Chapter 3168: Rampage

“It’s Fiercest!” The survivors shouted at this sight.

“He’s finally helping us and saving Immortal Lineage!” Another screamed.

“The strongest in our world! We’re saved!” Some started tearing up.

Everyone in Immortal Lineage saw hope again with his appearance, hoping that his invincibility would be enough to kill these dark invaders.

Li Qiye glanced at the battlefield and saw the mountains of corpses. Tens of million troops have been massacred. Even the commanders consisting of emperors and Everlastings have gone down.

“Darkness? I’ll let you all have a taste of fear from the real darkness.” Li Qiye let out a faint smile.

“Poof!” An evil flame surged at an incredible rate from him, becoming increasingly ferocious.

Eventually, it turned into a terrible beam capable of crushing the firmaments and all else. He became a fiend, a supreme devil king with absolute authority. His gaze alone could incinerate the nine heavens and annihilate the gods and emperors. 

“Boom!” The beam started sweeping the area, cutting through space and time.

“Ahh!” Thousands of dark invaders exploded after being hit by the beam and turned into smoke.

“Rumble!” The ships above were cut to pieces, reduced to falling fireballs slamming into the ground.

This fiery form of his looked unstoppable. Even the fallen progenitors were only minor characters in comparison.

It didn’t take long before he massacred the dark legions uncontested. 

“Fiercest is really invincible, we’re saved!” Numerous members of the alliance started crying.

“Your Excellency, please save Three Immortals!” Some got on their knees and started bowing.

“Die!” The progenitor that got blown away earlier returned and attacked from above. His technique made the myriad dao bellow in pain.

“You’re courting death.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Boom!” The dark flames suddenly converged around his fist. His arm resembled a dragon god with golden scales. Its weight could crush the entire world.

His punch easily pierced through the progenitor’s technique and seized the guy’s throat like a pincer. 

This scene was too shocking and caught the crowd off guard. An immortal-level progenitor seemed helpless against Fiercest while hanging in the air by the neck.

“Boom!” Li Qiye smashed his face down on the ground with enough force to strip away his flesh, revealing the skull.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Li Qiye didn’t stop and smashed repeatedly, leaving a deep pit stained by blood and bits of flesh.

“Stop!” A sharp ray pierced through the air after a shout. Bamboo’s old root flew straight at Li Qiye, wanting to deliver a fatal blow.

“Watch out!” The spectators shouted in horror but the root was so fast that it was already inches from Li Qiye’s forehead.

Time suddenly stagnated - a second became a million years. People could see the next action clearly - Li Qiye held the root between his fingers.

“Boom!” He then flipped his hand and broke it apart.

“Ahh!” This pain was unbearable because the root has always been there for Bamboo.

In the next second, Li Qiye appeared next to Bamboo’s gigantic frame and unleashed a flurry of punches. The tree fell to the ground, smashing one mountain after another.

This bamboo tree was verdant with countless leaves a while ago. As time went on, the leaves have been stripped off from the impact, leaving a barren tree broken in many places.

He then lifted the tree up then pinned it down on the ground like a real tree. It wouldn’t be easy for Bamboo to come back out due to the damages suffered.

“Yes!” The spectators couldn’t help cheering him on. 

“Our savior! Our guardian!” Some became emotional and loud. Excited cheers and weeping could be heard all over Immortal Lineage. 

“Seal!” Cicada’s group dropped their current battle and focused on suppressing Li Qiye.

“Boom!” Time and space suddenly shrank by the power of the grand dao. The entire area was forced into a little section.

Even the stars and the light had no way to escape from this sealing technique. There would be no way out; he would be stuck in there for millions of years.

“Boom!” Li Qiye exuded the brightest light, reaching all the way to Uncrossable Expanse and the other two worlds.

The detonations erupted on an exponential scale. One probably could still hear the remnant vibrations long into the future.

The powerful seal of three progenitors couldn’t handle this bright explosion and crumbled. All three progenitors got sent flying for ten million miles, grievously injured.

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