Chapter 3162: Grand Momentum

Stone Harmony Progenitor left everyone silent. They knew that there was no point in trying to convince him.

He was no longer the progenitor hailing from Imperial Lineage. He no longer remembered nor cared about its inhabitants. They were no different from ants in his eyes.

“Since you wish to protect Immortal Lineage, come fight me with all your strength. You won’t succeed but at least you will have tried your best and will die without regrets.” Stone Harmony said.

“Boom!” He released a special dao rhythm in the form of a flame engulfing the entire area. The world seemed as tiny as an egg in comparison.

Or rather, it resembled a primordial stone found at the start of time. The progenitor carried this original power from the chaos.

He took one step forward. “Badump!” The tone from his pace suffocated the listeners, forcing them into submission.

“Come, let’s see how many moves you can last.” He challenged.

He wasn’t being arrogant. Though he wasn’t from this era, he was still an immortal-level progenitor stronger than the sage.

“I have no intention of fighting you, Senior.” The sage smiled and became resplendent as if millions and millions of years were gathering on him.

“You’re not leaving anymore!” Stone Harmony shouted. His fist became shrouded in chaos and dao explosion as he punched forward, piercing through time to strike the sage’s chest.

“Boom!” However, the sage also exceeded the temporal affinity in order to dodge the swift punch.

“Not bad.” The progenitor praised.

“Buzz.” In the next second, the sage appeared again next to Luminous Master.

“Dao Brother, this plan isn’t working out. Let’s go on to the next one.” The sage said, retreating while writing more characters.

The characters looked like stars engraved in various spots inside Sky Ruins. He seemed to be dragging time itself and controlling something in there.

“Boom!” Dao runes as large as mountain ranges emerged all over the area, successfully locking in the grand momentum then.

With more beautiful and swift strokes of his brushes, the power of Sky Ruins itself gathered in his palm.

“The power of Sky Ruins.” Even the dark progenitors became serious after seeing this.

Sky Ruins was large and mighty beyond imagination. If Orchid Sage could actually borrow this power, that would be something to be cautious of.

Moreover, the grand momentum formed so naturally from his characters. It was apparent that he had planned this for a while, placing formations all around Sky Ruins in order to gather this power.

“Activate!” Luminous Master roared. Golden light erupted around him with floating celestials. Time began flowing around him like a bright galaxy with the shape of a cosmic curtain.

“Temporal Barrier.” Coiling Dragon and Stone Harmony Progenitor instantly rushed over.

“Break!” The two of them exchanged glances before attacking.

“Boom!” Stone Harmony unleashed a dao fire palm strike.

“Clank!” The dragon utilized its sharp claw like a blade for the world-sharpest slash at the barrier.

The moment they touched the barrier, both the hand and the claw started withering.

This was the biggest advantage of Orchid Sage and Luminous Master. They were progenitors of this era and could utilize its temporal affinity.

On the other hand, their foes were far removed thus they were subjected to the withering of time the moment they touched the barrier.

“We’ll see how long you can last.” Stone Harmony and Coiling Dragon weren’t afraid in the slightest. They added vitality and true blood onto their attack.

“Buzz.” That hand and claw recovered with haste.

However, Luminous Master didn’t care about the two assailants. He focused on creating a grand formation in front of him.

All of Immortal Lineage resonated with a golden radiance. A supreme formation appeared in this world, resonating with the smaller one in front of the master.

Immortal Lineage turned into a great cage. Supreme laws from nature instantly surrounded the dark legion outside of Sky Pass, including the main ship.

It seemed that in order to break this cage, the dark legion would need to destroy all of Immortal Lineage first.

“Rumble!” The dark ships released their firepower on the cage, resulting in cracks and damages.

However, the cage was connected with Immortal Lineage. Thus, the power of the latter instantly poured into the cage and fixed all of the damages.

These two progenitors clearly wanted to borrow the power of their world to fight against the dark legion - a premeditated plan that had been set up long ago.

“Boom!” Meanwhile, the grand momentum of Sky Ruins turned into a massive anchor attaching itself onto the top of the cage. 

“Creak!” It started pulling the cage towards Sky Ruins.

“Banish!” Both the master and the sage roared.

The drill piercing onto the wall was forcefully moved back along with the entire legion.

“I see, they want to force the dark legion into Sky Ruins, maybe Ascension Pond?” Everyone understood the plan by this point.

“Break it down!” Stone Harmony and Coiling Dragon became serious and added true blood into the mix. They used their strongest power in an attempt to break the temporal barrier holding them back.

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