Chapter 3171: Fighting Eleven Progenitors

The messenger was awfully earnest with his words. His voice and expression said that it came from the heart without any ulterior motive. He was really trying to give Li Qiye a chance to leave.

The crowd became nervous, wanting to know what Li Qiye would do.

“No need, it’s enough right now. I’m waiting for your master but it looks like he’s not coming.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

He paused for a bit before continuing while looking at his foes: “Of course, maybe the master will show up after I beat his dogs. Nonetheless, I do appreciate your goodwill but I have made up my mind.”

This firm answer reassured the nervous crowd.

“Our savior!” Numerous cultivators kowtowed to him.

The dark progenitors turned the sight towards the messenger, waiting for him to make a decision.

“We won’t force the issue then. However, not even you will be able to stop us from destroying Immortal Lineage.” The messenger said.

“Let’s just fight then. We’ll see if your master will come after you’re dead.” Li Qiye lazily stretched then asked: “One by one or all together? I don’t care either way, you pick.” 

They turned their gaze back on him. As progenitors, they have grown used to dominating but now, Li Qiye treated them with such disdain.

Anger wasn’t their reaction. In fact, their eyes turned brighter, eager to give it a shot.

Most of them were taken down by him earlier so they knew that fighting fairly was idiotic. Thus, the question became how much power could they draw out of him while fighting together? They wanted to see his actual abilities.

Their battle spirit surged, wanting to see the invincibility of someone with thirteen palaces.

“We’re absolutely not a match for you individually so we must shamelessly come together. Forgive us.” Left Bank Progenitor responded.

Progenitors rarely worked together, let alone more than ten. Alas, they didn’t have a choice today against a monster of this level.

“I agree.” Coiling Dragon couldn’t wait much longer.

“All of us together then?” The remaining progenitors exchanged glances.

“That’s fine, go for it.” Li Qiye laughed in response.

Everyone below started sweating for him. This might be an unprecedented feat, fighting against eleven progenitors at the same time. Not even a member of the Decemvirate had done it previously. It seemed too risky.

However, no one could really do anything. They were too weak to help him. Praying was the only thing they could do.

“It’s all about survival. Leave honor and glory aside.” Tenacious Fardao uttered coldly: “I’m not interested in this circus act and do not want to die. I’m leaving.” 

His figure shifted into disappearance for a quick escape.

The messenger’s eyes narrowed but he didn’t do nor say anything. He didn’t wish to have any internal conflict before the fight. That might prove to be fatal.

The spectators couldn’t believe it. Even the dark progenitors found this astounding.

Numerous masters would rather die in battle than escaping like a coward. However, Tenacious Fardao didn’t give a damn. He only wanted to survive even if it meant ruining his reputation in front of everyone.

Victory and defeat didn’t matter to him. He simply didn’t wish to die to Li Qiye.

“Tenacious Fardao…” A spectator murmured this title.

Today, his image was completely broken. So many viewed him as a great figure and role model in the past. They believed that he was unyielding and determined, fearless as well. None of these characteristics were shown today.

Nonetheless, he himself had said that survival was his main goal. The virtues attached to him were added by the future generations stemming from their imagination.

Thus, this action wasn’t contrary to his original intention. He clearly knew that Li Qiye was too strong. Fighting seemed suicidal so why not escape first?

Glory and pride were meaningless in his eyes. People could call him a lowly coward all they want. 

“Maybe that’s just the nature of men.” One ancestor murmured in a daze, able to sympathize with Tenacious Fardao.

Of course, many were disappointed as well, especially those who were motivated after hearing stories about him.

“Tenacious is gone but we can still sweep through Three Immortals.” The messenger coldly said.

“Let’s team up for one fight.” The other progenitors agreed for two main reasons.

First, they couldn’t handle running away from a junior just like Tenacious. But the second reason was the most important - they wanted to see the power and profundity of the thirteen palaces. They would regret letting go of this chance for the rest of their lives otherwise.

“Spread out for the formation, Immortal Descent.” The messenger ordered.

The others immediately moved to surround him, forming various momentums in the form of a true dragon or kun peng…

They have yet to attack yet still gave the impression that they were the rulers of Immortal Lineage.

This wasn’t far from the truth. Eleven progenitors on the same team were as frightening and unbeatable as can be.

However, Li Qiye remained nonchalant.

One notable thing was that the dark messenger stood outside the formation, seemingly waiting for the right opportunity to take Li Qiye down.

“We have twelve men with numerous killing moves. Let’s see what your thirteen palaces can do.” The messenger said.

“Seems like you’ve come prepared.” Li Qiye stared at him first then the rest of the progenitors.

He was right, they have come up with ways to deal with various scenarios.

“We will resort to any means necessary to kill you, including a backstab.” The messenger said: “Please be careful now, it’s a fight to the death.”

A sneak attack was dishonorable but this was as open and candid as can be. At least the messenger was upfront about it.

“Indeed.” Li Qiye didn’t blame them.

“Let’s get started. We’ll see if a miracle will happen today.” The messenger told the eleven progenitors.

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