Chapter 3172: Immortal Descent

Eleven progenitors with the dark messenger backing them up - this group was enough to make anyone tremble in fear.

They didn’t need to activate their auras at all; just their presence alone spoke plenty.

None could breathe normally in Immortal Lineage. They felt like ants being stepped on by a giant. 

No one has ever seen such a mighty group before. Eleven progenitors meant invincibility. Who in this world could take them on?

Of course, everyone suddenly stared at Li Qiye with both hope and worries in their eyes.

“Can Fiercest do it?” One master said reticently. He might be the only one who heard it.

In reality, those in Immortal Lineage didn’t look down on Li Qiye. They actually considered him to be the strongest of their world - their Prime Progenitor.

However, one against eleven? One couldn’t be confident under such disadvantageous circumstances.

Moreover, there was an even stronger dark messenger behind them - potentially a member of the Decemvirate.

“The high heaven has eyes and will help Fiercest repel the darkness to save Three Immortals.” Everyone started to pray quietly again.

Cultivation was about defying the heaven and natural orders. Alas, they had no choice but to pray to the heaven today.

Most never believed that the heaven has eyes, only that the world was ruled by the strongest. They went against their belief today by praying.

“Fiercest will be victorious! Victorious! Victorious!” A chant broke out before the battle!

“Victorious!” Waves after waves of cheering echoed.

This didn’t only serve to encourage Li Qiye but also themselves. This was the only way to feel better. If he were to lose? They didn’t even dare nor want to think about this possibility.

“Excuse us then.” One of the progenitors got to the point without wasting words.

“Boom!” Their auras erupted and terrorized Immortal Lineage, causing violent earthquakes everywhere.

Everyone felt unrest, akin to being stuck on a ship during a violent storm out in the ocean. This naturally scared the soul out of them.

They started grabbing the thing nearest to them - a pillar, digging deep into the mud with both hands or actually jumping down a pit…

The power present could turn this world and its inhabitants into dust at any moment.

“Boom!” The domain around them became engulfed in flames. Even the sun rays couldn’t pierce through.

Each spark of flame had an unreal destructive property. The strongest lineage and cultivator would stand zero chance.

They gathered into a grand momentum. This eventually resulted in a temporal blockade in the form of many waves.

Time has always flowed since the start of the world. This flow never changed regardless of what happened.

However, the flow of time has been stopped here due to a massive tsunami created by these progenitors. The future was no longer there. Only the past and present existed now. 

Everyone suddenly lost their future - no tomorrow, no descendants, everything stopped here and now.

This was a bizarre yet dreadful feeling. Nothing was scarier than not having a future.

“Immortal Descent!” The eleven roared in unison, mixing the yin and yang together to form a new world.

An immortal ray suddenly descended from above, illuminating the river of time. It wasn’t affected nor withered by this temporal flow at all.

Normally, crossing the river of time would age anyone to death. This was inevitable.

Alas, this ray crossed through billions of years and remained unchanging. It didn’t weaken, seemingly eternal.

“What’s going on?” Everyone had a bad feeling while watching this.

Time was the most frightening affinity. No one wanted to be caught because just one wrong move would result in grave consequences, potentially death.

Thus, this move focusing on the river of time was as ominous as can be.

“Rumble!” The ray issued continuous detonations. It seemed to be absorbing the chaos energy of the myriad realms and ages.

Yin and yang became friends; the karmic cycles met the reincarnation cycles…

This resulted in a wondrous phenomenon. Karma turned into the head; the reincarnation cycle turned into the body; yin and yang formed the four limbs.

A massive figure stood among the temporal river, looking like the lord of time.

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