Chapter 3164: Broken Sky Moat

The cruel battle didn’t spare anyone. The strongest masters in Immortal Lineage still met their maker.

The dark legion was insanely strong, borderline being unstoppable. Fortunately, the alliance gained more and more members from the other systems. They joined the battlefield in order to aid the academy.

The number advantage made this fight even. Otherwise, the academy alone had no chance of stopping the invaders.

Both sides suffered heavy casualties by this point. The newcomers knew that they would definitely die the moment they joined.

In fact, their legions might not have a single survivor. Alas, they still came in waves, ready to face death in order to buy a little bit of advantage or time for the academy.

This symbol of hope couldn’t be destroyed or it would be the end for their world. They have seen the fate of Eight Treasures and Metalkin Divine Court.

Thus, many other systems sent their strongest legions and ancestors on this death journey.

“Ahh!” Wails resounded; bodies and blood fell from above.

“For Immortal Lineage! Never surrender!” An ancestor shouted before his last moment.

“Never surrender!” The legions also roared and recklessly charged onto the battlefield until their last breath.

The stench of blood was nauseating, to say the least. Alas, the combatants were too busy fighting and didn’t have time to care nor vomit.

“Rumble!” Up above, the fight between the progenitors was even more devastating. The myriad laws have been shattered, the same with the fabrics holding up reality.

Lotus Ancestor and the old tree demon were fighting against the four progenitors. A while ago, the demon alone could stop them. With the help of Lotus, he was able to suppress these four.

“Boom!” A light attack made contact with Bamboo.

“Ahh!” His mighty frame was severed by the demon.

Meanwhile, Cicada used his wings to cut through everything, successfully stopping the demon’s next attack to save Bamboo.

With the time bought, Bamboo’s body grew back. His roots started sucking worldly energy.

“Boom!” Cicada couldn’t stop the next light attack and was blown to pieces.

Bamboo and Left Bank instantly rushed over to stop the tree demon, buying time for Cicada to rebuild his body again.

These immortal-level progenitors were tough on top of being resilient. It was prohibitively difficult to actually kill any of them.

The enemies needed overwhelming strength or a Paragon Artifact. Otherwise, just a few moves weren’t enough to take them down.

These three progenitors worked together. Whenever one became wounded, the others would buy time for them to recover.

Of course, this didn’t mean that the tree demon couldn’t kill them. He only needed more time. The moment when their vitality and energy deplete would be their end.

On the other side, Lotus Ancestor fought against Eight Treasures Progenitor alone. The latter had utilized all of his mighty treasures but was still on the losing side, being continuously pushed back.

He became bloodied from top to bottom after receiving several serious attacks. He clearly wasn’t a match for Lotus Ancestor. His defeat and death seemed like it was only a matter of time.

“Yes!” Some ancestors celebrated.

The strength of the old tree demon was a pillar of hope. Lotus Ancestor might not be as powerful as him but she was still superior to ordinary immortal-level progenitors. She was worthy of her fame as a miracle creator.

With ample time, the duo should be able to kill these four and reverse the tide against the darkness.

“You have to succeed!” Now that the situation had become better in Immortal Lineage, the spectators shifted their focus to Sky Pass, hoping that Luminous Master, Orchid Sage, and Everlasting Jiang would be able to hold on.

They just needed to wait long enough for the tree demon’s victory. Once the dark battalions here were dealt with, they would be able to rush out of Sky Pass to join forces. This might be their only chance at victory.


“Boom!” The wall in space shook violently with the removal of the dark drill.

The cage trapping them had pulled them out of Sky Pass’ range.

“Yes!!” Tai Yinxi heaved a sigh of relief with jubilation in his eyes.

“Enough of this!” Suddenly, a roar erupted with an intensity capable of flipping over the world.

“Boom!” A dark power manifested. Everything else seemed tiny in comparison.

“Damn!” Tai Yinxi bellowed. Everyone else in Immortal Lineage became horrified.

The drill instantly became engulfed in a dark light while the grand momentum created by the two progenitors instantly crumbled. Thus, the cage and anchor also disappeared.

These two and Everlasting Jiang got blown flying while vomiting blood. One could hear the sound of their bones breaking - a sign of grievous injuries.

“Boom!” The dark drill slammed into the wall again.

Numerous soldiers on the wall fell to the ground from the violent shaking.

“Rumble!” The darkness intensified and illuminated the area in a fascinating manner. Clearly, the lord on the main ship has become furious and decided to take action.

“Keep it up!” Tai Yinxi loudly commanded.

Luminous Master and the other two had an aghast expression, not liking this development.

“Boom!” Alas, it was too late. The drill managed to crush the targeted brick.

“It’s over…” Tai Yinxi turned pale.

The trio rushed over, only to watch the dark legion enter the broken wall. They have successfully entered Immortal Lineage.

“We have to go back.” The trio became afraid of the two dark legions meeting up. This would be the end of their world.

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