Chapter 3169: I Am Unbeatable

The swift beating dished out by Li Qiye left the world in a state of fear and tranquility.

Not to mention regular people, even the other progenitors stood there in a daze.

“Boom!” Li Qiye didn’t stop there and moved forward, crushing the various affinities with just one stomp. He didn’t need to use laws and merit laws to dominate.

The progenitor fighting against the bull became aghast, shifting his focus and treasures on stopping the incoming stomp.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough and he got smashed into the ground, creating a huge crater. Many bones were broken.

“Haha! You’re all finished, our backup is here!” The bull laughed, not caring about its serious wounds.

After taking down this progenitor, Li Qiye shifted to another battlefield where Everlasting Jiang was in a horribly mangled state. Nonetheless, he kept on resisting.

These three progenitors couldn’t react in time before Li Qiye grabbed Coiling Dragon’s tail and lifted him up.

His massive frame didn’t matter at all, completely helpless against Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smashed another progenitor with Coiling Dragon, using him like a spear. The victim’s armor instantly crumbled; blood gushed out of his mouth.

“Die!” Stone Harmony Progenitor retaliated by shooting a heavenly seal at Li Qiye’s head.

“Boom!” The seal exploded into a thousand meteors.

Li Qiye raised his “spear” and smashed away all the meteors. Coiling Dragon bellowed from the pain after being struck head-on.

Li Qiye then swung Coiling Dragon into the heavenly seal, instantly crushing it. Both Coiling Dragon and Stone Harmony vomited blood.

He then suddenly let go of Coiling Dragon, throwing him straight at Stone Harmony.

The two of them smashed onto the ground and broke all the nearby mountains.

Everlasting Jiang didn’t even have time to thank Li Qiye before the latter moved onto the next battlefield where Trinity Eccentric was.

Trinity was fighting against Tenacious Fardao and another progenitor. He was retreating and buying time while laying traps but he still got caught, resulting in grave injuries.

Tenacious Fardao and this progenitor have been waiting for Li Qiye. The moment he got there, Tenacious attacked with a chilling wave of light.

“Zzz…” Time and space froze immediately. This light wave was something extremely cold, capable of freezing anything.

Li Qiye and the area around him became a large glacier.

“Shit!” One spectator screamed.

However, this didn’t affect him at all. The glacier was still moving forward.

“Boom!” His two foes tried to dodge but still got struck by the glacier.

The glacier pushed them all the way to the ground before exploding. Li Qiye walked out, unharmed.

“Yes!” The inhabitants of Immortal Lineage applauded.

“Fiercest, Fiercest, Fiercest!” His title echoed across Immortal Lineage since the capable spectators saw him taking down one progenitor after another.

His next target was the battlefield between the old tree demon and the dark messenger.

The two retreated and the messenger didn’t attack Li Qiye right away, only staring intensely at him.

The other fallen progenitors have also backed off. They knew that defeating this person was necessary in order to take down Immortal Lineage.

“Your nemesis is here.” The old demon laughed and didn’t feel like fighting anymore. He returned to the academy’s ground.

Li Qiye had garnered the full focus from the legions of darkness by this point. They no longer cared about the other combatants.

“So powerful, you might be the second strongest being I have seen.” The messenger praised.

“That was only a warm-up, nothing more.” Li Qiye leisurely said.

“Fiercest will win for sure, I just know it.” One spectator said before the next set of battles. Everyone in Immortal Lineage became Li Qiye’s biggest supporters. They prayed for his victory while thinking that he was the only one who could save them.

“Looks like everyone is counting on you.” The messenger heard them and said.

“It’s no big deal. If your dark lord doesn’t come, I can kill all of you in a few moves then I’ll head over to Uncrossable Expanse for another massacre.” Li Qiye said.

“You’re quite confident.” Eight Treasures Progenitor became dissatisfied.

Though they lost to him in the first exchange, there were twelve progenitors here on top of one Fardao. This was an unstoppable group even from a historical perspective.

That’s why Li Qiye’s claim of defeating them in a few moves was considered haughty.

“Is that so? I don’t even need to go all out to defeat your bunch.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Boom!” His palaces started flying out.

“Thir-thirteen palaces…” His opponents became shocked at this sight after seeing all thirteen.

“There are really thirteen of them. Looks like my defeat was justified.” Bamboo Progenitor emotionally said.

He didn’t like the swift defeat earlier but finally took it in stride after seeing the palaces.

“A miracle of the ages. Someone has actually done it.” Cicada said.

“I have never been able to see the door to this level yet you have created them. Incredible.” Tenacious Fardao slightly bowed.

The entire group exchanged glances. Their expression became solemn and heavy; the same with their breathing.

A while ago, they thought that he had the element of surprise on his side. Now, they were at a loss for words. Only praises could be heard from the group.

“I can’t believe this is possible.” Coiling Dragon who got toyed with earlier murmured.

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