Chapter 3158: Another Assault On Sky Pass

“Boom!” The great legion of darkness has arrived again, shooting dark beams towards Sky Pass in the distance.

These dark beams, strangely enough, still illuminated space. One could easily imagine how powerful and brutal they were to have this property.

The world turned into a sieve before the incoming beams. Space and time ended along their path, replaced by chaotic maelstroms.

Meanwhile, the sky moat had activated its defense and turned into the greatest divine walls to separate Immortal Lineage from the invaders.

A boundless power came out of the earth and poured into the wall, consisting of the dao and sparks. Supreme dao runes appeared in full force and derived the most domineering defense. They stacked on top of each other to stop the beams.

“Rumble!” The beams struck the barriers, causing ripples outward. Eventually, numerous arrays broke down. 

However, more runes stacked on top of each other to form an even stronger formation.

“Defend at all cost!” A general roared on top of the wall. Every single soldier agreed and poured all of their vitality into the sky moat. 

Though this legion was quite mighty, their vitality and power alone couldn’t stop the dark legion.

The walls themselves were doing most of the work. The soldiers were only activating the ingrained runes and formations to create mighty suppression. The power from the ground beneath was also a key factor.

Nonetheless, this role was the reason why the legion existed, their responsibility - controlling this ultimate defense.

Alas, the ships continued sending relentless barrages while moving closer to the actual walls.

“Be ready for battle!” Tai Yinxi shouted after seeing this.

Meanwhile, some back in Immortal Lineage turned their attention to this side of the battlefield. They saw the incoming locust and became afraid.

“Sky Pass Legion, you must persevere, the sky moat can’t fall!” These spectators started to pray.

Many wanted to fly to the wall to help. However, they have never undergone the training to control the runes so coming there would be useless.

Not long ago, very few understood the importance of the sky moat. Most believed that it was symbolic more than anything.

In fact, some even viewed it as a sightseeing destination or a border line. No one expected that it would protect Immortal Lineage in this manner, becoming the key lifeline. They finally saw the wisdom and insight of the old sages for building this monumental architecture.

Meanwhile, the alliance of Immortal Lineage has gained the upper hand after a tough fight, successfully trapping the dark battalions.

Unfortunately, this would be reversed if Sky Pass were to fall. The outside legion should have more than enough power to destroy every single system after entering.

“Men!” Tai Yinxi shouted again as the ships got closer.

A tense atmosphere permeated the world. The soldiers from Sky Pass clenched their fists tightly, ready to throw their vitality and lives away to stop the invaders.

“That’s far enough!” A roar emerged along with a progenitorial aura.

A person shrouded in golden radiance descended, illuminating the area.

“Rumble!” He used his grand dao to crush several ships in one go.

“Luminous Master!” The spectators called out his title.

“He’s finally taking action!” So many became emotional after seeing the destruction of several ships.

“So he has been waiting outside to protect the front line.” Tears suddenly flowed at this sight.

Everyone knew that no one would be able to enter after the closing of the sky moat. Tai Yinxi had warned everyone beforehand.

But now, Luminous Master was still outside, meaning that this was his plan from the very start - wanting to face the enemies head-on.

He was all alone without help against the great legion, clearly on the verge of being surrounded. He surely knew this beforehand yet still made up his mind with wanton regards for his own life. His action certainly stirred the crowd.

“Boom!” A draconic aura emerged as he took down another ship.

A dragon claw blocked his next move consisting of his grand dao.

“Raa!” A true dragon appeared before everyone. It had its own celestials floating around it with a boundless draconic aura. 

“Not bad, young one. I was but a brat still wet with milk traveling the world when I was your age. Your potential is boundless.” The dragon spoke.

“Coiling Dragon of Eight-armed Race!” Luminous Master was surprised to see this being.

“Yes, it’s me. I’m pleasantly surprised to see such a mighty descendant after coming back to Immortal Lineage.” The dragon nodded.

He was the progenitor of Coiling Dragon System. Later on, it was taken over by Praymoon.

“A mature true dragon with a pure bloodline, quite amazing.” The master said.

“How keen you are, young one.” The dragon smiled and said: “I have spent many years researching this bloodline and with the help of our lord, I have reconstructed it back to purity.” 

Coiling Dragon originally had a very thin bloodline of the true dragons. This meant that he had no chance of becoming one.

After reaching the progenitorial level, he continued to research his bloodline, hoping to purify it. Alas, his efforts yielded nothing.

Once he made it to Uncrossable Expanse, the dark existence there re-created his bloodline, allowing him to actually turn into a true dragon.

“So what, I’ll still kill a true dragon for attacking Immortal Lineage.” The master became serious.

“So decisive.” Coiling Dragon nodded: “I wouldn’t have been able to beat you back then but my current form is beyond your abilities. You are yet to reach the immortal level and your resistance is futile before our army. Be smart and join us, it’s not too late.”

“You’re wasting your breath. Coiling Dragon, this is our generation, not yours, and this is our advantage. Plus, I rather die than bow to the darkness!” Luminous Master laughed.

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