Chapter 3166: Ultimate Battle

The messenger’s comment shook everyone to the core, progenitors included.

One could definitely confirm that he was a member of the Decemvirate - a heaven-defying being. Alas, he was serving as an errand boy?

This wasn’t empty humility; he really meant it.

This made everyone wonder about the beings behind the darkness. No one could imagine how terrible they must be. 

“Immortals?” One ancestor murmured.

This was the only thing people could come up with. Only immortals would be able to command these top progenitors.

The majority of the world didn’t believe in the existence of immortals. Alas, this seemed to be the only reasonable explanation.

“Just wait and see. Our paths and goals are different, we just need to fight it out.” The demon said.

“Yes.” The dark messenger nodded and became solemn: “Let me be the one to end this world.”

“Buzz.” The demon stopped speaking and raised his hand to gather the light affinity. Three Immortals seemed to be within his grasp right now, resulting in total cosmic control.

His body also erupted with a flame of the light affinity, chasing away all the darkness.

The inhabitants bathed under this soothing affinity once more. Their fear of darkness was pushed away. They looked up and saw the light illuminating the azure.

“May the light bless us all…” Not just the academy but the entire world started chanting. They bowed in reverence while reciting light mantras.

“Buzz…” All living beings in Immortal Lineage along with the land sent out their light once more towards the tree demon.

“Boom!” He became the source of the light, an omnipresent ocean.

It washed over Immortal Lineage and gave everyone ample courage.

“We must defend our world no matter what!” The frightened cultivators prior suddenly roared; their battle spirit surged again.

“Incredible.” The messenger saw the accumulation of the light and said: “No one has reached your level with the light outside of Desolate Saint.”

“Make your move.” The tree demon’s light flame seemed eager to purify all darkness.

“Very well!” The messenger raised his hand and an ancient aura suddenly gushed out.

He seemed to be hidden in the river of time like a supreme lord. Nothing would ever be able to shake him. This aura actually left others in awe. Some couldn’t help wanting to prostrate.

This dark being still possessed a pure aura that has nothing to do with the darkness.

Many ancestors started guessing his identity based on this particular aura.

“I’m starting.” The messenger started with a temporal palm seal.

“Bring it!” The tree demon retaliated by raising both hands, directly facing the seal.

“Boom!” A temporal explosion erupted like a broken dam. Violent earthquakes happened all over Immortal Lineage.

Fortunately, their ferocious contest took place in a separate dimension. Otherwise, numerous people would have died from the shockwaves alone.

“Rumble!” The two have exchanged numerous blows in the blink of an eye. The battlefield became engulfed in terrible lights, ravaged by astral gales.

They were too fast for regular cultivators. Even the strongest ancestors didn’t see anything clearly during this cataclysmic battle.

“Finish this as fast as possible!” Everlasting Jiang appeared and unleashed a devastating punch aimed at Coiling Dragon and Stone Harmony.

“Bring it!” The two shouted while attempting to stop the blow together.

“Count me in.” A different progenitor joined in to stop Everlasting Jiang.

A while ago, a total of six progenitors tried to stop the sluice. Five outside of Stone Harmony have yet to show their appearance.

“Boom!” The three progenitors formed a triangular formation to stop Everlasting Jiang. The latter fell into a disadvantage regardless of his power.

“I’m coming.” Lotus Ancestor noticed this and wanted to assist him. Unfortunately, Cicada and Eight Treasures blocked her path.

“I’ve heard of your exploits long ago.” A second unknown progenitor also joined these two.

These dark progenitors wanted to kill the powerful combatants in Immortal Lineage as fast as possible.

Lotus Ancestor had no choice but to rush forward with a green radiance. The other three progenitors also released their auras in response.

“Boom!” One against three - a monstrous battle ensued.

“Boom!” Bamboo Progenitor’s gigantic form blocked Orchid Sage and Luminous Master from helping her.

Meanwhile, Left Bank Progenitor appeared behind them to stop them from escaping.

“I apologize as seniors needing to bully the juniors. Alas, the circumstances dictate so.” Left Bank Progenitor shook his head and said.

The two new progenitors naturally were no match for these veterans. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the time to force a fair duel.

Luminous Master and Orchid Sage exchanged glances.

“Let’s get started then, Senior.” Orchid Sage swung his brush and created an army of gods and devils.

Luminous Master exuded his golden radiance. The army of the sage became adorned with golden armors, seemingly unbreakable.

“Take them down!” The army created and empowered by these two progenitors marched towards Bamboo and Left Bank.

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