Chapter 3165: Decemvirate

A dark force terrorized the nine heavens and ten earths, sweeping over the sky like a flame. Three Immortals trembled violently as a result; the inhabitants cowered in fear. The hope found earlier quickly got extinguished.

“Not like this, oh spirits of the great sages, please come back and save your unworthy descendants.” Some got on their knees and started to pray with tears in their eyes. Calling the situation “grim” was an understatement.

If the two dark legions were to meet up, they would have a total of eleven dark progenitors and a Fardao.

On the other side, Immortal Lineage consisted of the tree demon, three progenitors, Everlasting Jiang, and Trinity Eccentric.

Most importantly, the main ship still had an unfathomable dark lord that has yet to show himself.

“Rumble!” The second dark legion made it through the wall and didn’t attack Sky Pass. It continued moving towards the academy with incredible speed.

They made it there right away and joined the battlefields. The sky of this system was taken over by battleships.

Even though the land was exuding bright light, these ships poured down the darkness. The system dimmed as a result.

“Nothing can save us now…” Despair permeated everyone after seeing the full containment.


“Boom!” The radiant tree demon purified the darkness with an attack, blowing away all of his foes.

His three opponents were completely beaten, bloodied from top to bottom. They stopped buying time and simply retreated, keeping a safe distance.

“Rumble!” The main ship with the dark drill has entered their area.

The old demon’s eyes narrowed while staring at the ship. He stopped pursuing his opponents.

In fact, the battle below also came to a halt.

Both the first dark legion and the alliance grouped up again and reformed their formations.

The alliance was surrounded on both sides by this point. The second dark legion, unfortunately, seemed far stronger than the first. 

“What should we do?” One ancestor asked.

“Till the last drop of blood.” The commander of the alliance, Five Elements Goddess Hui Qingxuan, powerfully answered.

Her soldiers gripped their weapon tightly and clenched their teeth. Immortal Lineage required their protection. This responsibility was theirs to shoulder.

“Immortal Lineage has many hidden dragons and crouching tigers indeed. So many years yet someone like you is still here.” A calm voice came from the main ship. [1]

All eyes were on the tree demon and the main ship now. The fate of Immortal Lineage was decided by these two.

“You are also unfathomable, why not come out and meet me?” The tree demon remained composed.

“Buzz.” A person materialized on the deck after a bright flash.

“Him again?” The spectators became startled. They have seen this person before - the messenger from the start.

Who would have thought that the messenger was actually the leader of this legion - a dark lord?

“Who are you?” Light exuded from the old demon’s eyes as if three thousand holy worlds resided in there.

This messenger purposely hid his identity so even the demon’s all-seeing eyes failed to notice anything.

This messenger was definitely not weaker than the old demon.

“I have long forgotten after severing my past.” The messenger sighed and said.

Most shuddered after hearing this response. A being strong enough to sever his past? This required insane power.

“Few progenitors in the history of Three Immortals can match me, only ten or so. Which one are you?” The tree demon glared at his foe.

Everyone saw him fight against four progenitors prior. His strength was as clear as day.

However, he believed that this messenger was qualified to fight him!

“A member of the Decemvirate!” They instantly came up with this conclusion and carefully stared at the dark messenger, wanting to find some clues.

Alas, the shroud of the messenger prevented any spying.

A while ago, some ancestors had prepared for this possibility. Alas, reality unfolding still struck hard.

The Decemvirate consisted of the greatest existences in Three Immortals. One of them was now on the darkness’ side. This was another tough setback on their morale.

“That’s not important.” The messenger smiled and shook his head: “I have heard of your tales. Though you lost to Desolate Saint back then, in my opinion, it’s an honorable defeat. Your understanding of the light far surpasses anyone.”

In the beginning, the majority actually thought that this tree demon was Desolate Saint himself, or a wondrous ancestor of the academy.

Now, they found out that he used to be Desolate Saint’s enemy? Truly unexpected.

“No need to talk about the past.” It was the demon’s turn to shake his head.

“Why didn’t you copy Desolate Saint? Walk away and there will be a place for you in this vast world.” The messenger asked.

“Unfortunately, I’m not him. He was only a passerby while I was born here and can’t just leave.” The demon smiled.

He paused for a moment before asking: “Then what about you? Why didn’t you just walk away, why fall to the darkness?”

“I’m simply making an unprecedented choice for Three Immortals’ sake, I have greater pursuits up above.” The messenger’s eyes became profound.

No one else said a thing during their conversation. They were the strongest combatants here right now. The outcome of this match depended on them.

“There’s no saving Three Immortals. Only destruction awaits.” The messenger finally concluded.

Though he spoke softly, his words smashed everyone’s heart like a hammer, causing them to freeze with despair.

“I actually see the opposite.” The demon smiled: “Today is your last day, someone will eradicate your darkness and turn all of you to ashes.”

“You’re too optimistic.” The messenger said: “In the eyes of others, we’re at the highest apex of cultivation. In reality, we’re nothing more than ants. See, I am nothing more than an errand boy right now.”

1. You here is formal/respectful

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