Chapter 3160: Six Progenitors

“Boom!” The dreadful auras of six progenitors continuously quaked Immortal Lineage.

Everything seemed to be cracking from the mere pressure after they activated their power. All living beings became as vulnerable as ants. Just one wave from their auras would render them to ashes.

“Six progenitors!” The spectators below became stunned and trembled with fear.

Six more after the initial group. This meant that at least ten progenitors have returned on top of people like Tenacious Fardao.

The person behind the dark drill remained unknown. However, he should be clearly stronger than these six since he could command them.

In actuality, everyone wasn’t afraid of these auras. They have grown used to it after seeing so many.

Rather, the implication was the thing scaring them. Ten have returned; all fell into darkness. This prompted the question regarding the actual number of fallen progenitors.

Just thinking about the various possibilities left them with cold sweat. It wasn’t long ago that they had an optimistic mindset.

They thought that the first four progenitors were only a coincidence and that it would end there. Perhaps their own progenitors were still fighting on the front line against the darkness.

Now, it has become rather plausible that the majority, not minority, has fallen. They stopped thinking at this point because that scenario would be too hopeless.

Three Immortals would be finished. The lucky survivors would never be able to see the sun again after the darkness takes over.

“I hope not.” One cultivator murmured. The rest could only pray for the best.

“...” Tai Yinxi had prepared for the worst but facing six progenitors was still too much to take. The sluice might not be able to stop them.

“Boom!” The six of them raised their hands in order to stop the descending sluice.

“Creak…” The sluice actually stopped lowering since the six were strong enough to stop this all-crushing mass.

In reality, this shouldn’t be too surprising. The six of them working together could probably lift Immortal Lineage in its entirety.

“Aaa!” Many soldiers in Sky Pass Legion channeled the last sliver of their vitality, even their true fate into the wall.

“Rumble!” The sluice finally pushed down again with greater intensity with the influx of power from the soldiers.

However, the six progenitors looked like the greatest deities in existence. Nothing could ever move them.

That’s why the soldiers’ efforts were in vain. The only thing they did was make it just a little harder for the six progenitors by adding another wave.

“Why, for what reason?!” One expert glared at the six progenitors and screamed with indignation.

The six were shrouded in black smoke so no one could see who they were. However, they clearly came from Three Immortals.

The things trying to destroy Immortal Lineage weren’t devils from the darkness but its most respected progenitors.

Belief and faith instantly shattered. Some started hating their own ancestors and progenitors, not understanding the reason why.

This feeling was similar to how Eight Treasures Ancient Emperor felt before death - full of hatred, despair, and unwillingness.

His beloved grandfather still ended up killing him even though he was also the progenitor’s favorite. He didn’t understand even during his last second.

“Rumble!” Tai Yinxi felt ripples coming from the wall.

“Commander, the brick we added earlier is getting loose!” A general came and reported.

“We must stabilize it, do not let the enemy get through!” Tai Yinxi emotionally asserted.

He knew that it would be exactly like before; the enemy would be able to get through. If the ten progenitors were to group up, the consequences would be obvious.

“Impossible.” The general bitterly said: “The wall is too profound and vast for us to know how to fix it in such a short time.”

The commander couldn’t reprimand this general. He himself had lived long enough yet still didn’t fully understand the wall. They needed the help of Li Qiye and Five Elements Mountain before.

“Rumble!” The wall was shaking; the same with his heart.

“Commander, what should we do?” Another general asked.

Tai Yinxi had no response because they had done everything they could. They have defeated many enemies in the past but this time around, these unknown foes were just too powerful - the strongest they have ever seen.

“I don’t know.” Tai Yinxi didn’t have a direction. He eventually gritted his teeth and said: “Let the men maintain their post till the last second.”

Persevering was the only option. They were the first and final line of defense for Immortal Lineage, ready to fight until the very last man. That’s the only thing they could do in order to have no regrets and shame.

“Remember, we’ll die honorably in battle, never surrender!” Tai Yinxi told his generals.

“Affirmative, never surrender!” The generals also gritted their teeth.

They were ready to face death with equanimity. Of course, they knew that their death would also be futile and wouldn’t change anything. Nonetheless, they wouldn’t be ashamed of themselves nor would they be letting down their descendants and family members.

“What can we do?” The cultivators back in Immortal Lineage also felt helpless while watching the spinning drill.


“Age Domination!” Luminous Master roared. He had tried several times heading towards the drill but was stopped by the dragon.

Time started gathering around him, the hours and years of an entire era. As he had said earlier, this was his era - a great advantage. He could control the temporal power in the present.

“Boom!” He unleashed a temporal strike at the dragon.

“Zzz…” The inflicted dragon started decaying.

Coiling Dragon was a progenitor from an ancient era. He couldn’t avoid the withering of the present. Even someone as powerful as he was being damaged.

“Boom!” He roared and became as red as blood. His incredible bloodline activated and permeated each inch of his flesh.

This eruption of bloodline resulted in a boundless life force. The withered dragon gradually recovered.

This bloodline was simply horrifying, able to do something like reverse time itself. No wonder why this progenitor was so hellbent on obtaining it.

He stopped Luminous Master again, not letting the guy get closer to the drill.

“You can’t change anything even if you were at the immortal level. This is inevitable, no one can save Three Immortals.” The dragon shook its head.

“Boom!” Suddenly, starry rays descended from above with incredible destruction.

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