Chapter 3173: Immortal? So What?

This figure was made from three incredible affinities and seemed to not belong to any era in this world. Perhaps someone like it could only come from the immortal world.

Even the strongest characters in existence had a physical body, usually made from flesh and blood. Who else could use the yin and yang, karma, and samsara to form a body? This was a peerless feat, impossible to replicate.

As the world stared at this figure, they suddenly saw some images belonging to the past. Everything of theirs became bare for the figure to see.

Being auraless didn't make it any less imposing. It didn’t seem to be restricted by time.

“Splash!” They heard a splashing sound as the figure took a step forward to cross through everything.

“Splash!” It was heading upstream.

Meanwhile, people were remembering their first cry after being born. They saw themselves as a newborn, eventually learning how to walk and the first time wandering away from home. Essentially, their most important memories were being replayed.

Some of these memories have been forgotten. For example, when they tried to speak, the first person they met during their dao debut…

Some have lived for thousands or even hundreds of thousand years. They have forgotten too many things until now.

Everything appeared so clearly in their mind, resulting in a phenomenon close to a rebirth.

“Shit!” An invincible ancestor shouted in horror: “He wants to reverse time and change the past!”

“What?!” An Everlasting couldn’t believe it.

“What do you mean?” One expert didn’t realize the significance behind this.

“Imagine you without your birth.” The invincible ancestor turned pale.

The expert trembled with fear. He imagined himself being crushed in the womb; this meant that he would cease to exist.

Changing the past was absolutely horrifying. Just one minor thing could cause great changes. Numerous people and systems would disappear.

The figure suddenly stopped and bent down. It reached into the river of time, causing bright ripples. It seemed to be looking for a particular period.

“What the hell?!” All of Three Immortals suddenly swayed back and forth, nearly assuming a liquified state. Everyone and the landscape became fuzzy.

“He’s not attacking Fiercest, he’s, he’s trying to change time!” Another screamed.

These eleven progenitors were trying to change the past, perhaps stopping Fiercest from being born or preventing a particular event in history. Any of this would have unthinkable ramifications.

“If the river of time collapses, the world will turn to ashes.” One Everlasting concluded.

These progenitors didn’t need to attack Li Qiye. They just needed to break a section of time. That might be enough to destroy the past of this world. Fiercest would naturally go down as well.

“Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.” Many people started disappearing.

The remaining spectators saw the figures raising the flow of time. This caused gaps and errors in history.

Because of this, some people in the present disappeared from thin air as if they have never been born before.

“Nooo!” One peerless Everlasting felt this ahead of time and bellowed.

“Rumble!” One system after another in Immortal Lineage collapsed. Nothing was left to indicate its previous existence.

Cracks appeared all over Three Immortals. A total collapse seemed imminent.

“Sir, do something or we’re done for! Hurry!” The bull was beginning to disappear.

“Pop!” It was gone in the next second.

“Buzz.” Li Qiye emerged in the river of time, right in the place held by the great figure.

He was pulsing with temporal affinity as if he represented time itself. The him right now was only an avatar made by time - a temporal messenger of sorts, the true master of this river.

Or in other words, he was time and time was him.

“Looking for me?” He chuckled while staring at the figure, not really nervous in the slightest.

It was as if he couldn’t give a damn about the destruction of the world and all living beings.

The figure took one step backward. Starry lights gathered in its eyes - the power of the ages.

“Boom!” A devastating beam shot out with enough intensity for an eternal illumination.

“Unfortunately, you don’t know that I am the lord of this river, an undying specter.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Boom!” He raised his finger and the entire river suddenly pierced through the figure’s chest.

Time instantly corroded the figure even though it was made from three incredible affinities. This wasn’t enough to stop the withering of time.

“Boom!” It exploded into little particles, looking just like decoration for this river.

“Pop!” Three Immortals reappeared. This time around, the grand momentum of the eleven progenitors exploded. All eleven were blown away.

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