.

“How terrifying…” The spectators gasped at this sight. The particles were effective despite the activated thirteen palaces.

He dominated one progenitor after another just a while ago. But now, these particles were able to suppress him with pure weight.

By this point, everyone knew that just one speck alone would reduce them to bloody mist.

“Creak…” Even Three Immortals started shaking, unable to handle this weight.

“It’s so heavy like carrying all of Three Immortals.” One ancestor noticed that Li Qiye was bending down more and more.

This weight was simply unimaginable. How could anyone ever shoulder the weight of three worlds?

“So this all-thing domain, does it consist of all possible matters?” One True Emperor began grasping the concept.

“Up!” Li Qiye roared with an eruption of light. His power crazily surged.

As he pushed up against the massive weight, this resulted in violent shaking from the increased pressure.

“He didn’t go all out before.” Left Bank Progenitor took a deep breath.

“He still isn’t.” The dark messenger said with a serious expression.

The other progenitors couldn’t believe it. How could this guy afford to hold back against three Paragon Artifacts? What would his real limit be?

They shuddered and thought about the same person - their lord, the terrifying dark existence. They have never seen him in full power either and didn’t know his limit.

“Rumble!” The rumbling felt as if meteors were smashing into the ground, almost like the end of the world to the horror of the crowd.

The tiny ball on his back gradually turned into a large one, pressing down on his spine. However, after the recent influx of power, he slowly straightened his back.

Unfortunately, the other side didn’t relent. More particles forced his spine down again.

“Rumble!” The balls had the momentum so his back looked as if it was folded down.

“Crack!” People could hear a loud noise coming from his spine.

“How long can this go on?” Some felt pain just by watching.

“Please, heaven, protect Fiercest.” The nervous spectators got on their knees and prayed.

“Heaven, Three Immortals needs him, please don’t forsake us.” Kowtow could be seen everywhere.

“Click, click, crack!” All of his bones issued strange noises, on the verge of falling apart.

“There’s no way he can last…” Many gasped at this sight because that spine couldn’t bend anymore.

The eleven progenitors watched with a solemn expression. Those particles were also too much for them to handle. In fact, the three treasures were immensely powerful.

One of them alone couldn’t exert their true power. Thus, they needed to be in groups in order to do so.

“Up!” Li Qiye roared and his grand dao exploded.

He suddenly became gigantic - the largest being in the universe. His bent back immediately became straight again. Meanwhile, his power continuously surged along with his size.

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