Chapter 3170: Prime Progenitor

The thirteen palaces hanging in the air were unique in history. The progenitors present had no choice but to be lost in awe and admiration. This miracle was the first in Three Immortals.

“The greatest progenitor of our world.” One ancestor got on his knees and shouted.

“Our invincible savior! He deserves the title of Prime!” Others kneeled as well, treating Li Qiye as the strongest and their savior.

The dark progenitors had no choice but to watch in silence. None of them objected.

Though a few actually thought that calling him “Prime Progenitor” was a bit too much; they wouldn’t vocally oppose it.

Creating thirteen palaces was a peerless achievement. Even if he wasn’t the greatest, he wasn’t that far off.

No one on the dark side dared to challenge him one-on-one, fully aware that this was futile. A fight like that would end with them being dominated despite being at the immortal level.

In fact, the dark messenger, a potential member of the Decemvirate, also had a serious expression. Li Qiye was the second strongest he had seen outside of the terrifying dark existence.

“It’s great that someone has managed to do this in Three Immortals. I have heard of this possibility during my youth and painstakingly attempted to get the thirteenth one to no avail, just missing one last step.” The messenger said with respect: “Since you have done it, calling you Prime in this world isn’t out of line.”

Virtually everyone became convinced after hearing this. A member of the Decemvirate was definitely an apex figure in Three Immortals. His words carried ample weight.

If he believed that Li Qiye was worthy of the title “Prime”, this should be the case.

“Just casually got it, that’s all.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

People found it unbelievable to hear this; some even became crazy. The dark progenitors smiled wryly in response.

As immortal-level progenitors, they have tried to break the limit before in order to come up with a miracle. Unfortunately, their effort yielded zero fruit.

Thus, Li Qiye’s comment was rage-inducing, to say the least. People couldn’t help wanting to choke him for being so ridiculous.

“You should have run far away with this achievement.” The dark messenger said without any animosity: “I’m sure you would have found another place to stay, a place to call home. Unfortunately, your miracle dies here along with Three Immortals.”

“My home is on the battlefield, fighting until I slay all the fake immortals. That’s what should be done.” Li Qiye responded in a domineering manner.

“Well said!” Those from Immortal Lineage cheered.

“Very courageous and commendable, I once harbored the same ambition as you.” The messenger was slightly moved and nodded.

Everyone else became silent. No one would dare to mock a member of the Decemvirate because the majority really believed him.

How many have reached his height? Even regular progenitors needed to look up to see him. Thus, his fallen state was truly a shame.

He withdrew his blurred gaze and shook his head: “But in the end, it’s all pointless. When we possessed magnificent aspiration and confidence, those above looked down and saw all of this, thinking how funny it is to watch the ants struggle.”

This emotional response pained the listeners. This progenitor must have experienced something dreadful, something powerful beyond their imagination.

“So what? Take them all down too. I will enter the expanse and kill all those standing in my way, establishing my supremacy.” Li Qiye nonchalantly smiled.

Everyone felt a loud thump as if they were smashed by a hammer, the fallen progenitors included.

No one thought that he was only spewing bullshit. He spoke with such conviction and confidence that the crowd became affected, fully convinced by him.

“So courageous, but…” Eight Treasures Progenitor became emotional but stopped speaking, seemingly afraid of something.

“I know what you want to say, he is slumbering in Uncrossable Expanse but that’s not important. Provoke me and I’ll take him down too.” Li Qiye said.

People felt their blood boiling; some started gazing towards the direction of Uncrossable Expanse.

They could imagine Fiercest traveling through the waves and sweeping through the darkness, bringing peace to Immortal Lineage.

“I’m sure you will stay true to your words.” The dark messenger’s eyes became profound. He put on a serious expression and continued: “But even in the case of success at the expanse, it still won’t change anything.”

There was a tinge of sadness now in his voice: “Three Immortals have been exposed. Its doomsday is inevitable, only a matter of time. Even if I can’t destroy it, someone else will.”

The dark messenger had higher status and knew more than the progenitors. He didn’t mind speaking out, unlike the others.

“I disagree. The world will continue to exist as long as I’m around.” Li Qiye didn’t buy it.

“Leave, we’ll pretend to not see you here.” The messenger tried his best to see through Li Qiye before suggesting.

This made everyone nervous; all eyes became fixated on Li Qiye. They were afraid that he might actually leave.

He was the only one who could save them now. His departure meant the end of Three Immortals.

“You’re mistaken about something. I don’t consider your group as real opponents. It’s not hard to destroy all of you or your master if he comes here. I’ll cut off his dog head.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Damn! Fiercest will really win!” Some cultivators below started shouting.

“Obviously! Fiercest can’t lose!” An air of confidence permeated Immortal Lineage.

On the other hand, the dark messenger and the progenitors didn’t become angry.

“If you wish to make a real change, a true victory, you should leave.” The messenger sincerely said: “You haven’t reached a level of invincibility yet, buying more time is essential instead of reckless actions.”

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