Chapter 3167: Who Can Save Three Immortals?

“Boom!” Meanwhile, Trinity Eccentric initiated a battle with Tenacious Fardao again. This time around, another unknown progenitor joined the fray on the side of Tenacious.

These two have been fighting evenly so the eccentric fell into a disadvantage right away, only able to passively defend himself.

“Finish this, sweep through this place and destroy the academy then Five Elements Mountain.” The two remaining unknown progenitors personally led the dark legions to attack the alliance.

“My ass!” The gigantic bull roared and thrust its horns towards one of them.

“Come!” This progenitor laughed and retaliated with a heavenly seal.

The bull had no choice but to fight this progenitor alone because two progenitors could wipe out tens of million troops instantly.

In fact, just handling one was tough enough, let alone two.  The soldiers were nothing more than ants compared to them.

“Start.” The last progenitor moved forward. 

The alliance had no other choices. They faced a pincer attack from both of the dark legions on top of suffering the aura of a progenitor.

He rampaged through the battlefield and massacred countless soldiers.

Thus, Hui Qingxuan, Holyfrost, Violet Dragon, Supreme, and other emperors and Everlastings worked together to stop this progenitor.

“Rumble!” More than ten masters faced him head-on. They were all top existences only beneath the progenitorial realm. This would go down as a famous tale as well.

This brutal contest had one Everlasting and emperor exploding into fleshy bits after another.

“Kill them all!” The soldiers of the alliance were ready for death and marched towards the dark legions.

Their opponents didn’t need to shout. Due to their formational advantage, they easily pushed the alliance to the brink of death.

The individual members of the dark legions were just too strong, capable of pushing the alliance soldiers back.

“Ahh!” Countless generals and soldiers were massacred. Their corpses and blood rained down.

The brutality of this war was obvious but the alliance couldn’t back down. No one tried to escape and only wished to fight the dark legions till death.

“We’re mobilizing.” Tai Yinxi saw this and gave the order.

“Commander, what about the sky moat?” One general asked.

“What’s the point of this place if Immortal Lineage is no longer there. We won’t last afterward anyway.” Tai Yinxi shouted.

The generals shuddered and agreed with this logic.

“Let’s go, protect Immortal Lineage!” The generals ordered their individual battalions and mobilized towards the dark legions.

“Kill them!” The morale of the alliance rose with the help of Sky Pass Legion. The survivors grouped up and rushed forward again. 

This battle was obviously brutal but the same was happening above with the progenitors.

Unfortunately, Immortal Lineage was also losing on this front, completely taking a thrashing.

The only exception was the old demon who fought evenly against the dark messenger. The other progenitors from this world were all losing.

The demon and the messenger were too strong. Their battlefield was shrouded by lightning bolts and chaos. No one could see anything, only some flashing figures at best.

“Rumble!” Everlasting Jiang had wounds all over from fighting against three progenitors.

Nonetheless, he was still spirited and unyielding like a divine mountain. His domineering perseverance was commendable.

“Pluff!” Coiling Dragon left behind a bone-deep cut on the everlasting’s chest with his claw. Numerous ribs were broken as well.

“It’s not too late to run.” Stone Harmony said as he released a meteor at the everlasting.

“Never!” Everlasting Jiang tried his best to block it, only to lose an arm.

“Have it your way.” The unknown progenitor shot out thousands of laws in the form of arrows towards the everlasting’s chest.

Blood splashed again but the everlasting still didn’t give up.

On the other side, Lotus Progenitor was also grievously wounded. She couldn’t handle fighting against three progenitors.

As she retreated into the horizon, a divine mountain with several colors appeared. Hymns echoed as it began blessing her.

“The blessing of the mountain still can’t save you.” Eight Treasures attacked with numerous weapons again.

Lotus Ancestor became resplendent and fought the trio again. She vomited blood while using profound techniques.

“You won’t last much longer.” Cicada’s wings cut down, releasing blinding slashes all over.

The ancestor turned into a lotus as a defensive measure. Alas, the trio managed to cut down numerous petals and leaves, eventually getting through to her real body.

The ones suffering the most were Luminous Master and Orchid Sage. They didn’t stand a chance against Bamboo and Left Bank Progenitor.

After several powerful hits, both got turned to bloody mists.

However, time started reversing since the inhabitants of Immortal Lineage were praying for them. This faith allowed them to come back again.

This was the only thing they had going for them, being the progenitors of the current generation. They could utilize its temporal affinity and the faith of its inhabitants. These things kept them alive.

“Again!” They roared and darted forward again, aware that they had no chance of winning.

However, they needed to keep these two at bay in order to stop them from killing others.

“This isn’t salvageable.” Left Bank shook his head.

The sage and the master didn’t say anything and continued using their strongest techniques and treasures.

“You won’t last much longer.” Tenacious Fardao shouted on another front.

Trinity Eccentric was fighting while retreating. He threw down gold coins capable of stealing the fortune of heaven. They turned into heavenly formations and earth tribulations in order to stop Tenacious and another progenitor.

Unfortunately, both weren’t enough to stop his foes. They were too strong and could easily break through these formations with just a few moves.

However, Trinity was able to buy more time because his supply of gold coins seemed endless.

Meanwhile, the bull was blown away by his foe. This progenitor grabbed one horn and shouted: “Break!” 

“Crack!” He successfully ripped out the horn.

“I’ll kill you!” The bloodied bull lunged forward in a futile manner.

“Ahh!” Below, the alliance was being massacred. Eighty to ninety percent has been killed. More systems continued to send their legions but this still wasn't enough. They were only coming to die!

“Heaven has forsaken our world!” One ancestor screamed in despair after seeing the miserable situation.

“Ahh!” Hui Qingxuan’s group was in shambles. The last progenitor decapitated several Everlastings. Supreme Emperor was cut into two halves while Tai Yinxi also lost one arm.

“No one can save you. Three Immortals will fall.” This progenitor swept through the battlefield uncontested.

“No!!” People cried out while watching their fellow soldiers scream and fall.

“Who told you that?” Suddenly, a figure landed from above.

“Boom!” He punched forward, revealing his supremacy.

The progenitor got sent flying and vomited blood.

“Fiercest!” Some lucky survivors shouted after seeing this newcomer.

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