Chapter 3161: Progenitors As Defenders

The unstoppable starry rays destroyed numerous ships in the blink of an eye.

They then gathered into a single beam to shoot straight at the commanding ship with the dark drill.

“Boom!” Unfortunately, this ship had an incredible defensive barrier. The starry beam only managed to force some ripples on the barrier. The drill continued to spin and attack the weakened brick on the wall.

Another figure descended from above; his area was dazzling with starlights along with a resonating grand dao. He possessed a unique presence.

“Orchid Sage! He’s outside too!” The spectators in Immortal Lineage shouted.

The sage was just like Luminous Master. He didn’t hide in Immortal Lineage and chose to be on the frontline.

“Progenitors are still our hope.” Numerous people found hope after seeing these two.

Yes, progenitors from the darkness were returning to destroy Immortal Lineage. This crushed everyone’s image of these powerful beings, viewing them like primordial beasts at this point.

However, Luminous Master and Orchid Sage were putting their lives on the line to protect this world. Their selflessness was a great source of morale.

“Boom!” The sage raised his brush and released an ocean of runes. Countless waves began assaulting the main ship.

Alas, the runic waves were still stopped. They only made the ship tremble once. It seemed that his attack was slightly effective.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The other ships focused their firepower on him, blowing the spatial fabrics around him into smithereens.

He busily dodged the shots while hurriedly writing characters in the air. The power of the grand dao gathered in the characters.

With the final stroke, an ocean of tribulation emerged - one similar to the high heaven’s wrath. Lightning bolts rushed forward towards the ship, capable of crushing the myriad dao with its judgment.

Everyone knew that he was trying to stop the drill from breaking down the wall. They watched the explosions with bated breath and prayed for his success. This was especially true for Tai Yinxi whose palms were drenched with sweat. He was more nervous than anyone.

“Take him down.” The person from the main ship spoke again.

“Dao Brothers, keep it up for a while.” One of the six progenitors said and left his rank.

“Boom!” The sluice dropped further downward but the five progenitors channeled their vitality and energy.

“Creak…” They went all out and managed to hold it up.

The attacking progenitor grasped the cosmo in his palm with a pulsing light.

“Boom!” He roared and moved forward like a dragon before unleashing the energy palm strike, destroying the ocean of tribulation from the sage.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!” Orchid Sage staggered several steps backward.

“Immortal level!” He instantly realized the enemy’s cultivation level.

“Just fortunate enough to reach it not long ago.” The progenitor stood before the sage.

“What is your name, Senior?” The sage couldn’t confirm this person’s identity due to the black smoke.

The progenitor paused for a bit, falling into silence.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to let others know.” The sage stopped asking and raised his brush, ready for a battle.

“Might as well since we’ve gone so far.” The progenitor sighed. “Poof”. The black smoke dispersed, revealing an old man whose face exuded determination, almost like an unfading statue despite the weathers.

“Senior Stone Harmony. Your ‘Stone Appraisal Scripture’ is wondrous. I’ve greatly benefited from reading it.” The sage bowed.

“Stone Harmony Progenitor.” The spectators finally found out after listening to the sage.

He was a progenitor from Imperial Lineage, not that exceptional nor famous among his peers. Today, he was at the immortal level now.

Many turned their sight towards the other five progenitors. However, black smoke still covered their face. They had no intention of revealing their identity for now.

“Don’t call me Senior. And it is an honor to know that someone has read my scripture. Looks like you are quite an erudite scholar with a love for literature.” The progenitor shook his head.

The scripture mentioned by these two wasn’t a supreme merit law, only a book detailing the special rocks and stones in the world written by Stone Harmony during his youth. It was more for entertainment than anything.

Most cultivators wouldn’t waste their time on this type of book but Orchid Sage loved it. As for Stone Harmony, he was proud of this book as well so his impression of the sage became much better.

“Thank you, Senior, I’m simply biting off more than I can chew.” The sage said.

“Go, I won’t keep you here, we’ll pretend as if nothing has happened.” The progenitor looked at the sage and said.

This certainly surprised the crowd. So far, those coming back from the darkness have slain everything in their path including their descendants, let alone strangers.

Perhaps Stone Harmony Progenitor liked the sage for his comment earlier.

“I appreciate your kind intention.” The sage disagreed: “But I can’t just watch Immortal Lineage fall. This is the responsibility and mission of progenitors after proving our dao.” 

“I see. It’s nice being young, not old and fallen like us.” Stone Harmony pondered for a bit before smiling.

“You can also stand on our side, fight for Immortal Lineage’s sake.” The sage sincerely invited him.

Of course, every spectator hoped for this - a fallen progenitor switching side to fight against the darkness.

“I also appreciate your kind intention.” The progenitor smilingly shook his head: “For you, this world is worthy of your protection but as for me, it is just an unfamiliar world. I have killed plenty of people and destroyed numerous sects before, adding Three Immortals to the list is no big deal.” 

All progenitors needed to kill and destroy in order to reach the peak. This seemed rather natural.

Plus, Stone Harmony and perhaps some of the others had nothing to care about. His system and descendants were long gone by this point so he had zero emotional ties to Immortal Lineage. 

Destroying it wouldn’t invoke any emotion out of them.

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