Chapter 3163: Everlasting Jiang

“Crack!” The temporal barrier had more cracks, on the verge of collapsing before the onslaught of two progenitors.

“Shit!” The spectators in Immortal Lineage watched in horror.

The fall of the barrier would expose Luminous Master and Orchid Sage to these dark progenitors.

They would have to give up controlling the grand momentum and formation, indicating a failure of their plan. This moment became extremely crucial.

“I don’t think the temporal barrier can last much longer.” A Supreme Everlasting murmured.

The master and the sage had the advantage of time on their side. Alas, Coiling Dragon and Stone Harmony were simply superior in terms of fighting power. That barrier could only stop them temporarily.

If it were to fall, the duo would be killed. Next would be Immortal Lineage.

“We can’t go outside…” Some mighty ancestors clenched their fists.

They wanted to go help the two progenitors, sacrificing themselves just to buy a few seconds for their progenitors. Alas, they were outside of Sky Pass. It was impossible to get there.

“Crack!” Broken noises could be heard as more cracks appeared all over the barrier.

“It’s about to break…” A spectator shuddered in fear.

“Boom!” Sure enough, the temporal barrier scattered into crystallized pieces.

“Time to end this!” Stone Harmony and Coiling Dragon made their moves while shouting.

“Nooo!” The spectators shouted.

The duo might not be able to block the incoming attack so failure was imminent.

In the next split second, a punch lifted a massive wave of heaven-defying dao laws. This fortified power sealed the area and stopped the attacks.

A terrible and cataclysmic blast emanated from the impact point. Nonetheless, the duo was saved. They continued working together to drag the legion towards Sky Ruins.

“Who is it?!” The spectators looked around and saw an old man.

He stood there, seemingly capable of stopping ten thousand men from entering the gate. He wore a simple robe with no other decoration. His stalwart and tough build made him look like a mountain. His beard was long enough to reach his chest. 

All in all, this was a mighty character capable of threatening everyone with a single glance.

“Do you know who he is?” Many had no idea who he was, only that he must be someone famous for being able to stop the attacks from two progenitors.

“That’s Everlasting Jiang.” An ancient ancestor recognized him and shouted.

“Everlasting Jiang!” So many became shaken after hearing this title; their mouth opened wide.

“Everlasting Jiang of Longevity Hall.” Someone else murmured this renowned title.

This person became an Everlasting at the age of twelve, defeating the myriad-level Truefire Progenitor at the age of twenty-five.

Since then, people have simply called him Everlasting Jiang. No one recalled his real name.

His talents and brilliance earned him a spot among the Ten Radiance, definitely among the top five too.

“There’s still a chance!” Some spectators became jubilated.

There were speculations regarding his death since he hasn’t shown himself in a long time. Rumor has it that he died during his final cultivation session, failing to break through.

Now, his appearance and power gave everyone a sliver of hope. 

“Such a powerful Everlasting.” Stone Harmony Progenitor couldn’t help but praise.

“You’re Jiang Ba, the person who defeated Truefire Progenitor.” Coiling Dragon Progenitor stared at the old man and said.

He had never met this person before but after the first exchange, he instantly knew who he was facing.

“Jiang Ba!” That’s the first time for many to hear Everlasting Jiang’s real name.

“Indeed.” Everlasting Jiang answered. This admission seemed casual but it still struck the crowd hard. 

He didn’t exude any aura right now but still looked impeccable just like a great overlord. No one would be able to get past him. 

“Your brilliant talent still isn’t enough to stop us nor save Immortal Lineage.” Stone Harmony shook his head.

The capable listeners shuddered. These words, albeit unpleasant,  were rooted in reality.

“Enough to slay you.” The everlasting responded in a domineering manner, fully confident in his abilities.

“Damn!” Some of them shouted.

Keep in mind that Stone Harmony was at the immortal level already yet Everlasting Jiang still showed so much confidence. Perhaps he could really back his words up.

“Maybe he is at the slayer level right now?” People started wondering.

A Slayer Fardao would be able to kill an immortal-level progenitor. Fardao had reached this height back then.

“True, but I am not alone. Only death awaits you.” Stone Harmony didn’t become angry.

“Let’s get started then.” The Everlasting seemed fearless regardless of how many progenitors were in his way.

“That’s how I like it, till death!” Coiling Dragon roared and performed a tail sweep. His tail covered the myriad realms and suppressed the world with immense destructive potential.

At the same time, his claws tore out space, aiming for the Everlasting’s throat.

Stone Harmony Progenitor raised both hands, melting the affinities around him into a boulder. This special boulder could crush all living beings, wanting to reduce the world back to its original state.

“Bring it!” Everlasting Jiang took one step forward, holding the yin and yang in his palms along with the reincarnation cycle.

“Boom!” Time became chaotic around the blast.

This bought time for Luminous Master and Orchid Sage to fully focus on using the grand momentum to drag the dark legion away.

“Creak!” The legion was stuck in the cage along with the main ship. The dark drill was being pulled out from the wall.


Meanwhile, the war between the alliance and the invaders raged on back on Immortal Lineage.

Blood drowned the battlefield with corpses scattering everywhere. So many famous ancestors and Everlastings have died so far. Sad, shrill cries of pain echoed through the realm.

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